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The use of a concordance can be invaluable for Bible study. It enables a verse to be found very quickly, and finding every occurrence of a word in the Bible enables many types of studies to be done. For instance, looking up every reference to a word like "grace" will enable the reader to do a study on this important Biblical topic. Such searches are even easier with a software program, but if you're still using a hardcopy Bible, then a hardcopy Concordance will be helpful.

Analytical-Literal Translation: Complete Concordance - This concordance indexes every occurrence of most words in ALT3 (New Testament only). Only minor words are omitted. Sufficient context is provided for the reader to recognize the verse or to get the gist of it. Kindle edition.

Cruden's Complete Concordance - Includes more than 200,000 references to both the King James Version and Revised Version, also included is an index to all the key words of the Bible. Kindle edition.

New Strong's Expanded Exhaustive Concordance - Newly type-set to make it more readable. Based on the KJV.

Three-in-one Bible Reference Companion - Concordance, Biblical index, and mini-Bible dictionary combined.

Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible - A very unique concordance. It groups each English word by the Hebrew or Greek word underlying it. Based on the KJV. Prepared by Robert Young, who also translated Young's Literal Translation. Kindle edition.

Bible Dictionaries/ Handbooks

A Bible dictionary provides important background information, explanations of unfamiliar names and terms, and other information helpful in better understanding the Bible.

Classic Bible Dictionary - Edited by Jay P. Green. A compilation of best Bible dictionary articles from a variety of Reformed-oriented Bible dictionaries. Lengthy articles on many subjects and more than one article from different perspectives on controversial issues. A truly excellent Bible dictionary.

Halley's Bible Handbook - A Bible handbook including a concise Bible commentary, important discoveries in archaeology, related historical data, church history, maps, and move. Indexed. Kindle edition.

Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary - Based on the NKJV. A very helpful Bible dictionary, with easy to understand yet informative articles. Kindle edition.

Smith's Bible Dictionary - This Bible reference, complete with easy-to-understand definitions and helpful visual illustrations, is a perfect companion for all students, teachers, and families. A revision of the original classic. Kindle edition.

Wycliffe Bible Dictionary - Provides extensive background information on the names and places mentioned in the Bible, as well as important doctrinal, historical and Bible background topics. Articles are written by more than 200 leading conservative, evangelical scholars.

Introductions to the Bible

Introduction to the New Testament - by D. A. Carson and Douglas J. Moo. The primary focus of An Introduction to the New Testament is on what used to be called "special introduction" - that is, on historical questions dealing with authorship, date, sources, purpose, destination, and so forth. Kindle edition.

New Testament Introduction - by Donald Guthrie. A text book I used at seminary. Very extensive discussions. A careful recasting of a benchmark evangelical work, this new edition provides a fixed point for surveying the terrain on the New Testament and its interpreters.

New Testament Survey - By Robert G. Gromacki. This text represents a true survey. It provides an introduction to the New Testament free of technical discussion. Kindle edition.

Survey of Old Testament Introduction - By Gleason Archer. A text book I used at seminary. Invaluable to students, scholars, and laymen who want to understand the conservative position on Old Testament introduction and are not afraid to examine critical views.


Scripture Workbook: Second Edition; 2 Volumes in 1 - For personal Bible study and teaching the Bible. Contains 40, in-depth, topical Bible studies. Covers everything from what the Bible teaches about itself to what the Bible teaches about divorce and re-marriage. Dozens to hundreds of Scriptures references included in each study. By the director of Darkness to Light, Gary F. Zeolla. Kindle edition

Exegetical Fallacies - By D.A. Carson. One of the books I used at seminary to learn what are improper, but unfortunately common ways the Bible is misinterpreted. Kindle edition.

Nave's Topical Bible-KJV - Features 100,000 Scripture passages arranged under more than 20,000 headings by topic or idea, not merely by word. Arranged alphabetically and with a complete system of cross references, you can find the information that helps you get the most out of your Bible study. Kindle edition.

Synopsis of the Four Gospels - By Kurt Aland. Indispensable for serious study of the gospels in the original Greek. Each page features all four gospels in a line-by-line synopsis, Greek on the left page, English (RSV) on the right. The Greek text is the Critical text. Also available in an edition with the Greek text

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge - By John Canne; R. A. Torrey. Five-Hundred Thousand Scripture References and Parallel Passages. Far more than is found in Study and Reference Bibles. Only please, note, do NOT get the New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. It is a very bulky volume that adds much unnecessary and unreliable information, such as theological notes from an Arminian perspective. The original Treasury just gives the cross-references without bias comments. Kindle edition.

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Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

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