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Note: I had some Catholics email and tell me that I had misrepresented Catholic teachings in these pages. So I read through a book I picked up at a Catholic retreat center a few years ago titled Catholic and Christian, by Alan Schreck, who has a Ph.D. in theology from a Catholic college and is a professor at a Catholic seminary.

The subtitle of the book is "An Explanation of Commonly Misunderstood Catholic Beliefs." It is filled with quotations from the documents of the Councils of Trent, Vatican II, and other Church councils, along with quotes from the early Church Fathers, popes, bishops, and various defenders of the Catholic faith.

Based on this book, I would say that for the most part I have correctly articulated Catholic doctrines, but there were a few places where I did not express Catholic teachings as accurately as I could have. So I went over all of these pages and made changes as needed. So I now stand by these pages as being accurate depictions of Catholic doctrine.

If you are a Catholic and disagree with this assessment and email me, please do not just say that I have  misrepresented Catholic doctrine. Give me specific examples and the specific pages. Also give me documentation as to what the Catholic teaching officially is and where I have erred.

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