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Me and My Powerlifting Trophies

By Gary F. Zeolla

Below are pictures of my powerlifting trophies and other awards I have earned at various contests.
Click on any picture for a larger image.


    Me with all of the powerlifting trophies I won this century. There are 23 in all. The certificate in front is not a contest trophy. It is from the old “Powerlifting USA” magazine ranking lists for 2006, for the year I was #1 across the board (Squats, Benches, Deadlifts, and Total) for the masters (over 40 category).

     I thank the LORD that He enabled me to be so successful in the sport of powerlifting, despite dealing with one health problem after another over the past twenty years.

     In fact, these trophies were won in two different periods, from 2003-2009 and 2015-2021. The break was due to health problems keeping me from competing or even training hard. And now I fear my powerlifting career might be over again due to a rotator cuff injury. 

    If so, it has been a good run. But here’s praying the LORD will enable me to overcome this latest adversity and eventually to be able to add to this trophy collection. 

    Details on my powerlifting can be found on my fitness website at My Powerlifting Background. For details on my life in general, see the newly updated autobiography on my personal website.



A close-up of the trophies by themselves.



    I missed two of the trophies! That’s because they were in my home office, one hanging above my computer desk and the other sitting on it. I didn’t remember about them until after I started putting the others away. But no matter, as it gives me a chance to show the neat setup I have on the top of my computer desk.

     The sword is for winning Best Lifter at a contest back in 2006. The very cool trophy is from a contest near my home in 2019. The mini-helmets are from when my dad and I went to a Pirates game a couple of years ago. There was very tasty ice cream in them. You then had these “souvenir helmets” to take home. The computer speakers are small, but they have a great sound.

     In any case, with these two awards, that brings the total number of trophies to 25.



    More trophies. These are from high school to shortly after college, from 1979-1985. The break from 1985 to 2003 was again due to health problems that kept me from even lifting weights. There are 18 trophies from back then. That includes the shirt hanging in the back, as it was an award at a bench press contest. Add these to my newer ones, and that is 43 trophies I have won in my powerlifting career.

     Behind the trophies are two boards. One has all of the “Powerlifting USA” rankings from those years, with my name on them. The other has newspaper articles that appeared in my hometown and college newspapers about me.

     The quality of this picture is poor, as it is scanned from two photos taken 35 years ago, that were taped together to fit all of the trophies in. After I took this picture, I took down and boxed up all these trophies. That is because, at that time, the late 80s, I figured I would never powerlift again, and it just hurt too much looking at them, reminding me that I could not compete in the sport I love.

     However, the LORD had other plans, and about 15 years later, in 2003, I entered my first contest since back then. But I still have not unboxed these trophies, as I just do not have room to display them. I am having a hard enough time finding room for all of my new trophies. I have them scattered all over my home, hence how I missed the two of them for the initial picture.

Me and My Powerlifting Trophies: 2003-2021. Copyright 2021 by Gary F. Zeolla.

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The above page was posted on this site June 1, 2021.

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