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Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

This page provides links to recommended books on theology available from Amazon. style=

For Beginners

Scripture Workbook: Second Edition; 2 Volumes in 1 style=. - For personal Bible study and teaching the Bible. Contains 40, in-depth, topical Bible studies. Covers everything from what the Bible teaches about itself to what the Bible teaches about divorce and re-marriage. Dozens to hundreds of Scriptures references included in each study. By the director of Darkness to Light, Gary F. Zeolla. Kindle edition style=

Concise Theology: A Guide to Historic Christian Beliefs style= - A Guide to Historic Christian Beliefs. By J. I. Packer. Theology matters! At last it can be understood easily, thanks to this "layman's language" approach to biblical belief. Covers nearly 100 major Christian beliefs from a Reformed perspective

Decide for Yourself: A Theological Workbook style= - Gordon R. Lewis surveys Christian doctrine, encouraging readers to draw their own conclusions from the evidence and arguments. Dr. Lewis was one of my professors at Denver Seminary.

Introducing Christian Doctrine style= - By Millard J. Erickson. An abridged and less technical version of Erickson's Christian Theology style= .

Theology for Ordinary People style= - What You Should Know to Make Sense Out of Life. By Bruce L. Shelley. Takes readers step-by-step through the essential beliefs of Christianity, offering clear and careful discussions of topics many Christians have wondered about for years: suffering, the Trinity, the Fall, and more. Shelley was one of my professors at seminary. He can present difficult concepts in a way that is understandable to the average person.


Integrative Theology, 3-Volume Set style= - By Gordon R. Lewis and Bruce A. Demarest, two of this writer's seminary professors. So this systematic theology was, of course, the main one when this writer studied theology at seminary. From a Baptist-Reformed viewpoint. Kindle edition. style=

> Christian Theology - By Millard J. Erickson. A very good and extensive systematic theology. From Baptist-modified Reformed viewpoint. One of the volumes this writer used in studying theology at seminary. Kindle edition.

Institutes of the Christian Religion style= - By John Calvin. This is the new and definitive English-language edition of one of the monumental works of the Christian church. Of course, from a Reformed, along with a infant baptism, perspective. Kindle edition. style=

Systematic Theology style= - By Louis Berkhof. This landmark edition combines Berkhof's standard, systematic treatment of the doctrines of the Reformed faith--his magnum opus--with his Introduction to the Study of Systematic Theology. A good theology, but from an infant baptism perspective. Kindle edition. style=

Systematic Theology - (3-Volume Set) style= - By Charles Hodge. A very good theology, from a Reformed-infant baptism perspective. Kindle edition. style=


Evangelical Dictionary of Theology style= - By Walter A. Elwell. Lengthy articles on a variety of theological issues.

Wycliffe Dictionary of Theology style= - Provides a good overview of a wide range of theological topics and perspectives.

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Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

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