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June 2024 Christian Commentaries is a new page. Pittsburgh Sports and Pride Month. Sex-change operations lead to suicide. Jill Biden Joins in with Pittsburgh’s Celebration of Sin.

May 2024 Christian Commentaries is a new page. Confused About Mother's Day and Abortion. Health Setbacks and Update.

Vol. XXII, No. 3 is a new issue of Darkness to Light Newsletter.

Was the Apostle Paul Married? (Knowing Greek, Accepting the Bible’s Teachings, and Bible Reference Works) Part One is a new article. A not so important question, but it illustrates three very important concepts.

Trusting Genesis and the Gospels: A Defense of Divine Creation, of the Resurrection of Christ, and of Salvation in Christ is a new book by the director of .Darkness to Light. This book addresses three vital subjects in regards to the Christian faith, as indicated in the subtitle.


April 2024 Christian Commentaries is a new page. Pagan Biden. Eclipse by Chance?

Holy Week 2024 Bible Passages is a new page. Bible verses about each of the most important days in this most important of all weeks.

Vol. XXII, No. 2 is a new issue of Darkness to Light Newsletter.

Joe Biden Tweets Distortions About Spring Holidays is a new article. Despite being a Catholic, Biden seems woefully unknowledgeable about the import of Christian and Jewish holidays.

The LORD Has It Under Control
What the Bible Teaches About the Sovereignty of God

This book is for the person struggling in life and for the person struggling with how God sovereignly works in people’s lives. It goes through the Bible more or less in order. Along the way, I relate examples of how I believe the sovereignty of God has been operating in my life, in hopes that my experiences will help the reader to apply the principles to your life. It also addresses the question of the relationship of God’s sovereignty to the human will or volition.

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