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October 2022 Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla

These commentaries are continued from February 2022 Commentaries.

Oz – Fetterman Debate


    “Good night.” That is how cognitively struggling Democrat John Fetterman began the PA senatorial debate last night. And it was all downhill from there. It was hard and sad to watch him cognitively struggling throughout the debate. 

    The worst was when he was challenged on his position on fracking. The moderators read a statement from him from 2018 saying he was opposed to fracking. But he then spent 60 seconds stammering around and saying he was “always” for fracking. The moderators challenged him with that 2018 statement again, and it took him 30 seconds to repeat he was for fracking, never addressing the obvious contradiction.

    One thing is clear—he is in no condition to be a Senator. He should have dropped out of the race months ago and allowed Dems to appoint someone else. But as it is, I predict he will lose in a landslide. 

    Although, Republican Dug Mastriano will still lose in a landslide in our gubernatorial race. We will thus have the specter of a split ticket on the statewide races. The Republican for Senator (Dr. Oz) will win in a landslide, while the Democrat for Governor (Josh Shapiro) will win in a landslide, as he had successfully painted Doug as being “an extremist.”

    The only open question is how these opposing landslides at the top of the ballot will affect down-ballot races.

    500,000 Pennsylvanians have already voted. After last night’s debate, it is obvious why Fetterman only agreed to one debate and wanted it so late in the election cycle. I would bet most all of those who already voted for Fetterman want their ballots back. This is why early voting is just so wrong. Or if we are going to have it, there should be a rule that at least one debate must occur before it begins.

    Throughout last night’s PA senatorial debate, the moderators consistently referred to Dr. Oz as “Mr. Oz.” Weren’t we chided and told we must refer to Joe Biden’s wife as “Dr. Jill Biden?” She is only a “doctor” in education, while Oz is a real doctor. Ought not he then have been given the same respect?

    According to a poll by WPXI (the station that aired the PA senatorial debate), 82% say Dr. Oz won the debate, while only 18% say Fetterman won it. I only want to know what debate that 18% watched?

     Meanwhile, CNN is trying to cover for Fetterman by saying it was “gutsy” for Fetterman to even agree to debate. Gutsy for a candidate to do what will be part of his job description? Yet CNN went on to say they are they are all about “facts.”

    Finally, “Fetterman said he has always been upfront about needing closed captioning to help him because his stroke caused him to have temporary auditory processing issues” (Trib Live).

    “temporary?” How does he know that? My guess his “auditory processing issues” will prove just as temporary, as inflation proved to be “transitory” as the Biden administration claimed. There is just no way of knowing how fast Fetterman will recover or if he will ever fully recover. That is especially the case given that he refused to agree to release his medical records during this debate. As such, we have no way of knowing how bad he was right after the stroke, what progress he has made, if any, and what his prognosis is. All we got was a statement by his doctor, who also contributed to his campaign, that he is fit to serve. That is not near enough reassurance for someone who wants to be come one of the most powerful people in the country.

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Breitbart References

      Breitbart ran a series of articles supporting the points I made in the above commentary about the Oz – Fetterman debate. They also bring out other aspects of the debacle that is the John Fetterman campaign. (all links open in a new window).


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      White House: Joe Biden Believes John Fetterman Is ‘Impressive’ and ‘Incredibly Bright’.


These commentaries are continued at: November 2022 Commentaries.

October 2022 Commentaries. Copyright 2022 By Gary F. Zeolla.

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The above commentaries were posted in October 2022.


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