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This page provides links to recommended books on the Bible versions controversy
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Differences Between Bible Versions - By Gary F. Zeolla, the director or Darkness to Light. This book discusses translation principles, Greek text-types, and KJV-onlyism. It advocates a literal or formal equivalence translation principle and the use of the Textus Receptus or the Majority Greek Text for translating the New Testament. It discusses the potential problems with alternative translation methods and the "Critical Text" Greek text. Over thirty versions of the Bible are compared and evaluated. Kindle edition. style=

By Jay P. Green:

Jay Green's writings on Bible versions helped to convince this writer that a literal or formal equivalence version based on the Textus Receptus or Majority Text was the most reliable kind of Bible version. But it should be noted that Green does tend to go a little overboard in his writings, finding even more problems with many modern versions than there really are. His writings also tend on the "harsh" side. But even with these caveats, his writings on the subject are still very helpful.

Unholy Hands on the Bible style= - A Comparison Between Six Major Bible versions. Very extensive discussions on the NASB, NIV, RSV, NRSV, GNB, and NAB. Shorter discussions on many other versions. A lengthy section on the "Gnostic Influence on the Bible" which details how Gnostic attempts to corrupt Bible manuscripts are being inserted into many modern versions. 

The Gnostics, The New Version, and the Deity of Christ style= - Shows how many new Bible versions eliminate or weaken many proof-texts for the deity of Christ.

Other authors:

Causes of Corruption of the New Testament Text style= - By Dean J. Burgon. In the late 1800's. Burgon was in the forefront of fighting against the then newly emerging Critical Text. Kindle edition. style=

Identity of the New Testament style= - By Wilbur Pickering. A very good demonstration of the superiority of the Majority Text.

Unholy Hands on the Bible: An Introduction to Textual Criticism style= - By Dean J. Burgon. The book by same name above by Green is actually a sequel to this book.

Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

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