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April 2024 Christian Commentaries is a new page. Eclipse by Chance?

Holy Week 2024 Bible Passages is a new page. Bible verses about each of the most important days in this most important of all weeks.

Vol. XXII, No. 2 is a new issue of Darkness to Light Newsletter.

Joe Biden Tweets Distortions About Spring Holidays is a new article. Despite being a Catholic, Biden seems woefully unknowledgeable about the import of Christian and Jewish holidays.

    It’s been three weeks since I got my new desktop PC. Well, it is not quite a new PC. It is a refurbished Dell from Amazon. But it seems to be working just fine, despite being a refurbished product. It solved the problems I was having of not being able to work with large MS Word files, and it eliminated some other glitches my old PC was having. In addition, I got it at a good price, much less than a brand-new PC. As such, I am happy with it.

I already finished setting up my new desktop PC. I plugged it in and connected all the cables Thursday night. Then first thing Friday morning I started working on it. I worked on it much of the day yesterday, then finished it up this morning. It helped that once I signed into my various accounts, in many cases, things were automatically set up for me. Of course, I had a few hassles along the way, but it wasn’t too bad, thank God. Now I can get back to work.

I just got a new desktop computer for my home office. I will probably spend the next week or so setting everything up. I am not looking forward to it. But hopefully, I will have a better working PC when I am done. My current PC is over five years old and has been acting up quite a bit of late. Please, keep me in your prayers and that all goes as planned, though I am sure I will run into some hassles along the way.

January 2023 Christian Commentaries is a new page. It address the question, Do People Matter?

Vol. XXII, No. 1 is a new issue of Darkness to Light Newsletter.

Churches are Essential Revisited is a new article. Church closures are having a devastating effect on American society.

December 2023 Christian Commentaries is a new page. It contains my rather unique Christmas message.

The Books and eBooks by the Director page has been revamped.

The article Nativity Scene Misconceptions has been updated. The common nativity scene has taught people false ideas about the birth of Christ.

I just revamped the home page for my Zeolla.org personal website.

I also updated the autobiography on it. I first wrote this bio in 2008, but I try to update it about once a year. Each time I do, I tend to add to it, so it has gotten a bit lengthy and more personal. But if you take the time to read through it, you’ll know all there is to know about me, at least what I care to share publicly.

Christian Commentaries is a new section on this website. This section will archive short commentaries on areas of interest to Christians by the Director of Darkness to Light ministry that were initially posted on my social media pages.


Updated Christian Books

Books and eBooks by the Director


    I’ve spent the past several months updating all 22 of my Christian books. Some of these updates were just minor updates, like updating the covers and appendixes and fixing a few typos. Others were full new editions. But all look much nicer now, and I hope and pray are a blessing to those who read them. If you haven’t checked them out in a while, please give them a look. Books and eBooks by the Director.

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Updated Version of NWT Booklet

Is the New World Translation a Reliable Bible Version? Edition 2.2

     The NWT is the Bible of Jehovah's Witnesses. This review evaluates the NWT by looking at select passages from Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians. The standards I use are the same standards that I use in my book “Differences Between Bible Versions.” Simply put, does the translation faithfully and accurately render the Greek text into English?

     This edition 2.2 of this booklet published in 2023 is a corrected text not a full new edition. The title has been slightly changed for clarification purposes, minor corrections have been made throughout, plus the cover and appendixes have been updated 

#NewWorldTranslation #TranslationAccuracy #BibleVersions #Bible

Vol. XXI, No. 6 is a new issue of Darkness to Light Newsletter.

New Book!
Scripture Workbook: Third Edition
For Personal and Group Bible Study and Teaching the Bible

    The doctrinal and ethical teachings of the Bible as presented in this book encompass an overall way of viewing the world that differs greatly from the prevailing secular worldview. It is hoped this book will enable the reader to not only understand this Biblical worldview but also why it is true and thus to come to trust in it, and then to be prepared to defend this Biblical worldview before an unbelieving world (Matt 28:18-20; Luke 24:27,45; Acts 14:14-18; 17:22-31; 1Peter 3:15).

    This is a large book (515 pages in hardcopy formats), but it is just $3.99 in Kindle. Similar low prices for other formats. And if you take the time to work through it, you will be well-versed in the entirety of the Biblical worldview (2Tim 2:15; 3:16f). Many changes were made for this Third Edition, but the total number of forty Scripture Studies remains the same.

 #Scriptures #ScriptureWorkbook #ScriptureStudies #Bible #BibleStudy #God #Trinity #Jesus #Forgiveness #Salvation #Resurrection #EndTimes #Prophecy #Calvinism #Baptism #Catholicism #Mary #Charismata #SpiritualGifts #JehovahWitnesses #Mormonism #Sex #Church #Worship #Prayer #CapitalPunishment

Hamas Fantasy, IDF Reality (Gaza Hospital Attack) is a new article. The despicable media’s misinformation about the Gaza hospital attack led to riots across the world.

Israel-Hamas War (Israel Must Eradicate Hamas, Just As the USA Did with Al Qaeda After 9/11) is a new article. Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself against antisemitic barbarism.

    I just updated an article I wrote 6-1/2 years ago. It gives perspective and background to the current Israel-Hamas War. It is: Tiny Israel: Amidst a Massive Sea of Muslim Lands. This is just one of several articles about #Islam I wrote around that time and email exchanges I had about those articles. For those other items, see: Islam.

How Were the Books of the Bible Chosen?

    Christians claim the Bible is the Word of God, that it is the final authority in all matters relating to Christian faith and practice, and that it is absolutely reliable in all that it teaches. But to put such confidence in the Bible requires that the correct books are in the Bible. But is there? Why are the 66 books in the Bible in the Bible, and why were other books that could have been included not included?

     This subject is very important but also complicated, so complicated that it takes three volumes to fully cover it. That is done in my newly updated three-volume set Why Are These Books in the Bible and Not Others?

     Volume One studies the books included in the Old Testament (OT) and considers other books that could have been included in it but were not. Volume Two covers the books included in the New Testament (NT). Volume Three looks at the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, some of which were seriously considered for inclusion in the NT. It will also investigate other writings that many wonder why they are not included in the NT.

     PRICE DROP! The price for each of these three books has been dropped, so that each Kindle eBook now only costs $2.99. That means, you can purchase all three books for less than $10.00. See How Were the Books of the Bible Chosen? (3 book series).

    The costs of the other formats have also been dropped accordingly. Follow this link for those other formats.



Webpage Counts

     It has been a while since I counted the number of webpages on my various websites. The webpage counts are as follows:

    Darkness to Light Christian Ministry: 1,208 webpages

    Fitness for One and All: 1,038 webpages

    Biblical and Constitutional Politics: 319 webpages

    Zeolla.org (my personal website): 3 webpages

    The last is mainly a “gateway” to the other three. That is why  there are a couple of pages on it besides the home page. But altogether, that is 2,569 webpages, all free for the reading.

The LORD Has It Under Control
What the Bible Teaches About the Sovereignty of God

This book is for the person struggling in life and for the person struggling with how God sovereignly works in people’s lives. It goes through the Bible more or less in order. Along the way, I relate examples of how I believe the sovereignty of God has been operating in my life, in hopes that my experiences will help the reader to apply the principles to your life. It also addresses the question of the relationship of God’s sovereignty to the human will or volition.

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