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Obama’s Legacy

By Gary F. Zeolla

As we near the end of Obama’s presidency, it would be good to review all that he has accomplished during his eight years as president.

Obama’s “Accomplishments”

1.       “A record 95 million people are sitting on the sidelines opting not to work.”

2.       “The labor participation rate is stuck at 62.7%, a 40-year low.”

3.       1 out of 6 men aged 18-35 are either unemployed or in jail.

4.       “1 in 7 Americans on Food Stamps.”

5.       Economic growth less than 3% every year of his presidency.

6.       The slowest economic recovery from a recession in decades.

7.       Lowest home ownership rate in 51 years.

8.       Doubling of the national debt.

9.       Skyrocketing health care costs.

10.   Millions of Americans were not able to keep their doctor or to keep their health insurance plan.

11.   Increased racial tensions in the US.

12.   Increase in police officer assassinations (Update: a record 136 officers were killed in the line of duty in 2016).

13.   Increased divisions among Americans.

14.   Lost the war in Iraq, that our brave soldiers had previously won.

15.   The rise of ISIS from “the JV team” to a major threat.

16.   Ongoing and regular terrorist attacks across Europe and the United States.

17.   Genocide of Christians across the Middle East.

18.   The disastrous Iranian nuclear deal, ensuring Iran will attain a nuclear weapon in the next decade.

19.   Declining relations with Russia.

20.   The loss of respect for the United States around the world, as evidenced by:

21.   Iranian soldiers putting American sailors on their knees with guns at their heads.

22.   Russian fighter jets buzzing US Warships.

If you saw pictures of the final two points and were not sickened in your stomach, then you’re not a true American.

But to give credit where credit is due, Obama did make the “difficult” decision to allow our brave Marines, after they had done the hard work of tracking down Osama ben Laden, to finish the job. And Obama is correct, there has been no major scandals during his presidency, unless you count him knowing about Hillary’s illegal home email server, despite his claims to the contrary.


Millennials and the Liberal Media


For my Millennial friends, yes this is Obama’s legacy. These items are not Bush’s fault. They are not the Republican’s fault. They are not normal. They are due to Obama’s failed policies. And they have hurt your generation more than any other. Now come out of your safe zones and a get behind Trump as he tries to undo all of this damage that Obama has caused.

As Trump does so, ignore the liberal media. No matter what Trump does and how good it is for the country, they will find something wrong with it. We’ve already seen this in the Carrier A/C company deal. Trump saves 1,100 jobs before he is even inaugurated, and all the liberal media can do is complain and find problems with it.

But I can assure you, those 1,100 people and their families don’t see a problem with it. And neither do the businesses they purchase goods and services from. The liberal elites simply do not understand what life is like in rural America. Here in the Pittsburgh area we’ve seen how devastating it is to a town when a major industry leaves, namely our steel mills. But the liberal elites living in their ivory towers have no grasp of this. But this should be no surprise as these are the same talking heads who still think people voted for Trump because they are racists, sexists, or other deplorables, and not because they preferred Trump’s policies over those of Hillary.

You can also see this bias in the media’s reaction to Trump’s cabinet picks. The media is finding something “wrong” with every one of them, when in fact they have all been very good picks, with all of the media’s criticisms being without basis.

Trump cannot even take his family out for dinner or take a phone call without the liberal media flying off into a tizzy and throwing a fit. And that is the way it’s going to be for the next four or eight years. But if you give Trump time and if he keeps his promises, slowly but surely you will see all of the preceding problems that Obama caused being corrected.


Conservative Sources


To get a fair and balanced reporting of Trump's successes, I would suggest you check out Fox News Channel and Fox Business Channel. For instance, you might have heard about the drop of the unemployment rate to 4.6%. But I only heard Fox News and Fox Business report that the reason for it was thousands of new people stopped looking for work. That’s on top of the millions of others who have been out of work for so long they are no longer looking for work and thus are not being counted. As such, when people start going back to work, the unemployment rate might not improve but the labor participation rate will, but only the Foxes will report it.

There’s also conservative talk radio. My favorites are “The Sean Hannity Show” and “Rose Unplugged.” Sean is on live from 3-6 pm weekdays here in the Pittsburgh area on New Talk 1320 AM, and Rose is on from 8-10 am weekdays on 1250 AM The Answer. Both of these stations are available on the iHeart Radio app. You can also listen to rebroadcasts of their shows anytime on their stations on the iHeart and Sound Cloud apps, respectively.

It is from these sources that my stats are taken, such as the exact quotes being taken from Fox Business pages like this one.


Balance with Christian Sources


I want to caution my Christian friends that listening to too much political talk can get spiritual depressing. I thus have learned to always balance that off with podcasts of Christian speakers. The best way to do so is via the Bott Radio app. Most of the preachers on it are very good. My favorites are:

Grace to You, John MacArthur.
Just Thinking, Ravi Zacharias.
Renewing Your Mind: RC Sproul.
Running to Win, Erwin Lutzer.

You can listen to Bott radio live on their app, or choose BRN On Demand on their app and listen to rebroadcasts of these shows anytime. You can also listen to Bott Radio live on the iHeart app or on Bott’s website. But for Ravi, it is better to just go to his website. Posted there are many of his past broadcasts. I’ve been listening to them, starting with the oldest.

In addition, there is the Pittsburgh Christian station 101.5 WORD FM. It is also available on the iHeart app. The preachers in the early mornings are very good, such as Ravi at 4:45 am, so I listen to it as I am getting dressed and such. There’s also the John Ankerberg app, with audio and video rebroadcast of his TV show. Also available on his website.

Check out these sources for some uplifting and informative Christian messages. I listen to them while I’m showering, preparing meals, and the like. That way, I get uplifted and learn something while doing something else. 

Obama’s Legacy. Copyright 2016 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above article was originally written in December 2016.

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