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Bands Pictures

by Gary F. Zeolla

See the article Bands and Chains for a discussion on the pics below.
See also Reverse Bands Pictures and Chains Pictures.

General Set up for Squats


Pics showing what is meant by "choking" the bands, in this case, light bands once around the bar.


Choking the bands around the bar twice and then three times.
I've found I need to choke the bands twice for squats (best contest squat 410).

Band Squats

When setting up the bands for squats, place the bar on the safety bars until you get the bands in place.
Then squeeze under the bar and squat it up onto the racks.

Band set up for squats.

Band Benches

Band benches use mini-bands rather than light bands.


Set up procedure using mini-bands for band benches.


Final set up of mini-bands for band benches.

For a video of speed band benches, click here.
Note that I am pausing each rep at the chest. This way, I can practice “exploding” off of the chest.

Band Deadlifts

Setting up bands on DLs is rather tricky when done with DBs.
Setting up for band deadlifts using dumbbells to hold the light bands down.
The bands are choked three times around the bar then wrapped twice around DB bar.
It helps to set the bar on the hooks in the rack when setting up.


The DBs are wedged inside the power rack against the side, bottom braces.

Full set up for band deadlifts.
Note that  "jump stretch" platform can be purchased from Elite Fitness that will make the set up much easier.

Bands Pictures. Copyright 2005, 2006 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The first of the above pictures were posted on this site December 26, 2005.
Pics were last added June 6, 2006.

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