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Companion Volume to the ALT

Third Edition

Aids in Understanding the Translations
in the Analytical-Literal Translation

By Gary F. Zeolla,
the Director of Darkness to Light

This volume provides aids in understanding the translations seen in the Analytical-Literal Translation  of the New Testament (ALT). It includes a glossary for important words in the ALT, an-eight part "Grammatical Renderings" section to explain the unique translations in the ALT, along with other background information to the ALT.

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Paperback (8-1/2"x11"): 142 pages. $12.95. Order from the publisher via their Web site Lulu Publishing. Also available from Amazon.

Hardback (8-1/2"x11"): 142 pages. $17.55. Order from the publisher via their Web site Lulu Publishing.

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Note: The paperback and hardback versions of the Companion Volume are in double columns, printed in Times New Roman 11 point font. But it is not possible to reproduce that format here.


Click for a larger image.This book is a companion to the Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Third Edition (ALT3). It will help the reader to understand the reasons for the rather unique translations often seen in the ALT as compared to other versions. This Companion Volume is divided into four sections.

The first section provides background information for the ALT, recounts the decisions the translator struggled with in translating the ALT, gives details on the special notations seen in the ALT, answers frequently asked questions about the ALT, and overviews the ALT’s unique features.

The second section consists of “Glossary and Translation Notes” which explain the reasons for how important words are translated in the ALT, along with a list of measurement and monetary equivalents used in developing such bracketed information in the ALT.

The third section is an eight-part “Grammatical Renderings” section. This section explains the reasons for the unique translation of Greek tenses seen in the ALT, while comparing the ALT’s style of translation to that of other versions. It also explains other nuances of the Greek grammar which are brought out in the ALT but which are often missed in other versions. This section is detailed enough to be used as a primer on Greek grammar.

The fourth section contains a list of “Significant Textual Variants.” This apparatus indicates differences between the Byzantine Majority Text the ALT is based on and the Textus Receptus and the Critical Text, two other Greek texts often used in translation. It also contains a list of “Alternate Byzantine Text Readings.” These are the footnoted, alternate readings found in the Byzantine Majority Text. These indicate places where the Byzantine Greek manuscripts are closely divided. These lists will be invaluable to the person interested in studying the issue of textual variants.

So this Companion Volume provides much information helpful in understanding the translations seen in the ALT versus other versions.

This book is part of a Three Volume ALT3 Set, which includes the Third Edition of the ALT, this Companion Volume and the Complete Concordance to the ALT. All three volumes are available from Lulu.com.


Table of Contents

Preface - 5

Preface to the Analytical-Literal Translation - 7

Abbreviations and Notations - 9

Section One - General Background … 11

Chapter One: Translation Decisions and Explanations of Notations - 13

Chapter Two: Frequently Asked Questions - 17

Chapter Three: Unique Features - 23

Chapter Four: Introduction to Young’s Literal Translation (Edited) -  29

Chapter Five: Reference Works Consulted - 33

Section Two - Translation of Words … 37

Chapter Six: Glossary and Translation Notes - 39

Chapter Seven: Baptism and Bible Translation - 53

Chapter Eight: Measurement and Monetary Units - 57

Section Three - Grammatical Renderings … 59

Chapter Nine: Part One – Verb Tenses - 61

Chapter Ten: Part Two – Voices and Moods - 69

Chapter Eleven: Part Three – Commands and Prohibitions - 73

Chapter Twelve: Part Four – Participles and Infinitives - 77

Chapter Thirteen: Part Five – Cases and Genders - 81

Chapter Fourteen: Part Six – “Small Words” - 87

Chapter Fifteen: Part Seven – Miscellaneous - 93

Chapter Sixteen: Part Eight – Summary -  97

Chapter Seventeen: Translation and Interpretation of Acts 22:16 - 101

Section Four – Textual Variants and Alternate Readings … 107

Chapter Eighteen: Introduction to Textual Variants - 109

Chapter Nineteen: Significant Textual Variants - 113

Chapter Twenty: Alternate Byzantine Text Readings - 131

Appendixes … 137

Appendix One – Books and eBooks by the Translator - 139

Appendix Two – Web Sites & Newsletters by the Translator/

                          Contacting the Translator - 141


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