Biblical and Constitutional Politics

April 2019 Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla

These commentaries are continued from February 2019 Commentaries.


Joe Biden Video

     Joe Biden released his video announcing his candidacy this morning (4/24/19). In it, he repeats the out of context distortion of Trump’s comments on Charlottesville, VA that was touted in the MSM and Dems, and which I refuted in an article on my politics website back in 2017.

    If you did not see his video, click here. For my article, see: Alt-Right vs. Alt-Left in Charlottesville, VA. It is truly sad that Biden, the supposed less radical Dem contender, has taken the low rode of using false allegations against Trump to further his presidential bid. In fact, everything Biden says about the Charlottesville situation in this video is wrong, a lie, a complete fabrication.

    Notice also, he ends his quote of the famous line from the Declaration of Independence before the mention of “Right to life,” since he does not support such for preborn babies.



These commentaries are continued at: February 2020 Commentaries.

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