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Coronavirus News Articles Commentaries

October 2021

By Gary F. Zeolla

These Commentaries are continued from Coronavirus News Articles Commentaries: September 2021.

Trib Live/ AP. Merck asks FDA to authorize promising anti-covid pill.


    The company reported earlier this month that the pill cut hospitalizations and deaths by half among patients with early symptoms of covid-19….

    Side effects were similar between patients who got the drug and those in a testing group who received a dummy pill. But Merck has not publicly detailed the types of problems reported, which will be a key part of the FDA’s review….

     Assuming FDA authorization, the U.S. government has agreed to buy enough of the pills to treat 1.7 million people, at a price of roughly $700 for each course of treatment.


    We already had a pill that would “cut hospitalizations and deaths by half” since the beginning of the pandemic. It is called Hydroxychlotoquine. But the problem was, Hydroxychlotoquine only costs $20 for a course of treatments.

     Big Pharma knew they would eventually come out with a much more expensive pill, so Hydroxychlotoquine had to be dismissed. The mainstream media went along with the subterfuge, mainly because President Trump endorsed Hydroxychlotoquine. 

    Thus, here we are, 19 months later, with 100,000s of Americans having suffered and died needlessly. But Big Pharma got what it wanted, a very expensive pill to treat Covid. The media will back it, as Trump has not spoken about it.

     It should also be noted, Hydroxychlotoquine has been used for decades with virtually no side effects, while Merck is hiding the side effects of its new drug.

Joe Biden's Failing Presidency

      Biden can be very disingenuous in his tweets and his claims about his various plans and polices. He thinks they are all grand and good for the country. But in fact, it is those very plans and policies that is causing his presidency to be failing. Those plans and polices are also dividing and destroying American. Biden’s early actions also set the stage for more failures later in his presidency, so it is important to remember them. These five books are the definitive record of those failures.


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October 2021 Coronavirus Commentaries. Copyright 2021 By Gary F. Zeolla.

The above commentaries were posted October in 2021.

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