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Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

This page provides links to recommended books on sexual and relationship issues available from Amazon.

Bible and Sexual Relationships Issues - By Gary F. Zeolla. This book will look in-depth at what the Bible has to say on sexual types of relationships and related issues. Kindle edtion.

Boundaries in Dating - How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Relationships. Helps singles to think, solve problems, and enjoy the benefits of dating to the hilt, increasing their abilities to find and commit to a marriage partner. Kindle edition.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye - A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance. By Joshua Harris. A controversial approach to a difficult subject. Kindle edition. For an interesting study, read this book along with I Gave Dating a Chance - A Biblical Perspective to Balance the Extremes, by Jeramy Clark. Kindle edition.

Marriage After God's Own Heart - Spiritual bonding is the only way glue capable of holding couples together. Gives practical tips on praying and studying the Scriptures together, holding private worship sessions, creating "spiritual conversations," being open to the Holy Spirit's leading, and much more. Kindle edition.

Traits of a Lasting Marriage - Respected marriage counselors Jim and Sally Conway identify 10 vital traits of thriving marriages including lifelong commitment, effective conflict resolution, energy from friends, sexual intimacy, time to laugh and play, realistic expectations, serving each other, and continued growth.

Why Wait? - What You Need to Know About the Teen Sexuality Crisis. By Josh McDowell. A 450-page resource book on teen sexual attitudes and behavior, with advice on helping teens say "no" to premarital sex. Also, what to do if they are sexually active. Also Why True Love Waits - The Definitive Book on How to Help Your Kids Resist Sexual Pressure.

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Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

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