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By Gary F. Zeolla


Covid Fearmongering and Lies is not incorporated as a tax-exempt organization, so donations are not tax deductible. The same goes for my other websites: Darkness to Light, Fitness for One and All, Biblical and Constitutional Politics, and The reason they are not is I prefer to work for my income, and it is my personal income that enables all of my websites to operate.

My personal income comes primarily through sales of my books. Thus, rather than donations, what I prefer and would be more helpful long-term would be if those looking to support this website or any of my websites would be to purchase my books.

After you read each book, if you want to take it a step further, then write a review of it on Amazon. That would foster more book sales, which would be most helpful in the long run. And more importantly, that will mean more people might benefit from my writings.

Note that the articles on this website are available free of charge to anyone who cares to read them, just as the articles on my other websites are freely available to all. As such, you could encourage others to check out my websites.

In addition, all of my websites are free of the advertising that clutter most websites. The most you will see is an occasional mention of one of my books or an advertising link to a product on Amazon. It is through the sales of my books or commissions for sales through one of those Amazon links that I keep this and my other websites going.

Consequently, if you wish to support this website or any of my other ones, then purchase one or more of my Politics books, Christian books, or fitness books, or follow an Amazon link and make a purchase. Again, after you read one of my books, write a review on Amazon and/ or wherever you purchased it. That will help others to decide to purchase it. You could also subscribe to my Christian newsletter or my fitness newsletter and encourage others to do so as well.

Also, follow me on X/ Twitter, Facebook or my other socials media pages, and “retweet” or “share” my posts when I mention a new article, a new issue of one of my newsletters, or a new book. In that way, more people might benefit from my writings and maybe purchase my books.

All items posted on this website are copyrighted By Gary F. Zeolla.

This page was posted on this website October 17, 2023.

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