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Observations on the Funeral for John Lewis is a new article.

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Coronavirus Trib Live News Articles Commentaries: August 2020

Coronavirus General Commentaries: August 2020

August 2020 Commentaries

Coronavirus Surges Across the South (The Authorities Have Lost All Credibility) is a new article.

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Coronavirus Trib Live News Commentaries: July 2020

Coronavirus General Commentaries: July 2020

July 2020 Commentaries

Don’t Apologize for Me to Blacks is a new article.

Protests Turned Riots (Lockdown Frustration, Domestic Terrorism, and Lack of Respect)  is a new two part article.

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June 2020 Commentaries

Coronavirus General Commentaries: June 2020

Coronavirus Trib Live News Articles Commentaries: June 2020

Revised Coronavirus Numbers (Healthy Habits are Your Best Defense) is a new two part article.

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