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Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

This page provides links to recommended Bible versions and Study Bibles available from Amazon.

Bible Versions

The Bible versions below are discussed in depth at Bible Versions Controversy and in the book Differences Between Bible Versions.

Analytical-Literal Translation - This link is to a search I did on Amazon for my translation of the Bible. The page lists the various volumes it is available in. For further details on this very unique Bible, see Analytical-Literal Translation of the Entire Bible. The OT is based in the Greek Septuagint; the New Testament on the Majority Text. Includes the Apocryphal/ Deuterocanonical books.

King James Version - After almost 400 years, still the favorite Bible version of millions. The preceding link is to the Nelson Reference Bible, black, bonded-leather edition, with thumb-index, cross-references, and a min-concordance. Amazon has over 60,000editions of the KJV available. Based on the Textus Receptus. Kindle edition.

New King James Version - The NKJV has long been this writer's preferred version of the Bible. It provides a good balance of accuracy and readability. The preceding link is to a Reference Bible. Amazon almost 13,000 editions of the NKJV available. Based on the Textus Receptus, but with footnotes indicating significant variants with the Critical Text and Majority Text. Kindle edition.

World English Bible   The WEB is one of only a few versions based on the Majority Text (another being the above ALT). The WEB is basically a formal equivalence versions, though it does tend towards dynamic equivalence. But overall it is a very accurate and easy to read version. Kindle edition.

Young's Literal Translation - The first literal translation of the Bible in English. Translated in the late 1800's by Robert Young, who also prepared Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible. Based on the Textus Receptus. Kindle edition

Study Bibles

Christian Life Bible - Ideal for those new to the Bible. Contains simple outlines to introduce the new believer or seeker to the basic doctrines of the Bible.

NKJV Study Bible - 15,000 expository study notes, 100 In-Depth articles, 350 Word Focus word studies, maps, charts, timelines, concordance, and other helps. The notes present different viewpoints, but they favor a Reformed-Baptist perspective. A very helpful and reliable study Bible. Kindle edition.

Open Bible, NKJV - Book introductions and outlines. Full page study aids scattered throughout. Cross references, a mini-concordance, and other aids in the back. The preceding link is to the NKJV, blue, bonded-leather edition. Also available in a variety of other versions, colors, and bindings.

Reformation Study Bible - (Formerly the New Geneva Study Bible ). A truly Reformed Study Bible. Extensive study notes one each page. Book introductions and outlines at the beginning of each Bible book. Charts, graphs, and discussions of theological concepts on appropriate pages. Mini-concordance and maps in the back. A truly helpful and reliable study Bible.

Thompson Chain Reference Bible: NKJV - The reference chains in Thompson's enable topical studies of the Bible to be done.


When available, I have linked to bonded-leather editions of the above Bibles. By personal experience I have found that this type of binding provides a good balance between price and durability. Genuine leather bindings will last longer, but they are considerably more expensive. Hardcover bindings are less expensive, but they tend to fall apart with as much as a Bible should be used.

If you order one or or more of these products and decide to order again at a later time, the only way this ministry gets "credit" for your subsequent purchases is if you go to Amazon's site by first coming here and clicking on one of the links on this site. So please return here before ordering a second time!

Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

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