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Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

This page provides links to recommended books on Christian spirituality available from Amazon.

Communion With God - By John Owen. This is a very uplifting book. One of the best books this writer has read. Owen has many other quality writings as well. Kindle edition.

Complete Works of Saint Augustine (Kindle Edition) - 50 books for just three bucks by this Christian giant.

Confessions of Saint Augustine - Classic book on the conversion experience of this Christian giant. Kindle edition.

Essential Works of Charles Spurgeon (Kindle Edition) - 14 of Spurgeon's most loved and read works. Includes hyperlinks to each book, chapter, & footnote.

Essential Works Of John Owen (Kindle Edition) - 22 classic works from one of the most influential Puritans in England. With a linked table of contents for each book.

Golden Booklet of The True Christian Life - A small but very uplifting devotional classic by John Calvin. Kindle edition.

God Who Loves - by John  MacArthur. : He Will Do Whatever It Takes To Draw Us To Him. Looks at the subject not from an emotional perspective but from a Scriptural one. You'll meet a heavenly Father who never winks at our transgressions, but who's full of grace and ready to forgive. Kindle edition.

Heart for God - By Sinclair Ferguson. An excellent book on living for God. Many other books by Ferguson are available, and all are recommended.

Holiness of God - By R.C. Sproul. This book will drive you to your knees and radically change your viewpoint of God. It is one of the best books this writer has ever read. Highly recommended! Many other books by Sproul are also available, and all of them are recommended as well. Kindle edition.

Knowing God - By J.I. Packer. J.I.Packer's classic has revealed to over a million Christians around the world the wonder, the glory and the joy of knowing God. This new edition is Americanized and completely retypeset with a new preface by the author. Kindle edition. A Study Guide is also available. And this book would be excellent to use for a group Bible study. 

Pray With Your Eyes Open - Looking at God, Ourselves, and Our Prayers. By Richard Pratt. This book gained national fame for it's strong encouragement toward bold prayer. The book that changed the way people pray, and the way people live is one that's practical yet revolutionary application will live on forever.

Pursuit of Holiness - Be holy, for I am holy", commands God to His people. But holiness is something that is often missing in the Christian's daily life. In Pursuit of Holiness, Jerry Bridges explains how God has equipped us to lead holy lives, how reason and emotion influence our will, and how habits and personal discipline play a part in holy living. Many other books by Bridges are available, and all are recommended. Kindle edition.

Reformed Pastor - By Richard Baxter. Classic advice for pastors. Kindle edition.

Spurgeon's Sermons (5 Vol. Set) - Spurgeon was a voluminous preacher and writer. His complete works would fill a library, and all of it would be truly excellent. This set is of his sermons is just one of several sets available. Also available are numerous individual books with Spurgeon's works, including various editions of his devotional classic Morning and Evening . Also, many of his writings are available in Kindle, either individual books or collections, like Essential Works of Charles Spurgeon .

True Spirituality - By Francis Schaeffer. All of Schaeffer's books are highly recommended. This one looks at what really constitutes Christian spirituality, and what does not. The emphasis is on true spirituality being based on truth rather than emotions. Kindle edition.

Please note:  If you order one or or more of these products and decide to order again at a later time, the only way this ministry gets "credit" for your subsequent purchases is if you go to Amazon's site by first coming here and clicking on one of the links on this site. So please return here before ordering a second time!

Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

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