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April 2024 Christian Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla


These commentaries are continued from January 2024 Christian Commentaries.


Pagan Biden

    Joe Biden claims to be a Christian. Yet, he supports the killing of unborn babies, the sinful and destructive LGBTQ movement, the sexual mutilation of children, pagan holidays, and he cannot even get the meaning of Christian holidays correct.

     In addition, his open borders are leading to the rapes of two-thirds of migrant women and the rapes and deaths of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens. He also believes in forcing people who did not take out loans to pay off the debt of those who took out the loans.

     Plus, he lies constantly about his own life, just making things up that never happened. He also lies about his own policies and those of his political opponents. He seems incapable of telling the truth.

     I detail these unchristian positions by Biden in my series of books on Biden’s failing presidency.

#Biden #BidenLies #PaganBiden #BidensOpenBorders #Abortion #LGBTQ

Eclipse by Chance?

     The reason we can have a solar eclipse is the sun just happens to be a certain size and distance from the earth, while the moon just happens to be just the right size and distance from the earth that, despite being much smaller and closer than the sun, it fully blocks out the sun. It is just a quirk of nature, pure chance.

     The above is how a meteorologist on the radio explained why we have solar eclipses. Despite the various obvious design behind it all, he attributes it all to “chance.” But I would bet there is no other planet in the universe that you could stand on and observe an eclipse like we can, as the odds against are just too great.

     To be clear, it is not just that the moon is just the right size to fully block out the sun, but it does not appear so big that it would block out the corona of the sun at totality. That is what makes our eclipses so amazing. If the moon was just a bit smaller, it would not fully block out the sun. If it were just a bit larger, there would be no visible corona. The same goes for the distance of the moon from the earth and for the size and distance of the sun.

    In addition, the earth, moon, and sun all must be in the same plane. If the moon's orbit were a bit angular, there would be no eclipses. Many of the moons orbiting other planets in our solar system have angular orbits, but ours does not.

    All of those parameters need to be “just right” for the event we will witness on Monday (4/8/24) to occur. All of that points to design, not chance. But atheist scientists just cannot admit design, as that would lead them to have to admit there is a Designer.


Teaser on the Local News

     “When we get back, what to do if you’re driving during the eclipse.”

     After the commercials, “Turn on your headlights.”

     That was it!



My Eclipse Experience

     I was working out during the eclipse. But I took several quick breaks to put on my solar glasses and look out a window to take a peek at the eclipse. Unfortunately, there was heavy cloud cover, so I only saw the sun three times—once when it was about 50% covered, once when it was a sliver at its peak of 97% here in the Pittsburgh area, then a bit after that. But I also recorded it on a couple of TV stations. The views of totality were awesome. One commentator on FNC got it right—the glory of God on display.



Sun Hiding Since Eclipse

     The sun must have gotten its feelings hurt when the moon blocked it on Monday. It had been hiding behind clouds ever since then, at least here in the Pittsburgh area. But today, five days later, the sun finally stopped pouting and came out of hiding for the full day with wall-to-wall sunshine!


These commentaries are continued at: May 2024 Christian Commentaries.


Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament

    The Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Third Edition (ALT3) is the only New Testament that is a literal translation of the second edition of the Byzantine Majority Greek Text, brings out nuances of the Greek text, and includes study aids within the text. ALT3 promotes understanding of what the New Testament writers originally wrote. The ALT Devotional Version is an easier to read version of ALT3.


Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Third Edition (ALT3)

Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Devotional Version (ALTD)

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The above commentaries were posted in January 2023.

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