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While I Was Occupied (Covington Students Fiasco and Boy Scouts No More): Part Four is a new article.

While I Was Occupied (Various Updates, Roger Stone, Ralph Northam, Sarah Sanders) Part Three is a new article.

While I Was Occupied (March for Life, Women’s March, Abortion, Kamala Harris, Alexandria, Howard) Part Two is a new article.

While I Was Occupied (Fast Food, Karen Pence, Government Shutdown, SOTU, Venezuela, and Buzzfeed) Part One is a new article.

Additional Thoughts on the Border Crisis and Government Shutdown is a new article.

I just got a new computer. Today, I will be backing up my current PC on an external hard drive, unplugging it, then plugging in and setting up the new PC. That will take at least a week, and I will be offline for that time.

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End of the Year Political Unrest is a new two-part article.

The Bible, the US Constitution, and the Rule of Law is a new book excerpt.

New book!

Tearing the USA Apart: From Kavanaugh, to Incivility, to Caravans, to Violence, to the 2018 Midterm Elections, and Beyond

            The United States of American is being torn about by political differences more than any time since the 1960s and maybe since the Civil War of the 1860s. This division was amplified by political events in the summer to fall of 2018. This time period could prove to be seminal in the history of the United States. This tearing apart came to the forefront and was amplified during the confirmation proceedings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This book overviews the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings in detail. It then overviews these additional major events that occurred up to the end of November 2018.

Pittsburgh Synagogue Mass Shooting is a new book excerpt.

Why Vote Republican? Why Vote Democrat? is a new article.

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