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Short Comments on DTL's Web Site: 2001

Below are short comments I received on Darkness to Light’s Web site in 2001. The e-mailers' comments are in black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

>Subject: Think You so Much

Thanx for letting Me know what an ignorent piece of sh** You are......


Note: Asterisks added. Needless to say, I don't respond to such e-mails. But I did want to point out how "Rich" put "Think" in the subject line when I think he meant "Thanks" and misspelled "ignorant." Makes one wonder who the "ignorant" one really is.


I think you are an idiot.


Yet another intelligent comment. This time by someone who doesn't know to include a subject line in e-mails.

>Been checking up on your web site lately. Sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia; it must be debilitating. I am writing fast so don't worry about the typos. I am glad you posted an article about the day of infamy. NY City was hit hard, the twin towers gone,,,,,,,, This is the day we are living,,,,, crazy,,,,, uh?

Well take care, and keep on doing your research on this fibro illness. God bless for spreading the Good News through the internet. I read your small comments on Amazon.com (on the NKJV Analytical Concordance). Good job.

Take care

>Subject: Bible versions!

Hello, I reviewed your web site and found many spelling errors and grammar problems, is there a reason for this?<

I'm not perfect?

>I notice you have no educational training for what you seen to be displaying on your web site!<

I attended Denver Seminary for two and a half years as I discuss on my bio page.

>You are spreading false information I would hope you will stop this.<

If you disagree with me that is fine, but I have no intents on stopping on saying what I believe is true.

>Gary you seem to be Catholic in your narrow understanding if not a heretic.<

I most definitely am not a Catholic, and if you had really read my site you would have known this.

>Your sin will find you out Gary,

As I said, we disagree, oh well. But I see no reason why you have to be so nasty about it.

Note: When I sent my response, it was returned as undeliverable. I always find it interesting when someone sends me a nasty email but doesn't have the guts to use their real email address.

>Hey Gary,

I found your site a couple days ago. Thanks so so very much for your ministry. I won't explain in detail, but for the last couple weeks, God has been pointing out to me many presuppositions I have about God Himself and Christianity in general that are not biblical. For a great part because of your website, I've now realized how extremely crucial it is to always go back to the Bible in order to support or reject any belief that influences my worldview.<

I am so glad you wrote the last line! Despite what some seem to think, it has never been my desire to somehow get people to agree with me. My main prayer has always been that my writings would encourage people to really study their Bibles. If they come to believe something I say is incorrect as a result, so be it--just as long as their disagreement is based on a careful study of the Scriptures. That is what is important.

> And even more importantly, I now know that most Bible versions are not as accurate as most people think. Once again, my sincere gratitude for what you have and are doing. I pray that God may help you with the fibromyalgia.

God bless

Thank you for the prayers.

>Gary, (my son's name by the way)

I have just stumbled on your webpage. I find it very interesting. It never ceases to amaze me how angry people get over others viewpoints. I get these emails all of the time. Perhaps it is just me, however, one would think that when one sees another's opposing viewpoint, that he would dig into the word of God deeply and study to find out the absolute truth. If they find that the other's view is without merit, disregard, you know the truth. If the other person has shed some new insight into your view and you have found that he may in fact be onto something, have a teachable spirit, and thank God for enlightenment.

I agree with you on many of your viewpoints. I disagree with you on many also. I do, however, find it as a stimulus to continue on a never-ending quest to find the truth and in doing so attempt to deepen my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God Bless you and yours,
Dr. Neal Schiesske

All I can say is "Amen!" that is exactly my attitude.

>Reading with interest & noting some good comments, I thought that u need to be more analytical instead of the simplistic, jumping to conclusions on some of your comments. Conclusion based on assumption is not wise. I remember talking to a friend in the ministry who spoke as you do & made up his mind that his views were right & proven yet when challenged with many scriptures absolutely fell apart acknowledging that there were a whole lot of factors he had not considered.

I doubt u will even comprehend what I refer to, for the paradigm you inhabit most likely will prevent that, nevertheless consider well your words for like all, you will need to give account of some of your presumptious criticisms.

(Isa 5:20 KJV) "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

(Isa 5:21 KJV) "Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!"

(Isa 5:23 KJV) "Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!"


You can be sure that any position I espouse on my site I have spent much time studying,

looking at both sides of the issue before coming to a conclusion. When I haven't spent a lot of time on a subject, I say so. And when I'm not sure about something, I make that known as well.

Are there verses that could be cited contrary to my positions? Of course. There wouldn't be two different sides if there weren't. But I address many such verses on my site, and even more in my Scripture Workbook. I also cite numerous verses in support of my positions, both on my site and in my Scripture Workbook. So my conclusions are not based on "assumptions" but on extended study of the Scriptures.

>Oh OK,

And so say many people including several scholars who would strongly disagree with "some" of you ideas. These people also research very carefully. It takes more then limited human intellect. he he :)

By the way I strongly agree with many of the fine articles you have written on this site. Nevertheless I can see that you like the rest of us are also constrained by subliminal forces which blinker or colour some of your comments & religious concepts. Certainly these factors affect all of us.

I wish you well in your journey of discovery.

Aussie Stirrer. he he :)

>I'm a Latter Day Saint and find your "Mormon" bashing quite offensive. I don't believe you're a Christian. What you do is every bit of a non-Christian. Did Christ teach you to offend or to love? I know it's not my place to judge but that of the Lord's. Stop your senseless bashing of other religions and take a look at your own. You just might find some contradictions to your own philosophies.



On my site, I quote from the writings of Mormon prophets and apostles to document the teachings of Mormonism. I then point out what I believe are Biblical and logical problems with Mormon theology.

As for my book, I assume you're referring to my Scripture Workbook. In it I reference hundreds of Scriptures to support the traditional Christian view on an area of doctrine. I then refer to the Mormon view in a couple of places and Mormons verses they quote in support of their view. I then provide an alternative interpretation of the verse to the Mormon one.

I don't see how this is "Mormon bashing." Its free exchange of ideas. Moreover, the Bible command Christians to "test all things" and for teachers to expose false doctrines. And note that in my evaluations I use no "name-calling," and I make no judgments on the integrity, honesty, morality, and the like of Mormons. I most especially make no judgments on the salvation or lack thereof of any individual Mormons. Such judgments I leave to the only One capable of making such judgments.

>You seem like a busy man, so I will let you know, I am not requesting a response. I just wanted to give you an encouraging word. I love your website. It seems, for a lack of a better term, genuine. I pray God prospers you in every way.

God Bless,



>Hi there, What a truly valuable ministry and great site you have, ... thanks for all your hard work. I have bookmarked and will visit often! ...


Thank you for the kind words and for bookmaking my site.


Thank you very much for a great site. It's clear, balanced, and fair. If there were Cliff's Notes for living the Christian Life, your site would be it....

Thanks again for a great site!

Aloha and God Bless,

Thank you for the kind comments.

>I read your article concerning the Sabbath and Sunday.  I pity you.  You are either incredibly stupid or a satanic fraud.  You cannot possibly be so naive as to believe your own totally ungrounded and illogical arguements [sic].  The Sabbath was kept before the law was given.  You can find that if you read the Bible.


If believing as you do about the Sabbath would cause me to start talking to people in the manner in which you do, then no thank you. I would, rather remain the "incredibly stupid" and "Satanic" but considerate person that I am.

>So you have spoken it...so shall it be!


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