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Poems by Teenagers about September 11, 2001

The following poems were posted by teenagers on an AOL message board in response to the events of September 11, 2001. The assistance pastor at my church read these during service the Sunday after the attacks. I do hope it is a not copyright violation to post these here. But I wanted to post them as they really touched me and think will touch others as well.

If any other teenagers would like to add a poem to this page, email it to me (see Contact Information).

One day has changed it all,
in horror we watched them fall.
Now the anger burns inside,
no longer are we terrified.

I want to take a stand,
to take revenge in my own hand.
But it’s not my choice. I don’t want to kill,
but I can’t describe the pain and anger I feel.


… Mom and Dad say we are safe,
but who could be sure in this type of case?

My uncle is injured; my friend’s dad is dead.
With all of these thoughts, how can I rest my head?

… So I’ll try to sleep, dreaming of sadness
and of the day that held all this badness.

By HeartString

They say what doesn’t kill us,
only strengthens what remains.
And no one sees a rainbow
without going through the rain.

And whether that’s still true today,
only time will tell.
‘Cause now we face our darkest time;
the day the towers fell.

By Busta12u

… Our lives can change in an instant,
as American has seen in a day.
Things like this leave our mouths speechless,
without any words to say.

But as we all come together,
built up with our fears,
we can only share our compassion,
because we can’t uncry our tears.

By Brittgli

A Day Like No Other

Kids were talking.
It was a day like any other.
This we thought yet we were wrong,
It was a day like no other

The commotion was silenced,
By sobs of great sorrow
Tremendous pain filled the room,
And you couldn’t have guessed what had followed.

We were told of terrible things.
Souls that had been lifted,
Rising up above.
Tears that were flowing,
From losing the ones that were loved.

That day changed everything,
Nothing could ever be the same.
That day was remembered with sorrow,
And with feelings that couldn’t be explained.

Hurt and suffering will always be there,
Reminding us of what was lost.
Not only that but it will remind us of great souls,
Great souls that will always be remembered.

This is all true, for that day seemed like any other.
But that is not true, it was a day like no other.


The above poems were posted on this Web site September 15, 2001.

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September 11, 2001: Ethics, Spirituality, Christian Life

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