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While I Was Occupied

(Covington Students Fiasco and Boy Scouts No More)

Part Four

      By Gary F. Zeolla


      This fourth and final part of this four-part article is continued from While I Was Occupied (Various Updates, Roger Stone, Ralph Northam, Sarah Sanders) Part Three. It will address the last issue that occurred while I was occupied and one new issue that has personal relevance to me.


The Covington Students Fiasco


      We now come to “the biggest event that happened during the time I was occupied.” I have been wanting to write about this event since I first heard about it. As hinted at previously, that was not while it was occurring, as I was busy with my tech issues. I heard about it after the initial narrative was proven false and the truth began to come out.

      I know much has already been written about his event, but I think I have a few thoughts that have not been mentioned much as of yet, and hopefully, I am not too late to add these thoughts. But first, let me review the event.


The Initial Narrative and Reaction:

      On January 19, 2019, after the March for Life had ended, a group of teenage boys wearing red MAGA hats from Covington Catholic High School went on a rampage. First, they harassed several women, hurling sexist and harassing comments at them.

      Then they surrounded a well-respected Native American chieftain, a Vietnam Veteran yet, who was just minding his own business, beating on his prayer drum, as part of a Native American demonstration that occurred the same day as the March for Life. Those contemptible and disrespectful Covington boys began shouting “Build that Wall” and mockingly clapping along with the respected Native American’s drum beating.

      One of those detestable Covington students even had the audacity to get right up into the face of that esteemed Native American, even smirking at him!

      Then later, a video was released of Covington students wearing “blackface” further showing how racist they are.

      The Rage Mob went into full swing condemning these despicable white privileged kids. Calls were made for them to be punched out. A female Saturday Night Live writer even offered to perform oral sex on any guy who would punch that smirk off of that audacious kid.

      Then the Rage Mob really ramped things up and began calling for the deaths of the Covington kids. Some said they should all be locked up in their school, and the school burnt to the ground, burning them all alive. Others called for a school shooter to enter their school and to gun them all down.

      Such condemnations of them did not only occur on social media but also on CNN and MSNBC. Both networks spent all day Saturday (1/20) condemning the Covington kids.

      Even conservatives joined the pile on, condemning the kids to show how “fair” they are that they would not protect the students just because they were wearing MAGA hats.

      Then Covington High School came out with a statement condemning the boys and saying they would be expelled.

      Those MAGA hats then became a great source of ridicule, with some saying they were today’s “white hoods” (a reference to the Ku Klux Klan, or KKK for those who don’t know). One lawmaker even said he was “calling for a complete and total shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on” (a twisted reference to Trump’s call while still a candidate for a shutdown on Islamic immigration in the wake of an Islamic terroristic attack).

      Thus, these despicable kids were being compared to those who lynched blacks in the south in the 1950s and radical Muslims killing people en masse.


Punishment Fit the Crime?

      Just for a moment, let’s ask if this reaction to this event would have been justified if the original interpretation of the event were correct? These teenage boys, which is to say, minors, were “charged” with making snide comments to a few females and mocking a Native American. That’s it. They did not physically assault anyone, as they never touched the Native American. They did not kill anyone. The Native American never even said he feared for his life. They just said a few inappropriate things and mocked someone. Should those actions be punished with physical assault and death?

      Think about that. Physical torture and the death penalty for talking and acting in a disrespectful manner. Is that penalty appropriate for the alleged crime? And if it is, how many other PC-crimes does the Rage Mob want to deserve the punishment of death? Refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding? Saying “homosexuality is a sin?” Not using the preferred pronoun to refer to a transsexual? Using an outdated term for a protected group, like my mom saying “colored” or me saying “black” rather than “American-American?”

      Even if you did not mean to say one of these things, but just misspoke, it does not matter. You are still guilty, with no possibility of correcting yourself.

      Even worse, you might say or do something that is perfectly acceptable today, or yesterday, or ten years ago, or twenty, or thirty. But then tomorrow, the Rage Mob might decide that statement or action is inappropriate, and that statement or action will be dug out of the moth balls, and you will be condemned, with again, no possibility of defending nor redeeming yourself.

      Such a world would have no free speech, no freedom of expression, no freedom whatsoever. Everyone would be too afraid to speak or say anything lest they be the next to be executed for breaking the ever-changing PC-rules.

      Such a world has a name. It is called a Democracy. Yes, a Democracy. I explain in my book Tearing the USA Apart that the USA is not a Democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic, and I thank God for that. I explain in that book the immense difference between the two. I further state that another word for “Democracy” is “Mobocracy.” This event is a perfect example of what a Mobocracy entails.

      The Mob decides what is legal and illegal. The Mob decides who is guilty of breaking one of its ever-changing rules. The Mob executes judgment on the accused, with no chance of the accused to defend himself or herself or to ever be redeemed.


What Really Happened?

      That original interpretation of the event and the reaction to it was based on 15 seconds of video of the situation between the Covington students and the Native American, or even just the still picture below, along with a few seconds of a second video of few young men making snide comments to a couple of passing women. No one ever thought of verifying what they thought happened based on that meager evidence really did happen.



      But then later, over two hours of video surfaced. With smart phones everywhere, you would think people would have known there would be more video before getting so enraged. But why wait? But as it was, that much lengthier video showed that not only was the reaction to the event unjustified and way overblown, but the original interpretation of what happened was not even close to the truth.

      First off, the Covington students were not carousing around looking for people to harass. They were standing still, simply waiting for a bus. But then, a truly despicable group, the Black Hebrew Israelites approached them. This group of true racists and anti-Semites believe they are the true Jews, with those who call themselves Jews being despicable subhumans. They think the same of whites. But they are neither Hebrews nor Israelites, just racists.

      This racist group of men began hurling obscenities at the students. Their comments were so vile, I will not repeat them here. Suffice it to say, these were adults that were harassing minors. A truly despicable situation in itself. This barrage of obscenities continued for an hour and fifteen minutes.

      The Covington students could not just “walk away” as some have suggested, as they were waiting for a bus. Moreover, they had every right to just stand where there were. It was the “Black Hebrew Israelites” who should have moved on. But they just kept verbally assaults at the students, who were “trapped” waiting for their bus.

      The students dealt with the situation as best as they couldthey began singing. Yes, singing, mostly their school song. These minors should be commended for the composure they showed in the face such an assault by adults.

      Then the Native American, Nathan Phillips, decided to insert himself into the situation, for reasons that he has never explained. As he was beating his drum, he walked up into the middle of the Covington students. The extended video clearly shows it was Nathan who approached and moved into the middle of the students, not that the students approached and surrounded him, as was originally assumed.

      Then Nathan walked right up into the face of Nick Sandman, again, not the other way around. The minor Nick, not wanting to escalate the situation, just stood there and tried to smile, to show the adult Nathan that he was not threatening him. It was that smile that was mistaken as a smirk.

      The video also showed that the students were not chanting “Build that Wall” but again, their school song. Now some did begin clapping along with the drum beating. But that was also to try to diffuse the situation, showing they were enjoying Nathan’s drum-beating, not being disturbed by it. Some students also have moved their positions to behind Nathan. But that was not to surround and intimidate him, but in order to get a better picture with their phones.

      Meanwhile, the separate short video of young men harassing a couple of passing women was not of the Covington students. The teens in that video later confirmed they were not Covington High students.

      What about the video of Covington students wearing “blackface?” One of Covington School’s colors is black. As with many high school and college students, they had painted themselves with their school colors for a sports event, some with black and others with the other colors. But the released video did not show those other students with those other colors.


The Liar Nathans Philips:

      It was initially assumed Nathan was some kind of well-respected Indian chieftain, but he is not. He is 62 years old, an adult who should have known better than to approach a group of students in the manner that he did. But he latter lied and said they approached him. Again, the video clearly shows that he approached them. Also, 62 might make him a senior citizen, but it is not old enough to considered to be an Indian chieftain.

      He also lied when he said he was Vietnam Vet, and he lied when he said he was honorably discharged from the military. Records how he did serve in the military, but from 1972-76. At that time, the USA was withdrawing from Vietnam, not sending more troops to it. Nathan never left stateside, spending his military career as a refrigerator repair man, never getting anywhere near war action. He was then discharged, but not honorably, nor dishonorably, just a neutral discharge.

      This was not the only conformation Nathan had that weekend. He later tried to enter the National Cathedral while a mass was in session, wanting to disrupt the service. But he was stopped from doing so.

      It would seem, Nathan is quite the racist himself, not at all a respected chieftain. He believes the “white man” stole his land from his people and brutalized his people, and he wants to hold all white people today accountable for those actions long ago. It was probably that hatred of whites that drove him to confront the Covington students.


Back to My Book:

      This whole situation is a perfect though sad example of what I discuss and warn about in my Tearing Apart book. A good part of my book discusses the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. I dwell at length on the worst part of those hearings—the loss of the rule of law, the loss of the presumption of innocence, and the rush to judgment.

      I explain in depth the Biblical and Constitutional basis for these rules of jurisprudences and that such standards should not only apply in a court of law but in all aspects of life. This Covington fiasco shows why such is so important. It also shows why my book is still important, even though the Kavanaugh hearings are long over. When we forget these standards of truth, much unnecessary harm is done.


Boy Scouts No More


      I was a Boy Scout back in the 1970s. I made Eagle Scout in fact. It was a great experience of bonding between us boys and with the men Scout leaders. But as of February 1, 2019, the “Boy Scouts of America” (BSA) is no more. It is now “Scouts BSA,” as girls are now allowed fully into Scouts and to become Eagle Scouts.

      The reason for this major change is a few years back, the PC-Police (also known as Social Warrior Justices, or the term I use above, the Rage-Mob) forced the Boy Scouts to admit homosexual boys into the BSA. But that was not good enough. The PC-Police then forced the BSA to allow homosexual men to be Scout leaders.

      At that point, many church groups pulled out of the BSA. That was a major blow, as most packs met at churches (though my Pack 186 met at my elementary school). The biggest blow was when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), better known as Mormons, pulled out of the BSA and formed their own boys’ group.

      That loss of membership and support devastated the BSA. Thus now, as an effort to stay afloat, the BSA is changing not just its name but its entire purpose and atmosphere. As much as the PC-Police try to deny it, there is a world of difference when just boys, or just men, or just boys and men, are together and when boys and girls or men and women are mixed. It changes the way everyone acts and the entire atmosphere of the event.

      I know without a doubt boys act and talk differently when it is just boys versus when it is boys and girls. The same goes for when it is just men versus men and women. I assume it the same with just girls or just women versus a mixture of the sexes.

      Moreover, I cite the statistic in my book God’s Sex Plan: Volume Two that 72% of black youths are raised without fathers. I then assert that the lack of a male role model is at the heart of the problems in our inner cities and among black youths. But I suggest that single mothers get their sons involved in a church youth group or Big Brothers to give them a male role model.

      But I did not mention the Boy Scouts, despite my good experience with them, as I knew this change in the BSA was coming. That is because male mentoring happens best when it is just men with boys, which Scouts will no longer offer. Having girls there will again change the whole dynamic. That change will also greatly degrade the whole scouting experience. But that won’t be the death-knell for Scouts.

      Rather than mentoring, the Scout leaders will be spending most of their time trying to keep the boys and girls from being engaged sexually. But their efforts will prove fruitless. I predict a few months or maybe a couple of years from now teenage girls will begin getting pregnant on campouts. Or girls will report being sexually harassed by the boys, or sexually assaulted, or even raped. That will lead to lawsuits, and that will bankrupt Scouts BSA and force it out of business.

      Thus, once again, the Rage Mob will have ruined another formerly great institution. And the next generation of boys will be denied the great scouting experience that so many of us enjoyed and that is greatly needed, especially for those boys being raised without fathers.

      It will be similar to what happened with Barnum & Baily’s Circus. First the Rage Mob complained about the treatment of the animals, never mind that animals in B&B had it far better than animals in the wild or even in zoos. Then the Rage Mob not only complained about the treatment of elephants but even that elephants were being used at all. That lead to elephants no longer being used in the circus.

      That was the death-kneel, as attendance dropped dramatically, and B&B went out of business. Thus now, thanks to the Rage Mob, the upcoming generation of children will never know the joys of attending the circus, and that great family-bonding experience has been lost.

      The Rage Mob is also at the heart of the Ralph Northam situation. That situation is discussed in mu two-part article Ralph Northam and the Rage Mob.



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For a follow-up to this article, see:
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      The United States of American is being torn about by political differences more than any time since the 1960s and maybe since the Civil War of the 1860s. This division was amplified by political events in the summer to fall of 2018. This time period could prove to be seminal in the history of the United States. This tearing apart came to the forefront and was amplified during the confirmation proceedings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This book overviews the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings in detail. It then overviews these additional major events that occurred up to the end of November 2018.     

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