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Supergirl, Liberalism, and Immorality

By Gary F. Zeolla

I’ve posted several times over the last few years about my frustrations with TV and how immoral it has become (see TV and Movies on my Christian website). The final straw was last year when “Once Upon a Time” turned Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy of Oz into lesbian lovers. After that, I stopped watching just about all modern-day TV series. But one series I continued to watch was Supergirl, as my dad really likes it, so it gave us something to talk about. It is rated PG and hasn’t had much immorality in it.


Promoting Hilary and Amnesty for Illegals


However, two weeks ago, near the beginning of the episode, there was a “joke” about George W. Bush, insinuating he is stupid. Then at the end of the episode, when Supergirl and her friends were talking about the President, they used the pronoun “she.” Then in last week’s episode that I record and just tried to watch, “Madam President” was coming to National City (Supergirl’s adopted city). Supergirl really fawns over her, even saying “I don’t understand how anyone voted for the other guy.”

The reason the President was in National City was to promote her plan to give amnesty to “illegal aliens.” By that term she means “strange visitors from another planet” like Supergirl and Superman. The episode then proceeds to give the reasons why these illegal aliens should be given amnesty, while making those opposed to it sound like bigots.

It was a not so thinly veiled promotion of Hillary for President and her plan for “open borders” and to give our illegal aliens amnesty, with all the liberal arguments therefor being featured. It I wanted to watch such, I would put on MSNBC.

But as it was, after about ten minutes of Supergirl, I couldn’t take it anymore and shut it off. That wasn’t easy as Madam President was being played by Lynda Carter. I had such a crush on her back in the day, when she was portraying Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman. But that was before TV took such an immoral and now politically liberal turn.

I just cannot take it anymore. No more modern-day TV series for me. From now on I will stick with using my Roku and Amazon Prime to watch older TV series, like Bonanza and the Andy Griffith Show. No immorality or liberalism in them. But it was a shame I had to turn of Supergirl, as Lynda Carter still looks very good. Sigh.




A Facebook friend responded to the above message that he didn’t see the promotion of Hillary and illegal immigration in the episode. I responded:

I don’t understand how “none of what you just described ever came into my head at all.” It was so obvious to me, but then I’ve been following this election and how very much the mainstream media is in the tank for Hillary, and to me, this was just another example of it. They even used the terms “illegal aliens,” “amnesty” and “come out of the shadows.”

This same friend later responded that he continued to watch Supergirl, until few episodes later Supergirl’s step-sister came out as a lesbian. That was it for him. Meanwhile, my dad also continued to watch it, until there was a hot closet scene between a Kryptonian male and a human female. That was it for him. I thus reiterate, it is impossible tow watch any modern-day TV series without having immorality and liberalism shoved in your face. As such, I never watch any scripted TV shows anymore. The news, sports, older TV shows and movies, and Christian programming, and that is it for me.

Supergirl, Liberalism, and Immorality. Copyright 2016 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above article was originally written in September-October 2016.


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