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In the following e-mail exchange, the e-mailer's comments are in black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

> Hi, I'm Doug ... I was Charismatic for16 years and became a southern Baptist last year.<

16 years. That's a long time. It must have really been a struggle for you to leave. I was in it for 4 years and it was hard to leave.

> Like your stuff.<

Thank you.

> I did tons of personal research,<

So did I before I left the charismatic movement, and more since.

> and it's a funny thing about history. Pentecostals/Latter Rainers rewrote it. I found groups claiming to be the restored church (complete with 5-fold ministry, gifts, etc.,) who were going to manifest the kingdom and possess the land before Jesus could return.

Recently, I read my friend's diaries of Joseph Smith (Tanner's compilation) and was shocked at how charismatic his services were. These things, I now realize were far more common than popular history admits. A number of old books confirm it too.

They were always regarded as outbreaks of enthusiasm, etc. My theory is that when communications tech. was invented, we only became more aware of the extent. I now reject the notion that around 1900 charismata just began to proliferate.<

Very true; there has been "charismata" around in various groups, at various times in history. And, as you found out, they were not all "Christian" groups. Mormons and many other religions have been known to speak in tongues and the like. It is not an uniquely "Christian" experience at all. As such, it can not possibly be the "sign" of the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" as so many claim.

> I got out of LR when I discovered a long line of secret doctrines taught or hinted at, which began in 1948. I'm seriously convinced that all of 'pentecost' as we know it is the apostacy with all power signs and lying wonders. The initiate are teaching that Christ has to return before Jesus does.

I noticed without any help that all the streams of charismatics were coming together and networking. I knew all the buzzwords for many years, but it is clear what all those types and shadows are really being used for. Everytime something like the charismatic movement or Toronto Blessing happens, these 'renewals' are springboards to promote the Manifest Sons teaching into the churches.<

I'm not sure about all of that. I'll just say the charismatic church I attended wasn't into the "Manifest Sons" teaching, at least not while I was still there. I wasn't aware that it was being promoted at the so called Toronto Blessing, if that is what you're saying.

> Up until now, people I know have denied believing this stuff, but are now more bold to proclaim it because they've been seduced by a Jesus they can experience. I think the Baptists are one of the few groups left holding a torch for Christ. If I had time to tell you all the evil things I used to spread about Baptists because I had an earnest passion to bring in the kingdom.

God help us all.

When I was in the charismatic church, some not so nice things were said about Baptists, and any other non-charismatic church for that matter. But it was a Baptist church that I attended when I left the Charismatic church, and have attended Baptist, or Baptist like churches ever since (Mennonite Brethren and now Evangelical Free).

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