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Joe Biden in Pittsburgh

(Lies and Mischaracterizations)

By Gary F. Zeolla


      Joe Biden gave a speech in my home area of Pittsburgh on August 31, 2020. I’m a few days late on this due to finishing Volume Two of my trilogy Dems Cannot Beat Trump, So They Impeach Trump, but I still wanted to comment on a few things Joe said and related events.


Who’s Safe America?


      Joe began by asking, “Are you safe in Donald Trump’s America?” He said that all of the images of violence Trump has been showing in his ads are not in some mythological future Biden’s America but are from now, in Trump’s America. However, in four days of the DNC, not a word was said about the riots and increasing levels of violent crime in Democrat-controlled cities across the country. And it took Bien three months to even acknowledge such was occurring. But now he thinks he is going to position himself as the “Law and Order President.” I don’t think so.

      It was Trump who brought order to Minneapolis and Kenosha. And he would do the same in other Dem-controlled, out of control cities, but the Dem mayors and governors are too spineless to let him, and Joe would be too spineless to do anything either.

      But to clarify an earlier post, it is true the President does not have the authority to “send” National Guard. They are under the authority of state governors. However, the President can encourage a governor to activate his state’s National Guard and to encourage that governor to request additional National Guard from other states. Trump did that via multiple phone calls with the governors, encouraging to activate their National Guard and to request additional help from other states. Those National Guard then coordinated with federal law enforcement officers (LEOs). It was this process that brought peace to Minneapolis and Kenosha.


      The White House missive later clarified that 200 federal officers and nearly 1,000 Guardsmen from other states would join them, soon after the Department of Justice confirmed that the federal agents would be drawn from the FBI, ATF and US Marshal Service (RT. White).


      The FBI is important. That means, these federal LEOs are not just there to protect federal property. As its name implies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will investigate, seek out, and arrest the lawbreakers. AG Bill Barr confirmed this point during a press conference in Kenosha the next day (9/1/20). He said the FBI was reviewing videos and would be arresting the rioters, not just in Kenosha but from other riots from weeks or even months ago.

      The one thing I didn’t like about Barr’s comments is he said this was being done “quietly.” I want it to be done very publicly, with the arrested rioters “perp walked” in front of all possible cameras. A message needs to be sent that such lawlessness will not be tolerated.

      That is how Trump brought an end to the defacing and tearing down of federal statues and monuments. There was a wave of such back in the spring of this year (2020), but then Trump very publicly said he would enforce an old federal law and begin prosecuting and imprisoning for ten years those who committed such of vandalism. He also deployed federal LEOs to protect the statues and monuments. And that was the end of that. There have been no such vandalization and tearing down of federal statues and monuments since then.

      However, “Sleepy Joe” would do none of this. He would just let cities burn and our history be erased. As such, Trump is the true “Law and Order President,” while Biden is a “Joey come lately” to the issue.


Rush to Judgment


      Joe then followed in the footsteps of his former boss, Barack Obama, in rushing to judgment on a high-profile law enforcement case. I discuss Obama’s race-baiting divisive rhetoric in this regard in my book Tearing the USA Apart.

      For Joe, it was the Jacob Blake case. He spoke as if it was obviously an unjustified shooting, even “saying the officers who shot Blake should be charged with a crime” (Trib. In). But from what we now know, it appears to have been a justified shooting. However, I say “appears” as all of the facts are not yet in. As such, I will wait until they are until making a final judgment. However, just like the rioters, Joe rushed to judgment, ignored the presumption of innocence and right to due process that all Americans are entitled to, including police officers.

      Such is a major theme of my book Tearing the USA Apart and my Impeach trilogy, especially the just released Volume Two of the latter. The presumption of innocence and right to due process was ignored by the Dems in their rush to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation then to impeach Trump, and it’s being ignored now in this case by Biden and the rioters.

      Contrast that with President Trump. When asked about Kyle Rittenhouse later on the same day as Biden’s Pittsburgh speech, the shooter in Kenosha, he indicated it looked like self-defense, but it was “under investigation,” so he would not make a pronouncement one way or the other. CNN condemned him for not condemning Kyle, but in fact, Trump’s measured response is exactly what is needed until all of the facts are known on a case.

      Trump used the same measured response the next day in that press conference in Kenosha. When asked about the Blake shooting, Trump just said it was “under investigation,” and that was it. He made no further comment. That is as it should be. Politicians should just stay out of the way and let the investigators do their jobs before commenting on any police case. But what made Biden’s remarks in this regard especially grievous is the theme of his speech was that he would “unify” the country. But it is just such rush to judgment that is divisive.


Trump in Kenosha


      Having mentioned President Trump being in Kenosha, it would be good to take a short interlude and talk about that visit. The Democrat mayor of Kenosha and governor of Wisconsin told him not to come. They said it would only flare up tensions more. They said they wanted him to come, “but it wasn’t the right time. It reminded me of the Democrat mayor of my city of Pittsburgh, the Dem Allegheny Executive County Executive, and the Dem PA governor all saying Trump should not come here to Pittsburgh after the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in October of 2018.

      I write about that tragedy at length in my Tearing Apart book. All three of those leaders said Trump would only flare up tensions. Though they said he wanted him to come, it “just wasn’t the right time.” But, as I explain in that book, it would never be the right time.

      As it turned out, Trump (along with Melania, Ivanka, and her Jewish husband Jared Kushner) came to Pittsburgh, and yes there were some counter-protests, though the media only showed those who protested against Trump. They did not show those demonstrating for Trump. But there was no violence, and the Trumps paid their respects at the synagogue and to those wounded and being cared for at a local hospital.

      It was the same was in Kenosha. No violence, just counter-protests. Meanwhile, Trump toured the damage from the riots, met with and commended the local law enforcement, then had the aforementioned press conference with not just city officials but also business owners who had their business destroyed by the rioters. Trump promised to provide $50 million in federal relief for the city and affected business.

      Biden also jumped on the “don’t’ come” bandwagon, making the same claim as the local Dem leaders. But you never hear him nor them admit they were wrong when nothing happened. Biden also later lied and said Trump had no plans for helping those in Kenosha. But most of all, after condemning Trump for going and saying he would not go, but then seeing how well Trump’s visit went, Biden visited Kenosha two days after Trump. What a hypocrite and copycat.

      Note also, Trump wanted to meet with the family of Jacob Blake, but the family said they would only do so with a lawyer present. Trump rightly realized that would not be appropriate, but he did meet with the family’s pastor. But the media is only reporting it as Trump not meeting with the family, making it sound like he didn’t care, without mentioning the lawyer and pastor parts.




      After that interlude, back to Biden’s Pittsburgh speech. Joe declared emphatically in the speech that he will not ban fracking. He said that no matter how many times Trump says he will ban it, Joe said he will not. In my Impeach: Volume Two book, in a review of Trump’s rally in Hershey, PA at the time of the impeachment, Trump addressed the issue of fracking and said Joe would ban it. That is important, as PA is a hot bed of fracking, with thousands of PA jobs tied to it.

      Where did Trump get that idea? From Joe! During one of the Democrat debates, he replied to a question about fracking, saying that he would phase it out. In that same debate and since, Bernie Sanders said empathically he would ban fracking, and at the DNC, Bernie said Joe is following his policies on energy.

      As such, it is not Trump saying Joe would ban fracking, it is Joe and Bernie. The Trump campaign should release an ad detailing these conflicting statements, and let voters decide which Joe they should believe, the Joe in Pittsburgh, or the Joe at the debate and his cohort Bernie at the DNC.


Defund the Police


      Joe also declared emphatically in the Pittsburgh speech that he will not defund the police. But his radical Dem supporters, like AOC, have said that he will. Thus again, who are we to believe? If he really isn’t going to defund the police, he will lose the backing of AOC and her ilk. If he really will, then he will lose the support of all law and order supporting Americans, which is like 99% of us.

      On an issue as critical as this one, Joe needs to be clear, and he needs to get his supporters to stop claiming things that are not true; unless that is, he is trying to play both sides of the fence and keep his radial supporters and potential conservative or at least moderate supporters. But he cannot have it both ways.

      Meanwhile, Trump has emphatically said he “Backs the Blue.” That was seen in that press conference in Kenosha.


Character and Accomplishments


      Biden made much of his character as compared to Trump’s character. Biden is trying to make it sound like this election is a choice between the “nice” Biden vs. the “crude” Trump. He even said Trump’s character is the cause of the incivility in America. He went so far as to blame all the violence on Trump. But in fact, the riots and increase in violent crime across the country are due to the disparagement of the police and calls to defund the police. Biden has joined in that chorus with his rush to judgment in the Blake case.

      Moreover, Biden is basing his assessment of Trump’s character on lies. That is not surprising, given that Joe began his campaign repeating the Charlottesville’s “Good people on both sides” lie about Trump that Dems and the media has been pushing for three years.

      I refute all such lies about Trump’s character on my politics website (where I discuss that Charlottesville lie in detail), in my Tearing Apart book (where I refute claims that Trump is a racist), in my two-volume set God’s Sex Plan (where I refute lies Trump is a sexist), and in my Impeach Trilogy, especially Volume Two (which has a 24 page chapter devoted to this very subject).

      As for Biden’s character, in my Impeach trilogy, I detail that Biden used the power of his governmental offices over his 47-year political career to enrich his relatives, especially his son Hunter. Joe’s quid pro quo on Hunter’s behalf was at the heart of the impeachment fiasco, which I discuss in detail in the trilogy.

      Meanwhile, other than enriching his relatives, what has Biden done during his 47-year career in the swamp? Not much. However, Trump has a long list of accomplishments in his less than four years in office. I detail these on my politics website, in my Tearing Apart book, and in my Impeach trilogy.


The Coronavirus


      Along with the violence, Biden blamed Trump for all of the deaths in the USA from the Coronavirus (CV). I discuss the CV in detail on the CV section of my politics website, so I will not repeat all that info here. But see especially my first article Trump’s Initial Response to the Coronavirus and my most recent article The DNC, The Coronavirus, and the Economy.

      Simply put, I really don’t see what Biden would have done fundamentally different than Trump has done that would have changed the trajectory of the virus here in the States. That is especially the case, given that everything Biden has proposed, Trump has already done. Again, what a copycat.

      It must also be mentioned, that if Trump is responsible for the spread of the CV here, how does Biden explain the now rampaging CV in India? Is that somehow Trump’s fault also? That surge has occurred, despite India being on a nationwide lockdown for two months (April to May) then localized lockdowns since then, and mask mandates for months.

      Yet, the only things Biden has proposed that Trump has not is a nationwide mask mandate and nationwide shut down. Not only would such not work at controlling the virus, as evidenced by India’s experience with such, but the President does not have the Constitutional authority for such nationwide edicts, a point I emphasize in a CV update in Volume Two my Impeach trilogy.


What You Didn’t Hear


      What you didn’t hear at Joe’s speech were reporters’ questions. That is because he did not take any. That is becoming a pattern for him. He articulates a prepared speech off of a teleprompter and then leaves the stage. His handlers know he cannot handle impromptu questions, without making yet another of his well-known and often made gaffs.

      That is why Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for Biden to not do any debates. Though she couches it as it is because Trump will just lie, she really is afraid of Biden getting twisted into a pretzel by Trump or even by just a simple question by the hosts.




      Biden’s speech sounded like a bunch of self-righteous pontificating. But then, that was the case throughout the impeachment fiasco. The pontificating of many of the Dems, especially that of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, sounded very self-righteous, as I point out in my Impeach books. Much of what they then and Biden now had to say was also pure nonsense. Anyone who reads my Tearing the USA Apart and Impeach books would know that. Such is why these books are so important for Americans to read before voting this fall.

      If you are not sure how you are going to vote, you need to read these books, as they will help you wade through the lies the media and Biden tell about Trump. If you already plan on voting for Trump, it would still be good to read these books, as they will prepare you to engage in intelligent conversations with those who have fallen for Biden’s lies and pontificating, along with the lies Dems and the media have been telling about Trump for the past five years.

      If you are planning on voting for Biden, then you really need to read these books. Maybe they will open your eyes to the fact that Trump is not the horrible person Biden and the media make him out to be, while Biden is not the nice person he claims to be.

      As can be seen, my Impeach trilogy covers much more than the impeachment, so it is worth reading now before the election and even afterwards as a record of this important time period of the Trump presidency.



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Joe Biden in Pittsburgh (Lies and Mischaracterizations). Copyright 2020 by Gary F. Zeolla (

Dems Cannot Beat Trump, So They Impeach Trump
Volume Two
HJC Hearings and Pre-Senate Trial Events (Mid-November 2019 to Mid-January 2020)

    This second volume of this three volume set continues the discussion about the impeachment proceedings in the US House. It covers the public hearings before the House Judiciary Committee and events that occurred up until the impeachment trial in the Senate. It also directly answers a question the author has often been asked—how can the author, as a conservative Christian, support such a “crude” person as President Trump?

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