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Analytical-Literal Translation:

Errata for the Third Edition of the ALT

By Gary F. Zeolla

After the Analytical-Literal Translation: Third Edition was published in September 2007, I proofread the text one more time. I was very happy to find there were no significant mistakes in the text. However, I did find some minor items needing correcting, along with some minor improvements I could make to the text. All errata without dates were updated as of November 19, 2007 in all versions of ALT3 listed on the ALT: Preview page.

Then over time, additional errata were discovered. This was especially the case in the winter of 2011-12, while working on the Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Devotional Version (ALTD). All discovered errata were corrected in that work. And after ALTD was published on St. Patrick's Day, 2012, I again updated all of the errata as of March 17, 2012 for some of the versions of ALT3 listed on ALT: Preview page. These include the "regular" paperback and hardback available from Lulu, the "Personal Size" paperback and hardback, the Acrobat Reader eBook, and the Amazon Kindle edition. You can tell you have a "corrected" text if the copyright is listed as 2012 rather than 2007.

But for those who purchased the ALT3 before these corrections were made or an edition that was not corrected, the pages below list all of the corrections, changes, and additions that were made to the text since its initial publication in 2007. The first page lists corrections of actual mistakes. These are mostly minor, but they are the only errata the average reader needs to be concerned with.

The second page lists minor improvements and changes made to the text. These are mostly technical, making the text slightly more literal. Only the most studious Bible reader needs be concerned about them

The third page lists additional cross references that have been added. These are mostly allusions to the Old Testament and are taken from Scripture Study #2: "The Use of the OT in the NT" found in my Scripture Workbook: Second Edition; 2 Volumes in 1.

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