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Cardio Logs
July through December 2016

by Gary F. Zeolla

These Cardio Logs are continued from Cardio Logs - January through June 2016.

See also Full Workout Logs: 2014 - Present.

I do my cardio in the mornings and lift weights in the late afternoons. I have found this to be a very effective pattern. I usually do both the lifting and cardio four days a week, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. But I take an "extra" day off once a month to aid recovery. I hit a heavy bag in my home gym twice a week (Su, W) and walk outside on the other two days (M, Th).

I walk near my home, on Mondays going to the right and on Thursdays to the left. The latter path is more hilly, so those walks are yellowed. My goal distance for each path is determined by how far I can walk without having to cross a highway, which is about half an hour. If I walk elsewhere, those walks will be indicated in the Comments. The duration and distance of the walking are being measured with an old-fashioned watch and a Fit & Fresh pedometer. It was very inexpensive, but works great and is reasonably accurate. There is no "clicking" sound like with my old pedometer, and it works better than the exercise app on my Galaxy S5, which I was using.

15-30 minutes of cardio 4x/ week done at a moderate intensity is sufficient for general conditioning. It keeps my blood pressure and heart rate low (117/ 73, 46 the last time I measured it with a home monitor). It keeps my bodyweight where I want it, and I just feel better doing such cardio. However, kept at that level, I do not believe this amount and intensity of cardio is adversely affecting my powerlifting training or recovery there from. In fact, it is the exact opposite. It gives me better stamina, so I am able to handle a larger workload in my lifting workouts without getting overly tired and to get through my workouts quicker by taking less rest time between sets.

I also do rotator cuff and abs work after I hit the heavy bag in the mornings. Doing my rotator cuff and abs work here keeps my afternoon lifting workouts from being too long. Since I do higher reps for rotator cuff and abs work than for most other lifting exercises, they are a somewhat of a cardio exercise and thus fit well here. I hit the heavy bag for 15 minutes, then the rotator cuff and abs work takes about another 15 minutes, for again, an about half an hour morning workout. These exercises and the total workout time are indicated on my lifting logs. Since I indicate these workouts there, only the walking is indicated on this page.

The first and last couple of minutes of the walking is done at a low intensity for a warm-up and cool-down, respectively. This of course lowers my average speed, so my "cruising" speed is a little higher than indicted. On the heavy bag, the first couple of minutes are also done at a low intensity for a warm-up, but I only cool-down for the last 15 seconds, so as to stay warm for the rotator cuff and abs work to follow.

Walking Log

SPM = Steps Per Minute. MPH = Miles Per Hour.

Date Time Steps SPM Miles MPH Comments
7-4, M 30:38 3470 113.4 1.509 2.96  
7-7, Th 31:11 3507 112.4 1.525 2.92  
7-11, M 31:24 3450 109.9 1.500 2.87  
7-15, F 32:00 3500 109.4 1.524 2.87  
7-18. M 29:46 3450 115.8 1.500 3.02  
7-21, Th 31:49 3219 101.2 1.400 2.64 Last walk. For details, see
            Halfway Routine Review.

These logs are continued at: forthcoming.

Cardio Logs - July through December 2016. Copyright 2016 by Gary F. Zeolla.

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