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I just updated the autobiography on my personal website.

New Book! Biased J6 Commission: The Public Hearings Were Half a Trial; This Book Gives You the Other Half

    The public hearings in the summer of 2022 about the tragic events of January 6, 2021 (J6) were the prosecution presenting its case against Donald J. Trump. But he was not afforded a defense. This book provides that defense. Do not miss how dangerous this precedent was. What if this were you? How would you like it if primetime hearings were held prosecuting you, aired on all major networks, but without you ever being able to present a defense on such a grand scale? But this book presents the other side, so the reader can make an informed decision about J6 and Trump’s role in it.


Biden’s “Soul of a Nation” Speech (which was really a hate-filled, fearmongering, divisive diatribe) is a new article.

Biden: Promoting the Sinful and Destructive LGBTQ Movement: Part One is a new article.

Student Debt Transfer vs. The Substitutionary Atonement of Christ is a short new article. Debt and sin are always paid for. Forcing others to pay for students’ debts has bad results, while having your sins paid for by Christ has good results.

New Book! Trump Fights Back with Statements: Against the Lies of Joe Biden, Attacks from Dems, and the Bias of the Media, of Big Tech, and of the J6 Commission

    If you enjoyed reading Trump’s Tweets on Twitter until January 8, 2021 or are enjoying his Truths on Truth Social since April 29, 2022, then you should enjoy this book. It fills in the gap with all of his email Statements issued between those dates. These Statements were often Trump fighting back against the lies of President Joe Biden. They also reflect Trump fighting back against the ongoing bias of the mainstream media (MSM) and of Big Tech and against the Dem-controlled Commission (which Trump calls the “Unselect Committee”) investigating the tragic events of January 6, 2021 (J6).

New Book! Tragic Ending to Donald J. Trump’s Great Presidency: Capitol Building Uprising Leads to Impeachment 2.0, as Media and Big Tech Bias and Claims of Election Fraud Continues

Democrats claim the events of January 6, 2021 (J6) were “a deadly insurrection incited by Donald J. Trump.” But this book demonstrates J6, though tragic, was not deadly (with one exception), it was not an insurrection, and it was not incited by then President Trump. This book also updates issues covered in a previous book by the author related to the bias of the mainstream media (MSM) and of Big Tech and problems with the 2020 election. 

If you watched the J6 Commission Hearings in June 2022, you got only half the story. This book gives you the entire story, so you can make an informed decision about J6 and Trump’s role therein.

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