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Founded July 1991

Thanking the LORD for over 30 years of ministry

By Gary F. Zeolla

... to open their eyes [in order] to turn [them] back from darkness [i.e., falsehood and unrighteousness] to light [i.e., truth and righteousness] and [from] the authority of Satan to God, [in order for] them to receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among the ones having been sanctified by faith in Me’ (Acts 26:18; ALT3).

"Explaining and Defending the Christian Faith"

Christian Theology, Apologetics, Cults, Ethics, Bible Versions, and much more!

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Books and eBooks by the Director

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Zeolla.org is the personal website for Gary F. Zeolla.
Author of Christian, fitness, and politics books, websites, and newsletters.

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