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This page provides links to recommended books on Biblical reliability available from Amazon.

Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ - By Gary Habermas. Complies all we know about Jesus and the early Church from Jewish, Roman, Pagan, and Christian documents from the first two centuries (outside of the NT). There is a lot more than most people realize.

Historical Reliability of the Gospels - by Craig L. Blomberg, one of this writer's seminary professors. Examining the history of Gospel criticism, the persistent allegations of inconsistency among the Gospels, and the information provided by extrabiblical sources, Craig Blomberg makes a strong and comprehensive case for the historical reliability of these texts.

New Evidence That Demands A Verdict - By Josh McDowell. Updated and combined versions of McDowell's classic works Evidence that Demands a Verdict and Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Volume II. Very good defenses of various aspects of Biblical reliability.

New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? - By F.F. Bruce. A good introduction to Biblical defenses.

Old Testament and Criticism - Carl Amerding. Defense of the reliability of the OT texts.

Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable & Relevant? - by Walter C. Kaiser Jr..  In this thought-provoking book Walter C. Kaiser Jr. makes the case that the Old Testament documents are both historically reliable and personally and socially relevant.

Today's Handbook for Solving Bible Difficulties - By O'Brian, David. 495 pages of extended discussions on this subject.

When Critics Ask: A Popular Handbook on Bible Difficulties - By Norman L. Geisler and Thomas Howe. Expanded and updated version of a book that should be in everyone's library. Many other verses have been answered to the over 800 difficult Bible passages addressed in the first edition. Identifies 17 common mistakes critics make when attacking the Bible. An absolute must for every serious student of the Bible.

When Skeptics Ask: A Handbook on Christian Evidences -  Readers will also learn to identify and respond to the misuse of Scripture by nonbelievers and help detractors see the fullness, beauty, and truth of Christianity.

Why the Bible Is Number 1: The World's Sacred Writings in the Light of Science - By Kenny Barfield. Subtitle: The World's Sacred Writings in the Light of Science. Shows that the Bible avoids the scientific blunders seen in other sacred texts. Also, shows that the Bible was way ahead of its time. IOW, that science is finally catching up with the Bible.

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Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

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