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Many of the Bible versions and other items listed on this page are available from

Online Bibles with "Recommended" Versions

Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament - The ALT adheres to a "literal" or "formal equivalence" method of translating, while "analyzing" details of the vocabulary and grammar of the Hebrew and Greek texts. The New Testament is based on the second edition of the Byzantine Majority Text.

BibleStudyTools - "The largest free online Bible Study website for verse search and in-depth studies."

Diatheke Insta-Interlinear Bible - Look up verses in the KJV, WEB, YLT, Textus Receptus, Majority Text, and many other versions and view the results in interlinear format.

Majority Text.com - The English Majority Text Version (EMTV), available online and in hardcopy and Logos Bible formats.

Public Domain Reference - Includes the KJV, along with Darby's, Webster's, and Young's Translations and the Introductions to these versions. Plus many other helpful resources.

Scripture.nl - "Bibles and commentaries."

World English Bible (WEB) - "a Modern English update of the American Standard Version of 1901. - This translation is in the Public Domain, so feel free to copy and use it. - we are using ... the Byzantine Majority Text as published for use with The Online Bible in the New Testament (M-Text)."

See the articles listed at Bible Version Controversy for why the above mentioned versions are "recommended" by Darkness to Light.

Additional Online Bibles

Blue Letter Bible - "The Blueletter Bible now has over 1,100,000 links from the Word of God to over 85,000 pages of concordances, lexicons, dictionaries and commentaries! Enjoy!"

Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in several versions by word(s) or topics.

English Bible Versions - Provides links to a variety of Bible versions on the Web.

Online Commentaries

Bible Commentary Page - Commentaries on every book of the Bible by several different commentators.

Crosswalk Study Tools/ Library - "The GOSHEN Personal Study Tools/Online Study LibraryŠ is designed to be a resource that facilitates in-depth study and exploration of God's Word and that fosters a desire to learn more about the Bible and how it applies to all of our lives." See also Goshen's.

Bible Software

e-Sword - "The best free Bible study software for Windows."

Free Bible Study Software – "We always give away our first CD with 31 Free Bibles and Study Tools."

GRAMCORD Institute - "Greek/Hebrew/English Bible Software for the Publishing Scholar... and Everyone Else!"

PC Study Bible: Complete Reference Library - By Biblesoft. The most complete collection of resources in the PC Study Bible series. contains the KJV, NKJV, NAS95, NIV, Nelson's Bible Dictionary, an interlinear, Hebrew and Greek lexicons, and many other resources. An excellent Bible program. Also available, the smaller New Reference Library .

BibleWorks Home Page - BibleWorksfor Windows. Many Hebrew and Greek reference tools. An excellent tool for in-depth exegesis and translation of the original language texts. BibleWorks is the primary program I am using in working on the Analytical-Literal Translation.

Free Bibles and Bible Study Software - "Bringing God's Truth to the Nations. Over 4 million FREE downloads and growing.:

Sword - "The SWORD Project is the CrossWire Bible Society's free Bible software project. Its purpose is to create cross-platform open-source tools-- covered by the GNU General Public License-- that allow programmers and Bible societies to write new Bible software more quickly and easily."

Online Bible Home Page - Details on the "Multilinear Online Computer Bible" - an inexpensive, yet information packed program. See also Online Bible Windows Home Page and Online Bible USA. For more of my comments on this program, see Bible Versions and Bible Programs.

Nelson's Electronic Bible Reference Library - Contains the KJV, NKJV, other Bible versions, and many Bible study aids. Some are "locked" (meaning you need to purchase a code to open them), but many come unlocked already.

PalmBible - "Bible Study Software for Handheld and Palmtop Computers."

QuickVerse Deluxe 7.0 - Contains 16 different Bible versions and 76 reference titles, including commentaries, dictionaries, atlases, and classic Christian books . The preceding link is to Deluxe edition. An intermediate edition and beginner's edition are also available. The beginner's edition contains eight Bible versions and 38 reference titles.


Bible in a Year - "Our free service will provide you with the means to read through the entire Bible within a one year period via email." Versions available are: KJV, NKJV, ASV, WEB, and Stillvoices Revision of ASV (the last I have never heard of).

Christian's Guide to Bible Study Aids and References - "This article will provide a complete Christian guide to Bible study aids and references." Many helpful links.

Bible Source - "your One-Source for Bibles on Cassette, CD's and CD-ROMs. Take advantage of Big Discounts and the convenience of 'listening before you buy.'"

Daily Bible Verse Web Site - A different verse from the NKJV each day.

Development of the Canon of the New Testament - "This survey covers a small part of the huge body of New Testament studies --- how the Church selected certain writings as authoritative and separated them from a larger body of early Christian literature."

Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway - "Here you will find information about Greek Linguistics and the Greek language."

Links to the Holy Bible and lesser things - "This page contains pointers and an interesting mix of information about the Holy Bible, commercial Bible search software, ideal Bible search software, Royal Rangers, neat Christian web pages, cryptology, Frequently Asked Questions, and assorted other stuff, including shareware and freeware written by Mike Johnson."

Q and A: The Bible - Every answer is verified using trusted research and reference information at Encyclopedia.com!

Review of BDAG - A review of the latest edition of Walter Bauer - A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature.

See also Bible Versions.

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