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On these pages and in my book Differences Between Bible Versions, I recommend the Literal Translation of the Bible (LITV, now called the KJ3) and the Modern King James Bible (MKJV). But the contact information I give for attaining these versions is now out of date. I have had many people emailing in this regard. So below is the new contact info for where these two quality versions can be attained:

Sovereign Grace Publishers

4427 E 200 North
P O Box 4998
Lafayette, IN 47903

Telephone 765.807.6341
24-hour Fax 765.838.0841 – 24-hour Fax
General Information sales@sgpbooks.com 
Webmaster webmaster@sgpbooks.com 

Note: Jay Green Sr. (the primarily translator of these versions) is 88 and battling esophageal cancer, so keep him in your prayers.


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