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Variants: Matthew

This page lists every translatable variant in the Gospel of Mathew. Significant variants are bolded.
 This page is a part of the list of Textual Variants posted on this site.
See Variants: Introduction for background information on this list.

1:6       MT/ TR: David the king fathered – CT: David fathered

1:7       MT/ TR: Asa – CT: Asaph

1:8       MT/ TR: Asa – CT: Asaph

1:10     MT/ TR: Amon – CT: Amos (twice)

1:18     MT/ TR: For – CT: omits

1:22     MT/ TR: the Lord – CT: [the] Lord

1:25     MT/ TR: to her firstborn Son – CT: to a Son

2:9       MT/ TR: stood – CT: was stood

2:15     MT/ TR: the Lord – CT: [the] Lord

2:18     MT/ TR: lamentation and – CT: omits

2:21     MT/ TR: came – CT: entered

3:2       MT/ TR: and – CT: {and}

3:6       MT/ TR: Jordan – CT: Jordan River

3:8       MT/ CT: fruit – TR: fruits

3:10     MT/ TR: also – CT: omits

3:11     MT: Spirit,  – TR/ CT: Spirit and in fire,

3:16     MT/ TR: And – CT: So

            MT/ TR: to Him – CT: {to Him}

           MT/ TR: the Spirit – CT: {the} Spirit

MT/ TR: dove and – CT: dove {and}

4:4       MT/ TR: A person – CT: The person

4:5       MT/ TR: sets – CT: set

4:9       MT/ TR: says – CT: said

4:10     MT: away behind Me Satan – TR/ CT: away Satan

4:12     MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: He

4:18     MT/ CT: Now – TR: Now Jesus

4:23     MT/ TR: And Jesus – CT: And He

4:24     MT/ TR: and ones being moonstruck – CT: {and} ones being moonstruck

5:11     MT/ TR: word – CT: omit

MT/ TR: by lying – CT: {by lying}

5:13     MT/ TR: to be thrown – CT: [for] throwing

5:22     MT/ TR: without cause – CT: omits

5:27     MT/ CT: said: – TR: said to the ancients:

5:30     MT/ TR: be cast – CT: go

5:32     MT/ TR: whoever divorces – CT: every[one] divorcing

5:39     MT/ TR: will slap – CT: slaps

            MT/ CT: {your} right – TR: your right

5:42     MT/ TR: Be giving – CT: Give

5:44     MT/ TR: be loving your* enemies; be blessing the ones cursing you*; be doing good to the ones hating you*, and be praying on behalf of the ones mistreating you* and persecuting you*, – CT: be loving your* enemies, and be praying on behalf of the ones persecuting you*,

5:45     MT: in {the} heavens – TR/ CT: in [the] heavens

5:47     MT: friends – TR/ CT: brothers

            MT/ TR: so – CT: the same

5:48     MT/ TR: just as your* Father, the [One] in the heavens – CT: as your* heavenly Father

6:1       MT/ TR: Be – CT: {But} be

            MT/ TR: charitable giving – CT: righteousness

6:4       MT/ TR: Himself – CT: omits

            MT/ TR: in the open – CT: omits

6:6       MT/ TR: in the open – CT: omits

6:10     MT/ TR: the earth – CT: earth

6:12     MT/ TR: forgive our – CT: forgave our

6:13     MT/ TR: Because Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory into the ages! So be it!’ – CT: omits

6:15     MT/ TR: their transgressions – CT: omits

6:18     MT/ CT: you. – TR: you in the open.

6:21     MT/ TR: your* – CT: your (twice)

6:25     MT/ TR: and what you* shall drink – CT: {or what you* shall drink}

6:33     MT/ TR: kingdom of God – CT: kingdom {of God}

6:34     MT/ TR: for the [things] of itself – CT: for itself

7:2       MT/ CT: measured – TR: measured in return

7:6       MT/ TR: they trample – CT: they will trample

7:9       MT/ TR: asks – CT: will ask

7:10     MT/ TR: asks – CT: will ask

7:14     MT/ CT: How – TR: Because

7:15     MT/ TR: But be – CT: Be

7:16     MT/ TR: a grape cluster – CT: grape clusters

7:21     MT/ TR: [the] heavens – CT: the heavens

7:24     MT/ TR: I will compare him to – CT: will be compared to

7:29     MT/ TR: the scribes – CT: their scribes

8:2       MT/ TR: having come – CT: having approached

8:3       MT/ TR: Jesus took hold – CT: He took hold

8:5       MT/ CT: when He – TR: when Jesus

8:7       MT/ TR: Jesus says – CT: He says

8:10     MT/ TR: even in Israel – CT: with anyone in Israel

8:13     MT/ TR: Be going, and as – CT: Be going; as

            MT/ TR: his slave – CT: {his} slave

8:15     MT/ CT: serving him. – TR: serving them.

8:18     MT/ TR: large crowds – CT: a crowd

8:21     MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: {His} disciples

8:22     MT/ TR: said – CT: says

8:25     MT: the disciples woke – TR: His disciples woke – CT: they woke

            MT/ TR: save us – CT: save [us]

8:28     MT/ TR: Gergesenes – CT: Gardarenes

8:29     MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: omits

8:31     MT/ TR: permit us to go away – CT: send us

8:32     MT/ TR: the herd of the pigs – CT: the pigs

            MT/ TR: The whole herd of the pigs – CT: The whole herd

9:1       MT/ TR: the boat – CT: a boat

9:2       MT/ TR: forgiven you. – CT: forgiven.

9:4       MT/ TR: _you*_ thinking – CT: you* thinking

9:5       MT/ TR: have been forgiven – CT: are forgiven  

9:8       MT/ TR:  were amazed – CT: were frightened [or, filled with awe]

9:11     MT/ TR: said – CT: were saying

9:12     MT/ TR: Jesus said – CT: He said

9:13     MT/ TR: to repentance – CT: omits

9:14     MT/ TR: much – CT: {much}

9:17     MT/ TR: will be ruined.  – CT: are ruined.

9:24     MT/ TR: He says to them, – CT: was saying,

9:27     MT/ TR: Him – CT: {Him}

9:35     MT/ TR: among the people. – CT: omits

9:36     MT/ CT: had been distressed – TR: had been exhausted

10:2     MT/ TR: James – CT: and James

10:3     MT/ TR: Lebbeus, the one having been surnamed – CT: omits

10:8     MT: Be healing [ones] being sick, be cleansing lepers, – CT: Be healing [ones] being sick, be raising dead [ones], be cleansing lepers, – TR: Be healing ones being sick, be cleansing lepers, be raising dead [ones],

10:14   MT/ TR: go out – CT: go out away

10:19   MT/ TR: they are handing you* over – CT: they hand you* over

MT/ TR: you* will speak – CT: you* shall speak

10:23   MT/ TR: the other – CT: the next

10:25   MT/ CT: Beelzebul – TR: Beelzebub

10:28   MT/ TR: fear – CT: be fearing

MT/ CT: stop fearing – TR: do not fear

MT: {the} – TR/ CT: omit (twice)

10:32   MT: in [the] heavens – TR: in the heavens – CT: in {the} heavens

11:2     MT/ TR: sent two of his – CT: sent [word] by his

11:5     MT/ TR: dead – CT: and dead

11:8     MT: royal houses. – TR/ CT: houses of the kings.

11:10   MT/ TR: For this – CT: This

11:15     MT/ TR: to be hearing – CT: omits

11:16   MT/ CT: young children – TR: little boys

MT/ TR: market-places and – CT: the market-places, who

11:17   MT/ TR: and saying, – CT: saying,

MT/ TR: mourned for you*, – CT: mourned,

11:19   MT/ TR: children. – CT: works.

11:23   MT/ TR: the one having been exalted to the heaven, you will be brought down to the realm of the dead, CT: you will not be exalted to the heaven, will you? You will descend to the realm of the dead,

12:3     MT/ TR: hungry, he and – CT: hungry, and

12:4     MT/ TR: which were – CT: which was

12:8     MT/ CT: Lord – TR: Lord even

12:10   MT/ TR: was [there] – CT: [was there]

MT/ TR: to be healing – CT: to heal

12:15   MT/ TR: crowds – CT: {crowds}

12:17  MT/ TR: 12:17  in order that – CT: so that

12:22   MT/ TR: both – CT: omits

12:25   MT/ TR: Jesus knowing – CT: He knowing

12:29   MT/ TR:  to plunder – CT: to take away

12:31   MT/ TR: to the people – CT: omits (second occurrence)

12:32   MT/ TR: the present age – CT: this age

12:32   MT: the present age – TR/ CT: this age

12:35   MT/ CT: treasure [within him] brings forth good – TR: treasure of the heart brings forth the good

12:36   MT/ TR: shall speak – CT: will speak

12:38   MT/ TR: answered, – CT: answered to Him,

12:46   MT/ TR: Now while – CT: While

12:47   MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: brackets verse as being doubtful

12:28   MT/ TR: having spoken – CT: speaking

13:1     MT/ TR: Then on – CT: On

13:2     MT/ TR: the boat – CT: a boat

13:4     MT/ TR: the birds came and devoured – CT: having come, the birds devoured

13:9     MT/ TR: to be hearing – CT: omits

13:15   MT/ CT: I will heal – TR: I shall heal

13:18   MT/ TR: the one sowing – CT: the one having sown

13:22   MT/ TR: this age – CT: the age

13:24   MT: sowing – TR/ CT: having sown

13:25   MT/ TR: sowed – CT: sowed afterwards

13:27   MT/ CT: darnel – TR: the darnel

13:28   MT/ TR: slaves said – CT: slaves say

            MT: we will gather – TR/ CT: we shall gather

13:29   MT/ TR: was saying – CT: says

13:30   MT/ CT: [the] time – TR: the time

13:35   MT/ TR: world – CT: {world}

13:39   MT/ TR: the age – CT: [the] age

13:40   MT:  will be burned – TR: burned – CT: {will be} burned

            MT/ TR: this age. – CT: the age.

13:43   MT/ TR: to be hearing – CT: omits

13:44   MT/ TR: Again, the – CT: The

13:46   MT/ TR: who – CT: and

13:52   MT/ TR: He says to them, – CT: omits

13:55   MT/ TR: Joses – CT: Joseph

13:57   MT/ TR: his hometown – CT: [his] hometown

14:3     MT/ TR: bound him – CT: bound {him}

14:9     MT/ TR: the king was grieved, but because of – CT: although the king was grieved, because of

14:12   MT/ TR: body – CT: corpse

14:13   MT/ TR: And – CT: Now

14:14   MT/ TR: Jesus saw – CT: He saw

14:15   MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: the disciples

14:16   MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: {Jesus}

14:19   MT: grasses, having – TR: grasses, and having CT: CT: grass, having

14:22   MT/ TR: Jesus compelled – CT: He compelled

            MT/ CT: the disciples – TR: His disciples

14:24   MT/ TR: in the middle of the sea – CT: a distance of many stadia from the land [a stade is about 200 yards or 185 meters].

14:25   MT/ TR: Jesus went – CT: He came

14:26   MT/ TR: And – CT: Then

14:27   MT/ TR: Jesus spoke – CT: {Jesus} spoke

14:30   MT/ TR: strong – CT: {strong}

14:33   MT/ TR: having come, – CT: omits

15:1     MT/ TR: scribes and Pharisees – CT: Pharisees and scribes

15:2     MT/ TR: their – CT: {their}

15:4     MT/ TR: God commanded, saying,  – CT: God said

15:5     MT: 'and by no means shall he honor his father or his mother.’ – TR: moves this statement to the beginning of verse 15:6 – CT: moves this statement to the beginning of verse 15:6, and omits or his mother

15:6     MT/ TR: commandment – CT: word

15:8     MT/ TR: draws near to Me with their mouth and – CT: omits

15:12   MT/ TR: His disciples … said – CT: the disciples … say

15:14   MT/ TR: blind [people] – CT: {blind [people]}

15:15   MT/ TR: this – CT: {this} 15:16

            MT/ TR: Jesus said – CT: He said

15:17   MT/ TR: not yet – CT: not

15:22   MT/ TR: called to Him – CT: was calling

15:25   MT: she prostrated – TR/ CT: she began prostrating

15:30   MT/ TR: mute, crippled – CT: crippled, mute

            MT/ TR: the feet of Jesus – CT: His feet

15:31   MT/ TR: crowds – CT: crowd

            MT/ TR: whole, lame – CT: whole and lame

15:33   MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: the disciples

15:36   MT/ TR: And having taken … fish, having – CT: He took … fish, and having

            MT/ TR: gave to His disciples – CT: began giving to the disciples

            MT/ TR: crowd – CT: crowds

15:39   MT/ TR: Magdala – CT: Magadan

16:2     MT/ TR: includes all of verse 2 and verse 3 – CT: brackets everything after to them in verse 2 and all of verse 3.

16:4     MT/ TR: the prophet – CT: omits

16:5     MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: the disciples

16:8     MT/ TR: to them – CT: omits

            MT/ TR: took – CT: have

16:11   MT/ TR: bread I said to you* to be guarding … Sadducees? – CT: loaves of bread I spoke to you*? But be guarding … Sadducees.

16:12   MT/ TR: bread – CT: loaves of bread

16:13   MT/ TR: Me – CT: omits

16:17   MT/ TR: And – CT: Then

16:19   MT/ TR: And – CT: omits

16:20   MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: the disciples

            MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: omits

16:26   MT/ TR: is a person benefited – CT: will a person be benefited

16:28   MT/ CT: some – TR: some of the ones

17:7     MT/ TR: approached, He took hold of them and – CT: approached, and having taken hold of them, He and

17:8     MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: Jesus Himself

17:9     MT/ TR: rises – CT: is raised

17:10   MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: the disciples

17:11   MT/ TR: Jesus said to them – CT: He said

17:24   MT/ TR: _they_ came – CT: they came

17:15   MT/ CT: and saying, – TR: moves this phrase to the end of 17:14

17:20   MT/ TR: Jesus said – CT: He says

17:21   MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: omits verse

17:22   MT/ TR: staying – CT: gathering

17:24   MT/ TR: pay the didrachmas – CT: pay {the} didrachmas

17:25   MT/ TR: And when he entered – CT: And having entered

17:26   MT/ TR: Peter says to Him, “From the strangers.” – CT: He having said, “From the strangers,”

17:27   MT: going up – TR/ CT: having gone up

18:2     MT/ TR: Jesus – CT: omits

18:4     MT/ CT: will humble – TR: shall humble

18:6     MT: on his – TR: upon his– CT: around his

18:7     MT/ TR: it is – CT: [it is]

            MT/ TR: that person – CT: the person

18:8     MT/ TR: cut them off – CT: cut it off

            MT/ TR: lame or crippled – CT: crippled or lame

18:8     MT/ TR: cut them off – CT: cut it off

            MT/ TR: lame or crippled – CT: crippled or lame

18:11   MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: omits verse

18:12   MT/ TR: having left behind the ninety-nine, having gone upon the mountains, he seeks – CT: he will leave behind the ninety-nine on the mountains, and having gone, he seeks

18:15   MT/ TR: against you – CT: {against you}

            MT/ TR: and show – CT: show

18:19   MT: positively – TR: omits – CT: {positively}

18:21   MT/ TR: approached Him, said – CT: approached, said to Him

18:26   MT/ TR: Lord,  – CT: omits

18:28   MT: Repay to me if you owe anything! – TR: Repay to me what you owe, anything! – CT: Repay if you owe anything!

18:29   MT/ TR: at his feet – CT: omits

MT/ CT: all – TR: omits

18:31   MT/ TR: But  – CT: So

MT/ CT: their own – TR: their

18:34   MT/ TR: to him – CT: omits

18:35   MT/ TR: their transgressions – CT: omits

19:3     MT/ TR: to Him – CT: omits

19:4     MT/ TR: to them – CT: omits

            MT/ TR: having made – CT: having created

19:5     MT: {his} father – TR/ CT: the father

19:7     MT/ TR: her – CT: {her}

19:9     MT/ CT: [but] not for – TR: except for

            MT/ TR: and the one having married the one having been divorced commits adultery – CT: omits

19:10   MT/ TR: His – CT: {His}

19:11   MT/ TR: this – CT: {this}

19:16   MT/ TR: Good teacher, – CT: Teacher,

19:17   MT/ TR: “Why do you call Me good? No one [is] good except One—God. – CT: “Why are you asking Me about the good? [There] is [only] One [who] is good.

19:20   MT/ TR: from my youth – CT: omits

19:21   MT/ TR: [the] poor – CT: {the} poor

            MT/ TR: in heaven – CT: in [the] heavens

19:25   MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: the disciples

19:26   MT: all [things] {are} – TR: all [things] are – CT: all [things are]

19:29   MT/ TR: or wife – CT: omits

20:2     MT: And – TR/ CT: Now

20:3     MT/ CT: [the] third – TR: the third

20:5     MT/ TR: Again,  – CT: {Now} again,

20:6     MT/ TR: hour – CT: [hour]

            MT/ TR: stood idle, – CT: stood,

20:7     MT/ TR: and whatever is just you* will receive. – CT: omits

20:10   MT/ TR: 20:10  “Then – CT: And

20:15   MT/ TR: Or – CT: {Or}

            MT/ TR: Is – CT: Or is

20:16   MT/ TR: for many are called, but few chosen – CT: omits

20:17   MT/ TR: disciples – CT: {disciples}

20:19   MT/ TR: He will rise again. – CT: He will be raised.

20:21   MT/ CT: Your left – TR: [Your] left

20:22   MT: drinking, or … baptized. – TR: drinking, and … baptized. – CT: drinking. (omits or to be baptized [with] the baptism which _I_ am baptized)

20:23   MT/ TR: and the baptism which _I_ am baptized [with], you* will be baptized – CT: omits

            MT/ TR: left is – CT: left, {this} is

20:26   MT/ TR: but – CT: omits

            MT/ CT: he will be – TR: he must be

20:27   MT/ TR: he must be – CT: he will be

20:30   MT/ TR: Lord – CT: {Lord}

20:31   MT/ TR: began crying out – CT: cried out

21:3     MT: he [will] send – TR/ CT: he will send

21:4     MT/ TR: all – CT: omits

21:5     MT/ TR: and a colt – CT: and on a colt

21:6     MT/ TR: commanded – CT: directed

21:9     MT/ TR: [of Him] – CT: of Him

21:11   MT/ TR: Jesus the prophet – CT: the prophet Jesus

21:12   MT/ TR: of God – CT: omits

21:13   MT/ TR: made – CT: are making it

21:14   MT: lame and blind – TR/ CT: blind and lame

21:15   MT/ TR: children – CT: children, the ones

21:28   MT/ TR: my vineyard. – CT: the vineyard.

21:30   MT/ TR: And – CT: Then

            MT/ TR: the second – CT: the other

21:31   MT/ TR: to Him – CT: omits

21:33   MT: {certain} – TR: certain – CT: omits

21:38   MT/ TR: take possession of – CT: have

21:44   MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: brackets entire verse

22:4     MT/ TR: I prepared– CT: I have prepared

22:5     MT/ TR: one … one – CT: one … another

22:7     MT: And that king – TR/ CT: Now the king

            MT/ TR: having heard, – CT: omits

22:10   MT/ TR: all, as many as – CT: all which

22:13   MT/ TR: take him away and – CT: omits

22:23   MT: Him, {the ones} saying – TR: Him, the ones saying – CT: Him saying

22:27   MT/ TR: also – CT: omits

22:30   MT/ TR: of God – CT: omits

22:35   MT/ TR: a lawyer – CT: {a lawyer}

            MT/ TR: and saying, – CT: omits

22:37   MT/ TR: Jesus said – CT: He said

22:38   MT/ TR: [the] first and great – CT: the great and first

22:44   MT/ TR: The Lord – CT: [The] Lord

            MT/ TR: [as] a footstool for your feet – CT: under Your feet

23:3     MT/ TR: you* to be observing, be observing and doing – CT: you*, be doing and observing

23:4     MT/ TR: For – CT: But

            MT/ TR: hard to carry – CT: {hard to carry}

            MT/ TR: they – CT: they themselves

23:5     MT/ TR: and they enlarge – CT: for they enlarge

            MT/ TR: of their robes – CT: [of their robes]

23:7     MT/ TR: Rabbi, Rabbi, – CT: Rabbi,

23:8     MT/ TR: the Christ – CT: omits

23:9     MT/ TR: Father, the [One] in the heavens. – CT: heavenly Father.

23:13   MT: includes verse 13 – TR: includes verse 13 but reverses verses 13 and 14 and moves But to the new verse 14 – CT: omits verse 13 and numbers verse 14 as verse 13 and includes But in the new verse 13

23:17   MT/ TR: the one sanctifying – CT: the one having sanctified

23:19   MT/ TR: Fools and blind [ones]! – CT: [You*] blind [ones]!

23:21   MT: having dwelt – TR/ CT: dwelling

23:23   MT/ TR: these – CT: {but } these

23:25   MT: unrighteousness. – TR/ CT: lack of self-control.

23:26   MT/ TR: and of the dish … of them – CT: and of the dish … of it

23:34   MT/ TR: and [some] – CT: [some]

23:36   MT: you* that all– TR/ CT: you*, all

23:37   MT/ TR: her own – CT: her

24:2     MT/ TR: Jesus said – CT: answering, He said

24:3     MT/ TR: the conclusion – CT: [the] conclusion

24:6     MT/ TR: all – CT: omits

24:7     MT/ TR: and plagues – CT: omits

24:17   MT/ TR: must not be coming down – CT: must not come down

            MT/ CT: take the [things] – TR: take anything

24:18   MT/ TR: garments – CT: garment

24:27   MT: {also} – TR: also – CT: omits

24:28   MT/ TR: For – CT: omits

24:30   MT/ TR: the heaven – CT: heaven

24:31   MT/ TR: [the] ‘sound of – CT: omits

            MT/ TR: to [the other] – CT: to {the} [other]

24:36   MT/ CT: hour – TR: the hour

            MT/ TR: heavens, – CT: heavens, nor the Son,

24:37   MT/ TR: But – CT: For

            MT/ TR: also – CT: omits

24:38   MT/ TR: just as – CT: as

            MT/ TR: the days – CT: {those} days

24:39   MT/ TR: also – CT: {also}

24:42   MT/ TR: hour – CT: day

24:45   MT/ TR: household servants – CT: household

            MT/ TR: to be giving – CT: to give

24:48   MT/ TR: to come, – CT: omits

24:49   MT/ TR: to be eating and to be drinking – CT: shall be eating and shall be drinking

25:1     MT/ TR: their lamps – CT: their own lamps

25:2     MT/ TR: wise … foolish – CT: foolish … wise

25:3     MT/ CT: their – TR: their own

            MT/ TR: [Those] who were – CT: For the

25:4     MT/ TR: their lamps – CT: their own lamps

25:6     MT/ TR: is coming – CT: omits

            MT/ TR: his – CT: {his}

25:7     MT/ TR: their lamps – CT: their own lamps

25:9     MT/ TR: there not – CT: there by no means

25:13   MT/ TR: in which the Son of Humanity is coming. – CT: omits

25:16   MT/ TR: Then the – CT: The

            MT/ TR: made – CT: gained

25:17   MT/ TR: also – CT: omits (twice)

25:18   MT/ TR: in the ground – CT: [in the] ground

25:20   MT/ TR: besides them – CT: omits

25:21   MT/ TR: So – CT: omits

25:22   MT/ TR: Then – CT: {Then}

            MT/ TR: besides them – CT: omits

25:27   MT/ TR: money – CT: monies [or, coins]

25:29   MT/ TR: from – CT: omits

25:30   MT/ CT: throw – TR: be throwing

25:31   MT/ TR: holy – CT: omits

25:39   MT/ TR: sick – CT: being sick

25:41   MT/ TR: the ones having – CT: {the} ones having

25:44   MT/ CT: answer, – TR: answer Him,

26:3     MT/ TR: and the scribes – CT: omits

26:8     MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: the disciples

26:9     MT/ TR: this ointment – CT: this [ointment]

            MT: {the} poor – TR: the poor – CT: [the] poor

26:17   MT/ TR: to Him – CT: omits

            MT: we will prepare – TR/ CT: we shall prepare

26:22   MT/ TR: each of them – CT: each one

26:26   MT/ TR: the bread – CT: bread

            MT/ TR: began giving [it] to the disciples. And He said – CT: having given [it] to the disciples, He said

26:27   MT/ TR: the cup – CT: a cup

26:28   MT/ TR: the [blood]  – CT: omits

            MT/ TR: new – CT: omits

26:33   MT: {yet} – TR/ CT: omit

26:35   MT: shall I deny  – TR/ CT: will I deny

            MT: And likewise – TR/ CT: Likewise

26:36   MT/ TR: which [time] – CT: {which} [time]

26:38   MT: Jesus says – TR/ CT: He says

26:39   MT: having approached [God] a little [distance away] – TR/ CT: having gone a little beyond [them]

26:42   MT/ TR: cup – CT: omits

26:44   MT/ TR: thing. – CT: thing again.

26:45   MT/ TR: His disciples – CT: the disciples

26:52   MT: will die – TR/ CT: will themselves perish

26:59   MT/ TR: and the elders – CT: omits

26:60   MT/ TR: [any]. And … forward, they did not find [any]. – CT: [any], … forward.

26:61   MT: But later two false witnesses having come forward, – TR/ CT: Moves this phrase to the end of verse 60

            MT/ TR: build it. – CT: build [it].

26:70   MT: them all – TR/ CT: all

26:71   MT/ TR: Then _he_ – CT: Then he

            MT: to them – TR/ CT: to the [ones] there

            MT/ TR: also – CT: omits

26:75   MT/ TR: to him – CT: omits

27:2     MT/ TR: handed Him over to Pontius Pilate – CT: handed [Him] over to Pilate

27:3     MT/ TR: brought back – CT: returned

            MT/ TR: to the elders – CT: elders

27:11   MT/ TR: to him – CT: omits

27:12   MT/ TR: the elders – CT: elders

27:16   MT/ TR: Barabbas – CT: {Jesus} Barabbas

27:17   MT/ TR: Barabbas – CT: {Jesus} Barabbas

27:22   MT/ TR: to him – CT: omits

27:23   MT/ TR: the governor said – CT: he said

27:24   MT/ TR: the blood of this Righteous [One] – CT: the blood of this [Man]

27:29   MT/ TR: kept ridiculing – CT: ridiculed

            MT/ TR: The King – CT: King

27:34   MT/ TR: wine vinegar – CT: wine

            MT/ TR: was not wanting – CT: did not want

27:35   MT/ CT: a lot. – TR: a lot, so that the [word] having been spoken by the prophet should be fulfilled, “They divided My garments among themselves and over My clothing they cast a lot.” [Psalm 22:18]

27:40   MT/ TR: come – CT: {also} come

27:41   MT/ TR: Then– CT: And

            MT: and Pharisees – TR/ CT: omit

27:42   MT/ TR: Since – CT: omits

            MT/ CT: in Him – TR: Him

27:46   MT: lima – TR: lama  – CT: lema

27:56   MT/ TR: Joses – CT: Joseph

27:58   MT/ TR: the body – CT: [it]

27:64   MT/ TR: by night – CT: omits

27:65   MT/ TR: So – CT: omits

28:2     MT/ TR: heaven, having – CT: heaven, and having

            MT/ TR: from the entrance – CT: omits

28:6     MT/ TR: the Lord was lying – CT: He was lying

28:8     MT/ TR: having gone out – CT: having gone away

28:9     MT/ TR: But as they were going to tell to His disciples, – CT: omits

28:14   MT/ TR: him – CT: {him}

28:15   MT/ TR: this day. – CT: this {very} day.

28:18   MT/ TR: earth – CT: {the} earth

28:19   MT: When – TR/ CT: Therefore, when 28:19

            MT: When – TR/ CT: Therefore, when

28:20   MT/ TR: So be it! – CT: omits

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