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October 2018 Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla

These commentaries are continued from February 2018 Commentaries.


Bill and Monica = David and Bathsheba 

      Democrats defended President Bill Clinton and his many sexual improprieties that led to his impeachment by the Republican-controlled House back in the 1990s, though he was not convicted and removed from office by the Senate. He did however have to pay $850,000 to Paula Jones due to her lawsuit against him for sexual assault. Lying about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky in that trial led to his impeachment.

      I address that situation it in my book God’s Sex Plan: Volume One, in my commentary on King David and Bathsheba. I compare that very imbalanced relationship to that of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The comparison is valid in that in both cases, you had the most powerful man in the nation taking advantage of a powerless woman. That is why God condemns David but not Bathsheba. But now Bill’s wife Hillary is defending that relationship, saying it was not improper due to an imbalance of power:


       Hillary Clinton vehemently denied in an interview Sunday that her husband’s extramarital affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power and added that former President Bill Clinton was right not to resign amid a scandal that led to his impeachment on perjury and obstruction charges….

       [She] said the relationship was not an abuse of power because Lewinsky “was an adult.” At the time of the affair, Lewinsky was 22 (Fox News. Hillary.

      (Fox News. Hillary Clinton says husband’s affair was not an abuse of power)


      Monica being an adult of just 22 does not eliminate the imbalance of power that exists between a White House intern and the President of the United States, just as Bathsheba most certainly being an adult did not eliminate the imbalance of power between her, a commoner, and the King of Israel.

      Democrats are probalby wishing Hillary would be quiet, as every time she opens her mouth, she angers Republicans, making them more likely to vote in November. But I hope she keeps talking for that very reason, plus she exposes the hypocrisy of the left when she does. They only care about sexual harassment and assault when it’s alleged to be by a conservative but excuse it when it is by a Democrat.


Even Worse Than Incivility 

      Here in my home state of Pennsylvania, incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey Jr. is being challenged by Republican Congressman Lou Baretta. Lou appeared on the Wednesday, October 17, 2018 episode of Rose Unplugged, a Pittsburgh radio talk show.

      Rose played an advertisement Bob is currently running against Lou. The ad has a woman talking about her twin daughters, who were diagnosed with cancer as children. Thankfully, with treatment, they recovered and are now in college. But the ad claims that if Lou had his way, he would have denied those twins cancer treatment. That despicable claim is made due to Lou voting against the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka., Obamacare).

      Posted on both my fitness and politics websites is a two-part article titled, Health Care Fiasco that discusses all aspects of the current health care debate. Here, I will just say, voting against Obamacare is not voting against people receiving health care. It is in fact the exact opposite—it is the first step in saving the public from the inevitable implosion of Obamacare.

      It was the claim that Judge Kavanaugh would vote to rescind Obamacare if he was confirmed to the Supreme Court that had Democrats claiming he would “kill millions of people” in their ads against his confirmation. I forgot to mention that point previously. But Democrats have not abandoned that misleading tactic; instead, they are now using it against their opponents in the midterms.

      But what makes this claim and ad particularly despicable in the case of Lou Baretta is his 18-month-old granddaughter Jordan was recently diagnosed with cancer and is looking at 42 weeks of chemotherapy. Jordan is a part of a set of twins. Those twins were born after years of Lou’s daughter trying to get pregnant.

      Lou first heard about Jordan’s diagnosis when he was in Shanksville, PA on the 17th anniversary of 9/11, commemorating the heroes of Flight 93. Bob was also at that ceremony. After Lou received the phone call, he told Bob about the diagnosis and the background to Jordan’s birth. It was a month later that Bob chose to run with this ad paralleling Lou’s family’s situation. In doing so, Bob is insinuating Lou would vote to kill his own granddaughter. To make matters worse, the ad began to run the day after Lou buried his brother, which Bob also knew about.

      Yes, Lou has had a granddaughter be diagnosed with cancer and his brother die in the midst of this campaign. But rather than showing some compassion towards these very real tragedies in Lou’s life, Bob chose to run such a misleading and despicable ad. Lou called Bob personally and asked him to pull the ad out of deference to his daughter, the girl’s mother. Bob did pull the ad from the area in which Lou’s daughter lives, but he told him, “Votes have consequences” and refused to pull it statewide.

      Look at it from Lou’s daughter’s perspective. It takes her years to get pregnant. Then when she does, she has twins! But then one of those twins is diagnosed with cancer. Then her uncle dies. Then her dad’s political opponent runs an ad featuring a woman in a similar situation as hers as political fodder against her dad. Talk about a emotional roller coaster!

      Word cannot express how disgusted I am at this situation. This is even worse than the incivility we have been seeing on the part of the left. This is a despicable, horrendous, obnoxious, insensitive move on the part of Bob Casey and the Democrats.


These commentaries are continued at: December 2018 Commentaries.

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The above commentaries were posted in October 2018.


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