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Leaving Charismatic Movement Testimonies

By Gary F. Zeolla


In the following e-mails, the e-mailers' comments are in black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

>Hello Gary,

I, too, have come out of the charismatic movement.  I began to pull away when I saw Kenneth Copeland becoming what I thought was "New Age"! It has taken about 6 or 8 more years, but I recently began to severely question ALL of this and went searching to see what I was doing.

I can tell you where there is an even more anti-charismatic site than yours or Tracy's (jesus-is-lord.com).  This is where I became totally convinced to leave.  I do not know how I could have received the correct Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ unto Salvation and also believe I could speak gibberish by the power of the Spirit of God and also keep "checking to see if I was 'still saved'" by seeing if I could "still speak in tongues".  That is not salvation through faith, but salvation through "signs."

The Lord taught that an evil and adulterous generation seek signs (as proof).  So I have begun again, as a babe in Christ, proclaiming my faith in the true Gospel that I now understand so much better, unto repentance, and the acceptance of the true Word of God, my being placed in Christ and Christ in me.  I feel I'm a new Christian now, a babe in Christ desiring the milk.  I had not attended church for many years because I could not figure out where the truth was.  Now it is all cleared up for me. 

If any doubts are remaining about the phenomenon of tongue talking, reading this site will clear them up.  Another good page is: http://joeflorence.mtx.net/unpardonable.htm

-- which will explain the unpardonable sin.  You probably know that is the greatest fear of charismatics, that it would mean all loss of salvation with no hope of repentance.  Again, this will clear it up like nothing else ever has before.  

Thank you for the information you have at your website.  I've been sharing it with someone else who is interested in knowing more about this.

In Christ,

Thank you for your testimony. It is very interesting! Thank you also for the links. I will check them out when I get the chance.  


My family recently left a church that we had been leaders in for 16 years - youth pastors for 10 years. The church was word of faith and we had started going there as teens.  Thankfully, the largest part of the word of faith "doctrine" was never taught by us to the teens because we addressed everyday issues with them, not doctrinal issues. And actually, they are the ones who opened our eyes to fallacies in the wof doctrines. Incredible. It has been a rough road since we left. We have questioned EVERYTHING we've ever been taught and have received some extremely rude and abusive correspondence from the leadership at that church since leaving. However, we are—once again—learning! That is the best position to be in as far as I'm concerned. Because as we're learning, we are able to also teach and assist others that are struggling with leaving the wof "movement".

Personally, after MUCH research, reading, and personal study I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that this church was more of a cult and that the wof organizations that we were associated with/members of (ie: ICFM, KCM, JSM, etc.) are preaching heresy and stealing from honest, good-hearted people. The leaders of the wof movement are only interested in three things...PROSPERITY, POWER, and PRESTIGE. And they will do/say whatever is necessary and step on whoever is necessary to get these three things.

We have kept all of our wof books and literature and have dozens of former wof members contributing their resources as well so that we can show others the harmful deceptions that are being taught.  Thank you for being honest about a very harmful, false movement.  Hopefully, word will continue to spread and more eyes will be opened so that when Christ does return He will find TRUE faith on the earth!

Determined to Leave A Legacy,

Thank you for the comments. May God be with you and your family.


Hopefully you will get this e-mail and maybe respond. Your studies on Gifts of the Spirit (Sign Gifts) are magnificent, very rewarding, informative and needed. I have been battling for years - the erroneous and false doctrines of many of our charismatic - Pentecostal - apostolic brothers (if they are) and have come to the conclusion that I must stand for the truth.

I was part of the charismatic movement, taught (erroneously), spoke in tongues (self-induced) and you name it, tried to push and justify these doctrines on others. God delivered me from that mess and I have answered the call to Pastor a church (brand new 3-years) and have focused a great deal of my ministry toward educating people regarding the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, the (sign) gifts, etc.

My church is located in Detroit, Michigan and is growing spiritually. My goal - through the Spirit is to refute what a lot of brethren are teaching that is false and erroneous. One would be surprised at the people who are delighted (as well as enlightened) to know the truth of the gospel. A lot of them were slaves to this teaching. I've been reading a lot of info from Lehman Strauss on the study of this subject.

May God continue to bless you.

Thanks you so much,

It sounds like we had similar experiences with the charismatic movement. May God bless you in your ministry.

Note: I deal in detail with the Gifts of the Spirit ("The Charismata") in two chapters in my new Scripture Workbook.

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