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Christmas Presents 2016

By Gary F. Zeolla

Below are pictures of me with my presents from my parents for Christmas 2016. The first two are related to my powerlifting and the second two to my Christian faith. Click any picture for a larger image.

 My weightlifting related presents were new plate holders for on the side of my power rack. One of mine got bent a while back when I dumped a squat, and the other got bent just from the weight of five plates being on it for the past decade. But over a decade of use shows they are of a high quality. They are available from Amazon. These are for a power rack with 2" x 2" tubing, but other sizes are available.

 Also, a pair of 1-1/4 pound plates. I have some, but they are with my dumbbell plates, so I wanted ones to store with my barbell plates. These are great for incremental increases. I use them often with my drops reps method for my sets. I increase by 5% set to set, rounded off to the nearest 2-1/2 pound increment. This causes a drop of two reps. Thus right now I am doing 4 sets x 7-8, 5-6, 3-4, 1-2 reps for most compound exercises, and the same format but with higher reps for isolation exercises. To be this specific in my weight increases requires 1-1/4 pound plates. They are also available from Amazon.

You can see the difference between the new 1-1/4 pound plates and the rest of my plates, which are all over a decade old.

The same goes for the plate holders.

This side was easy to change. The old plate holder just came off with no problems.
But the other side was another story. It was bent so bent, it wouldn't come off. It need to be hammered to get it off.

My Christian related presents were a couple of new Ichthus (fish) necklaces. These are a good way to proclaim my faith in Jesus, Christ, God’s Son, Savior (the meaning of the acronym formed from the Greek word for fish). Here is the silver one, available from Amazon. But the chains is not the original that came with the pendant. That chain was very thin and hard to clasp, while this chain is much heavier and easy to clasp. The separate chain is also available from Amazon.

Here is the gold one, also available from Amazon. Again, the chain is not the original but was also bought separately from Amazon.


A selfie of me wearing the silver necklace.

A selfie of me wearing the gold necklace.

Christmas Presents 2016. Copyright 2016 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above article was posted on this site December 27, 2016.

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