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The following emails are responding to the article ALT-DV and Ministry Update. The e-mailers comments are in black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

>Dear Gary, I have been a constant reader of your website since I found it several years ago and have e-mailed you on various occasion on numerous inquires and topics. You and your website, along with the Scriptures and the Lord's guidance, was instrumental in my foundational understandings of the Doctrines of Grace. I do own you an eternal debt on this account and may our Glorious Lord forever bless you.

I felt, after reading your latest post on your website, that I needed to let you know that your efforts have been the conduit for my deeper understandings of His sacred Word. I pray that things may soon turn around for you in all your areas of woe. I did purchase one of your New Testament's when they first came out and I let be known to my church family that it was a translation that could be trusted. I thought that it might even cause a few to be interested enough to pick one up also.

I pray that you will keep the faith and not despair despite the current situation. I hope this little note might be some encouragement to you. You are a fine Christian and gifted writer/teacher.

All for the Glory and Grace of God,

Thanks for the encouragement and for purchasing the ALT.

I have recently returned from a short break during which time I have looked at the internet and was sorry to read your recent e-mail concerning the future of DTL and your personal situation. While I have not experienced anything of the sort of health problems which you have experienced, I have gone through a prolonged period of doubt as a student, lasting for a couple of years, when I found it difficult to believe either that I was saved at all or indeed even whether or not Christianity was true, and so can, to some degree at least, sympathize with what it means to go through periods of intense doubt.

I want to thank you for your site (which has helped me come to a clearer understanding of a large range of theological and ethical issues and which has been a great encouragement to me generally) and for the books that you have written. I have recently purchased your book on Bible versions which helped to clear up a lot of confusion on my part over Greek textual sources.

I have also ordered your Scripture Workbook and the hardback edition of your Analytical Literal Translation which I hope to receive soon. I often consult your ALT website and have bookmarked it on my computer at work. I am sorry that your books haven't sold as well as they should. I do refer to your ALT when speaking to Christian friends about Bible translations, but as a British citizen I am not sure what financial help I would be able to give to DTL apart from buying and recommending your books. Could I give donations by direct debit in sterling to DTL?

I first wrote to you in connection because I felt aggrieved by your views on charismaticism, which didn't seem to bear much relation to my own experience. I was pleasantly surprised by your generous response (especially given all the nastiness out there on the internet) and am thankful for all your responses to subsequent e-mails. I am surely just one of a number of people who have been blessed by your site and your books.

Thank you

Yours in Christ,

Thank you very much for your kind comments and for purchasing and recommending my books. As for donations, see the following page for details in this regard: Supporting This Ministry.

>Dear Gary, I just wanted you to know that your book Differences Between Bible Versions, the ebook ALT, and the info on your site has been such a blessing to me. I would hate to see your site go off the web and your ministry to cease. I know how discouraging one can get at times. I have had depression in the past myself and felt alienated from God. I will pray for you. Even if you could just maintain your site and be a source of much needed translation and scripture info, that would be such a blessing. I hope that you will be able to find a source of income that will allow this.

Kept by Him,
Lam. 3:22-23


Thank you for the kind words and for purchasing my books.

>Subject: Tough Times

Gary sorry to read you are going through some hard times. I haven't checked in on your site in months I have been very busy. Anyway your ministry has by no means been a waste I have benefited tremendously from it, and I'm sure many others have too.

The first benefit I got was on the Bible version issue. A good friend of mine is KJV only and gave me some information. I could definitely see his point about the NIV, but wasn't satisfied with his view and eventually I came across your site. Needless to say that was a miracle considering how rare your view is on this subject, but after much study I pretty much agree.

Next looking over your site I came across Calvinism (by the way sorry for emailing so much at that time) and this opened me up how lucky I was to be saved, and God's grace. Also it made me realize I need to study different views more than I had been.

Your Scripture Workbook helped me to have a better understanding on the essential doctrines. The Trinity study is really good.

Also I came across Gordon Clark's work from your site and his apologetics books have really helped me and made my faith much stronger. All of this has given me much peace and what I believe and sharing with others no matter who they are.

I know you know just as much as I do that all of this has a purpose, but I know sometimes that doesn't ease the pain.

Your books that I have read are really good a lot better than many that are in the Christian bookstores we have in Baton Rouge. And I'm sorry that they have not sold better, not only for your sake but because Christian very badly need to be reading good sound books like the ones you've written.

I'm sorry to that your ministry has not gone the way you want it. I do know that sometimes people trying to get God's message out suffer and go through much disappointment, though we do not understand why. But just from what I have benefited I owe you a lot of thanks. Since I have been trying to live for Christ others have told me I have helped them, so you have helped them too because of what I have gotten out of your ministry.

Well, I will be praying for you and your ministry, but no matter what happens try to remember your work has not been for nothing you have helped me out a lot.



Thanks for the words of encouragement.

>Subject: Merry Christmas

Since I have been in touch with you all throughout the year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your honest and scripture filled web site.

Too bad on the last quarter of the year your physical health suffered a serious blow, but unlike other people you have been candid about your physical state and your continuance towards a healing, whether it be on the physicians' arena or in the spiritual domain.

We as Christians are continuously growing, in the knowledge of God, in spite of the sufferings of life, whether they be related to those sufferings of Christ, or genetic or environmental factors that afflict our everyday living. The human race in general seem to be afflicted by a series of negative circumstances or factors.

Nonetheless Gary, I would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a well deserved new year, and I hope that the Lord will open doors for you towards your physical recuperation, a greater awareness of the presence of God, and a better relationship with your family (mom and dad, since you are not married or have children) and immediate family members too.

May God bless you, after all the attacks of the enemy (enemies) that you have suffered this year, for being a beacon of light to a world that is more and more in darkness, and during a time in which many Christian denominations and people are fragmenting themselves for theological and spiritual reasons.

I am aware of a possible discontinuance of your web site beginning next year, if the Lord leads you toward that direction is understandable.

I, like yourself, have suffered many attacks, and have been under constant scrutiny by many, and since we are not perfected in Christ yet, -or wholly mature-, the tongue of others speak like if they were sharp arrows.

Many nowadays have their own form of righteousness, with some you have to have some patience, and with most you move on in life. People criticize without fully comprehending one's true aches and pains, and they don't fully understand the levels of suffering.

Once again, thank you for being there for people like myself, in your arduous nearly three year work in the analytical translation of the NT, your penmanship based on the biblical Greek, and your sincere searching for truth through Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas

Thank you very much for the words of encouragement. Your comments are much appreciated. And Merry Christmas to you as well!

The above emails were posted on this site December 8 and 23, 2001.

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