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The following books are by Gary F. Zeolla, the director of Biblical and Constitutional Politics. These books are available in a variety of hardcopy and eBook formats. Click on the title link for further details, available formats, and purchasing information.

Note: I have many additional books available, but they are either specifically Christian-oriented and are listed on the books section of my Darkness to Light website or are health and fitness-related and are listed on the books section of my Fitness for One and All Web site.

  God’s Sex Plan: Volume One: What the Old Testament Teaches About Human Sexuality

Does God have a sex plan? By that is meant, did God design the human race to function best by following a specific plan for how human beings are to interact sexually and to reproduce? What happens when this plan is followed, and when it is not followed? Are different varieties of sexual behaviors just as legitimate as God’s original sex plan? This first book of a two-volume set explores these controversial questions.

God’s Sex Plan: Volume Two: What the New Testament Teaches About Human Sexuality

Many issues are discussed in this book that are related to sex, including but not limited to: monogamy, marital sex, polygamy, incest, homo-sexuality, premarital sex (fornication), extramarital sex (adultery), celibacy, transsexualism, reproduction, infertility, contraception, abortion, sexual harassment and assault, masturbation, pornogra-phy, gender roles, and school and other mass shootings (yes, those are related to this topic).

Note: Although the above two-volume set mainly focuses on what the Bible teaches about human sexuality, along the way, it also addresses related political issues, such as claims about Trump's harassment of women and Christians being forced to service homosexual weddings.

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