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Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement

Part Three

By Gary F. Zeolla


This three-part article is continued from Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: Part Two.


Final Thoughts on the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement


      I will close this three-part article with some final thoughts.


Others Affected by Homosexual Marriage:

      Twenty years ago, when homosexual marriage was first being proposed, we were told it would not affect others. That two men getting married would not adversely affect anyone else.

      But then Jack Phillips refused to compromise his Christian faith and decorate a cake for a homosexual wedding, and his life was turned upside down. He spent the next several years fighting one court case after another, as his business shrank to a fraction of what it was previously. He ultimately won in the Supreme Court in 2018. But shortly thereafter, he was again being sued for refusing to decorate a cake to celebrate a transexual’s “transition.” He is now again in a long series of court fights (Fox News. Jack; Newsmax. Christian).

      And Jack is not alone. Many people have had their lives ruined because they do not want to go along with the sinful LGBTQ agenda. Florists, reception hall owners, caterers, and many others who do not want to participate in homosexual weddings or other LGBTQ ceremonies are being sued, harassed, driven  out of business, and “cancelled.” Pastors and their churches will be next if they refuse to conduct homosexual marriages.


Pervasiveness of the LGBTQ Movement:

       “Drag Queen Story Hour” is becoming commonplace in grade schools across the country, without parental knowledge or consent (Postmillennial. Drag). They are even being used as fundraisers (Trib Live. Drag queen bingo). Little girls are dressing like boys and using different names and pronouns at school than at home, with teacher approval, but again, without parental knowledge or consent (Daily Signal. Wisconsin). Entire classrooms of children are “coming out” as LGBTQ, again, without parental knowledge or consent (Daily Caller. Texas; Newsmax. Teacher).

      State departments of education are advocating for the use of made-up pronouns like “ze” and “‘xe” (Fox News. Pennsylvania) and are saying children as young as three can change their gender (Postmillennial. Pennsylvania). University professors are joining in on “transitioning” kids that young (Gateway Pundit. Yale). Schools want terms like “genderqueer,” “non-binary,” and “pansexual” to be used, rather than “male” and “female” (Fox News. San Diego).


Hazards of the LGBTQ Movement:

      The Monkeypox outbreak is being driven by extreme promiscuity among male homosexuals, with Monkeypox patients on average having had ten different sexual partners in the month prior to infection (Newsmax, et. al.).

      Meanwhile, “trans regret” is becoming an increasing problem, especially for teenagers. But once teens have been deceived into having perfectly healthy body parts cut off and/ or messing up their endocrine systems with dangerous hormones, it is difficult if not impossible to go back to their true biological sex (NYP. ‘I literally lost organs:’, et. al).

      Even when there is no regret, the transition does not alleviate underlying mental health problems (GHQ. Regret rates). It also does not reduce the risk of suicide, as is often claimed. If anything, gender transitions increase the risk of suicide (Christian Post. States). I address all of these issues in more depth my *Sex Plan books.

      And yes, such operations and hormone treatments are being performed on minors, at children’s hospitals across the USA. Do not let liberals lie and claim otherwise. See under  “Trans Surgery and Hormones for Minors” and  “Trans Regret” in the References for documentation of all of these points.

      But beware if you try to fight back. Parents are being threatened with losing custody of their child if they do not go along with the child’s desire to identify as the opposite sex (Daily Wire. Parents; NYP. How). Complaining about a man wearing a woman’s bathing suit being in a women’s locker room and ogling little girls got the complainee kicked out of the facility, not the pedophilic fake woman (Fox News. 80-year-old). But then, the far left is trying to change the term “pedophile” to “minor-attracted person” (MAP). That is to soften the stigma associated with this perverted behavior (Hot Air. Texas teacher; Breitbart. Paedophile Academic). While attempts to stop this madness are being outlawed (Hill. Pennsylvania).


It Will Affect You Sooner or Later:

      We now have a President and political party who are fully behind this sinful and destructive movement. If it hasn’t affected you yet, just wait; sooner or later it will.

      For instance, a long-time female friend recently told me her 31-year-old nephew wants to become her niece. She said her normally very liberal sister is having a hard time dealing with it.

      And I recently hear a story on a Christian current events podcast I listen to in which the female host said she took her five-year old girl to what she thought was a family-friendly Community Days event in her hometown. But then she was shocked and dismayed when the MC was a drunken, foul-mouthed drag queen. She hoped her daughter would not notice. But on the way home, her little girl asked her, “Mommy, why was that man wearing a dress?” That put her in the very uncomfortable position of trying to explain something to a child way too young to understand such things (Breakpoint for 9/16/22).


Fighting Back:

      This fall, you can vote to slow the tide of this destruction of people’s lives and denial of reality, or you can vote for the continuation and deepening of it. Victories are possible, as seen in many cases of late (e.g., Daily Caller. Florida; Virginia; Wisconsin). But it requires parents getting involved in their children’s education (Fox News. Parents) and in elections, from school boards to statewide elections.

      Here in Pennsylvania, we have a choice for Governor between Democrat Josh Shapiro, who, like Biden, is fully in the tank of the LGBTQ movement and will push its agenda, and Republican Doug Mastriano, who will stand against it.

      Josh is also fully for PA becoming a “Sanctuary Commonwealth” for women to come here to kill their preborn babies, while Doug will sign legislation that will protect the lives of preborn babies (Trib Live. Pa. election 2022).

      I am sure the situation is similar in gubernatorial and other races across the country. And the support of Biden and Democrats for the killing of preborn babies will be the subject of the next issue of *Darkness to Light newsletter.


The Ultimate Answer:

      However, political advances are only part of the answer to this destructive movement. A spiritual revival in America would be the ultimate answer. Christians are fond of quoting 2Chronicles 7:14. But verse 13 needs to be quoted with it for the context.


            13If I should restrain the heaven, and there should be no rain, and if I should command the devouring locust to devour the tree[s], and if I should send death [fig., pestilence] on My people; 14then if My people, on whom My name has been called upon them, should be ashamed [fig., repent] and should pray and seek My face and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will be merciful to their sins, and I will heal their land (ALT).


            Verse 13 describes what has happed in the USA over the past two and a half years. With the Covid pandemic, the BLM/ Antifa riots, the surge in violent crime across the country, mass shootings, soaring inflation, the supply chain crisis, and other economic problems, leading to a rise in food insecurity and homelessness, it is clear we are already under the judgment and wrath of God. Paul describes the USA today in greater detail in Romans 1:18-32:


            18For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven upon all ungodliness and unrighteousness of people, [upon] the ones suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. 19For this reason, the [thing] known of God is revealed among [or, within] them, for God revealed [it] to them. 20For from [the] creation of [the] world, His invisible [attributes] are plainly seen, being perceived by the [things] made, both His eternal power and divinity, so that they are without excuse.

            21For this reason, having known God, they did not glorify [Him] as God nor did they give thanks, but they were given over to deception in their thought processes [or, they became futile in their speculations], and their senseless heart was darkened. 22Professing to be wise, they were made silly; 23and they exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for a likeness of an image of corruptible people and of birds and of four-footed animals and of reptiles.

            24And so God also gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity [or, immorality], to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves; 25who exchanged the truth of God for the lie [or, changed the truth of God into a lie], and worshipped and sacredly served the creation rather than the One having created, who is blessed into the ages [fig., forever]. So be it!

            26Because of this, God gave them over to dishonorable, lustful passions, for even their females exchanged the natural use for the [use] against nature, 27and likewise also the males having left the natural use of the female were inflamed in their craving for one another; males with males committing shameful behavior and receiving back in themselves the requital which was fitting [for] their deception [or, perversion].

            28And just as they did not think it was worthwhile to be having [or, keeping] God in [their] true knowledge [or, consciousness], God gave them over to a disapproved [fig. debased] mind to be doing the [things] not proper, 29having been filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetous desire [or, greed], malice; full of envy, murder, bitter conflict, deceit [or, treachery], maliciousness; gossips, 30back-biters, God-haters, insolent persons, arrogant boasters, schemers of evil [things]; disobedient to parents, 31senseless, untrustworthy, without natural affection, unforgiving, unmerciful; 32who having known the regulation [or just judgment] of God, that the ones practicing such things are deserving of death, not only are doing them, but they are also approving of the ones practicing [them] (ALT3).


References for Part Three


Additional References Not Cited in Either Part

      These additional references further show the destructive and pervasive nature of the LGBTQ movement, but also the possibility of fighting back. Just reading the article titles will give the reader a sense of how very pervasive and destructive this movement has become.

 Joe Biden Tweets During the First Year of His Failing Presidency:
Reversing Trump, while Dividing and Destroying America

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: Part One. Copyright 2022 By Gary F. Zeolla of Darkness to Light ministry (www.zeolla.org/christian).

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The above article was first published in the free Darkness to Light newsletter.
It was posted on this website October 1, 2022.

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