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Experimental Workouts

By Gary F. Zeolla

This log is continued from 2017-18 Tetra Raw Powerlifting Training Plan: Rotations III and IV.


Friday – 12/29/17

Gear: Crain power belt; Ace: knee sleeves; APT: wrist bands, Frantz deadlift suit.

Shoes: Nike wrestling shoes.

Bar: Ohio Deadlift Bar.


Conv Deadlifts: [--/13, 135/9, 185/7, add belt: 225/5, add sleeves, bands: 265/3] (4 x 6-2) 295/6, 305/5, add Frantz suit: 315/4, 325/3

Sumo Snatch Grip Deadlifts: [135/9, 170/7, 205/5, add belt, sleeves, bands: 260/3] (5-6, 3-4, 1-2) 260/6, 275/4, 290/2

Stretching: ~5 minutes

Workout time: 2:02

 Video (contains last three Conv Deadlifts sets and second Sumo Snatch Grip Deadlifts set)

      After my not so good Bench workout Christmas Eve on Sunday, I felt terrible and continued to do so for the next four days and didn’t work out. But I had much to do otherwise, so I had to keep going. However, I was finally able to get a good rest on Thursday, so I felt good to go to put in a Deadlift workout on Friday.

      Deadlifts should have been the last workout of Week B of Rotation IV of my previous training plan, but after all of the problems, I realized my Tetra Plan would not work, so I decided to start a new training plan.

      I will start that new plan on Sunday with my normal workout rotation of starting with my Bench Assistance workout. That will begin Week 1/ Week A of my new plan. But here, while I was between training routines, I did something different. I did an “Experimental Workout.” I am calling it that as I conducted five experiments.


    1.       I experiment with doing four work sets rather than my normal three on the first exercise while still doing two exercises.

    2.       I experimented using a suit to see if I would handle using a suit for the first time in over a decade.

    3.       I experimented using a suit, doing two work sets without the suit then two with it, to see how much of a difference a deadlift suit makes

    4.       I experimented with doing Conv Deadlifts first in the workout for the first time in quite a while, with thoughts of pulling conv at my next contest.

    5.       I experimented with doing Sumo Snatch Grip Deadlifts after the Conv Deadlifts to see how that felt, thinking doing them will keep my sumo strength while focusing on conv but with a lift that is rather different from regular sumos to give me a break from them.


      The result of these experiments is the first three failed. To take those three in reverse order, the suit made no difference whatsoever. In fact, the two sets without a suit felt easier than the two sets with a suit. The suit just made it hard too breathe, without adding any lift to the pull. That could have also been due to the second experiment failing, in that I was very tired after putting on the suit, which took about ten minutes.

      It then took me ten minutes to get the suit off and to get my other gear back on for the Snatch Grip Deadlifts, and I was really struggling through them. Doing four sets rather than three sets for a total of seven works sets also made the workout too hard, and it took too long.

      I was using backoff weights, so I wasn’t working that hard. But I was exhausted afterwards, so much so that I barely slept that might. Around 2:30 am, as I lay there wide awake, I realized there was no way I could go back to using gear. Granted, without the fourth set, the workout wouldn’t have been quite so bad. But again, this was a backoff Equipped Deadlift workout, and if that left me so exhausted I couldn’t sleep, then there is no way I could handle a hard, Equipped Squat workout.

      And even without the suit, I still think four work sets will be too much, if I am doing a second exercise, so I will stick with just three sets for both, and save doing four sets for my peaking workouts, when I am doing just the actual powerlifts.

      However, the last two experiments were successful. The initial two sets of Conv Deadlifts without a suit felt good, and the 325/3 gives me a good starting point to build from, so will focus on Conv Deadlifts in my next training plan. Then, even with being tired, the Sumo Snatch Grip Deadlifts felt good after the Conv Deadlifts, so they should work well for the noted purpose.

            Bottom line, despite leaving me exhausted, this was a productive workout, in that it answered several questions I had been struggling with, which will enable me to lay out a long-term training and competition strategy. I will provide details on that later, after I start back regular training on New Year’s Eve.


Update: Giving Gear Another Try


      I forgot to mention a couple of important points about the problems I had with the suit. But first, for background, I have three squat suits: a double-ply poly Franz suit, a double-ply poly Crain suit, and a Ginny canvas suit, for which I also wear a pair of Ginny stretch denim briefs. I have two bench shirts: a double-ply poly Franz shirt and a triple-ply poly Crain shirt. The Frantz deadlift suit I used here was also double-ply poly. I could also use my Crain squat suit, as I have worn it before for deadlifts. But that was for sumo deadlifts, while the Franz suit is for conv deadlifts, so that is why I used it here. Also, the Franz suit is easier to put on, so I figured if it was too difficult, the Crain suit would be even more so.

      That said; another problem I had with the suit was it was digging into my testicles. I’ve had that problem before with the Frantz squat suit at a contest, so I had to switch to the Crain suit. But later, the Crain suit also caused me problems in that regard. That is when I got fed up with gear and switched to lifting raw. This was all over a decade ago.

      But in this workout, I was also having problems with getting the straps up. I have Velcro on them, but it was very hard to adjust them once I had the suit on. That added to the difficulty of getting the suit on. But at least a little tricked worked. I put the safety bars high up in my power rack and hooked the straps over it and sat into the suit, and that helped to pull it up. Then after the workout, I put the safe bars down low and hooked the straps over it and stood up to pull the suit off. But getting the suit up far enough to be able to do that was where the struggle was. In addition, I was having a hard time breathing, as the suit was very tight in the chest. All of that together led to my frustration.

      After the first set with the Frantz suit, I thought of switching to my Crain suit, but I didn’t feel like the hassle of taking one suit off and putting the other on. I remembered how exhausted that left me when I had to do that back at that contest in September 2016. Also, I still wanted to do the Snatch Grip Deadlifts afterwards. That was probably a mistake. I should have tried the Crain suit and skipped the second exercise. But I doubt it would have made any difference, as if anything, the Crain suit is even harder to put on and doesn’t even have Velcro’s on the straps.

      However, the next day, after I posted the above message, I got to thinking about my Ginny gear. I only wore it for one contest, back in September 2017, and for just a few workouts before and after that. I never had the problem of the Ginny suit and briefs digging into my testicles. They are also easier to put on, as I had Ginny give them a couple of special features.

      The first is, on the suit, the straps not only have Velcro, but they are front-loading, so I can easily tighten and loosen them myself’ with the suit on. And I had her put loops on the side of briefs. In that way, I can hook them on the safety bars to pull them up and down. I do the same with the suit except to wrap them around the bar in the power rack to put the suit on. It is also easier to get both over my hips high or low enough to be able to use that aid.

      The point is, before I give up on using gear again, I figured I might as well give the Ginny gear a try. I will do that for my Squat workout on Monday, New Year’s Day 2018. I will use the same plan I used for my last Squat with Wraps workout of instead of a second exercise of just doing a backoff set. Except, rather than four work sets with the gear and one without, I will do just three with gear then maybe two without. Hopefully, all of this will keep the workout from being overly long and tiring,

      If that works, then I will try both of my bench shirts for my Bench workout on Wednesday in a similar manner as the suit here, use the Frantz suit for the final warm-up set and first work set then switch to the Crain shirt for the next two sets. I want to see how much of a difference there is between them.

      Then for my next Deadlift workout on Thursday, I might try just the Ginny briefs. If those don’t work but the other two experiments do, then I will try lifting Equipped for Squats and Benches but raw for Deadlifts. But if this week’s experiments don’t work, then that will be the end of me thinking of using gear again.

      But before I get to those equipped workouts, I will do my normal Bench Assistance workout first, just to keep my normal workout order intact. I will post my logs for these workouts below this message at the end of the week as is my normal practice.

      Whatever happens with all of this, I will start my new routine the following week, on Sunday January 7, 2018. Although, any assistance work I do this week will be what I will be doing in Week B of that routine. I will post details on that routine after I decide if I will be lifting equipped or raw for it.


Gear Test Week


Bodyweight: 118.8 pounds.

I am probably the only person in America who lost weight over the holidays, but that is because I was not feeling well the last week of the month, and that affected my appetite, leading to a loss of weight.


Bench Assistance

Sunday – 12/31/18

Gear: Crain power belt, Genesis wrist wraps.

Shoes: Coleman sneakers.

Bar: Heavy Duty Power Bar.

DB Decline Bench: [20s/15, 30s/9, 37s/7, 45s/5, add gear: 50s/3] (6-7, 4-5, 2-3) 55s/7, 57s/5, 60s/3

WG Standing Presses: [45/7, 55/5, add gear: 62/3] (6-7, 4-5, 2-3) 70*/7, 70/5, 75/3

CG Cambered Bar Rows: [35/7, 50/5, 65/3] (6-7, 4-5, 2-3) 75/7, 80/5, 85/3

Stretching: ~5 minutes

Workout time: 1:33

This was a good workout, except I might have gone a bit too heavy on the DB declines for a backoff workout. Then the first set of presses was definitely too heavy, so I repeated the weight for the next set but for fewer reps. But still, a good way to end 2017.


I forgot to stop the video after the last set of presses, so you see me setting up for the next exercise before I realized the video was still running and stopped it.


Music: Pandora – Creed Radio



Monday – 1/1/18

Gear: Crain: power belt, Genesis wrist wraps, Genesis 2.5 meter knee wraps; APT heavy knee sleeves. Ginny stretch denim briefs, canvas suit, Frantz double-ply poly suit, Crain -ply poly suit.

Shoes: Dexter boots.

Bar: Heavy Duty Power Bar.

Equipped Squats: [--/13, 135/9, 170/7, add belt: 205/5, add Ginny Briefs, suit, and wraps: 245/2*, 275/--; briefs and wraps: 245/2; switch to Frantz suit and sleeves: 245/3. Try Crain suit, could not get on.

Stretching: skipped

Workout time: 2:04*


The video is of the set with 275 with the Ginny briefs and suit and the set of 245 with just the briefs. Unfortunately, I forgot to start the video for the set with the Frantz suit.

Music: Pandora –Rez Band Radio

       This was an extremely important workout to start the New Year. It would determine the course of my training and competition from here out. But making this workout difficult was it was very cold in my basement and it took quite a while for my electric heater to warm things up to tolerable. As long as we remain in this deep freeze, I will have to remember to start it sooner.

      But once I got warmed up, I first put on my Ginny briefs. They went on rather easily, using the trick of putting the loops over a safety bar. I then put on my Ginny suit. It was much harder to put on than I had hoped. And once I got it on, it was so stiff, I could barely move in it. It was like wearing a suit of armor. I had a difficult time just leaning forward enough to put my squat boots on. I had an even harder time tying them and was not able to get them as tight as I like.

      Then I repeated the set with 245, but could only go about 1/3 of the way down. I then went up to 275. I was able to get mostly down, but trying to get all the way, I must of leaned back too far, and the bar slipped off the my back and onto the safeties. At that point, I was quite fed up, as trying to move in the canvas suit was just too difficult, and now with the bar on the safeties and having to reset it, I took the suit and briefs off. That was not too difficult with again, using the safeties, but still, I was very tired.

      After I reset the weights to 245, I decided to try just the briefs. But I had to put them back on. I did just one set with the 245, which would have been my final warmup set, and they felt good, with no problem of the briefs digging into my testicles.

      I then tried my Franz squat suit. After the problem with the Frantz deadlift suit, I was not too hopeful, but I was pleasantly surprised. The suit went on rather easily, and I was able squat down without the testicles problem. I was also able to adjust the straps after I put the suit on.

      I did three reps with the suit, and they felt good. But for them, I only used knee sleeves rather than wraps, as I was getting too tired to wrap my knees. But even with just wraps, the set felt rather easy.

      I was too tired to do an actual work set with the Frantz suit. And besides, I wanted to try my Crain suit, so took off the Frantz suit. That was not too difficult. I then tried and tried to get the Crain suit on, but I couldn’t get anywhere with it. There was just no way I could get it up high enough to use the safety bar trick. After several minutes of struggle, I gave up.

      At that point, I had all of this gear lying all over the place, so it took me quite a while to get it all organized and put away. Then I still had to put the weights and bar away. By the time I was done, I was exhausted, but it had been a productive workout, even though I never actually did a work set.

      The conclusion of all of this is, the only squat gear that worked was my Ginny briefs and my Franz squat suit. As such, if I decide to lift equipped, it will be with the Frantz squat suit for squats. That much is settled. However, the suit is easy enough to get on that I might be able to wear my Ginny briefs underneath. That was my thought when I first got this suit. In my log for 5/22/06, I wrote:


      This was my first workout using my new Frantz squat suit. I got it on myself without too much trouble. So it is not real tight. It’s a good fit for training, but for a contest, I will definitely want to get a pair of briefs. With those, it should be a good competition fit.


      However, I tried twice to wear it with briefs. The first time was with double-ply Frantz briefs. That added about ten pounds to my squat. At the same time, I tried that I also used 2.5 meter Titan wraps for the first time. In my log for 8/7/06, I wrote:


      Good and bad on this workout. First some good was the double-ply briefs and 2.5 meter wraps worked as hoped. The double-ply briefs made my suit very tight. And the extra half meter of wraps enabled me to get another full “X” across my knees with my crisscross method of wrapping.

      But the bad of this is the suit was *very* difficult to get on, and the rolled-up wraps were so big I had a hard time holding on to them while wrapping.


      As such, I don’t know if it will be worth it to try to use the Ginny briefs underneath, as they are probably about as think as the Frantz briefs. I didn’t try the Frantz briefs here, but as I remember, they were not that supportive, not near as much as the Ginny briefs, so I might get a bit more than the ten pounds I got out of adding those briefs if I use the Ginny briefs. Also, the Frantz briefs were rather hard to get on, as compared to the Ginny briefs, as the former does not have the loops the latter does.

      On the wraps, I now use Crain wraps. They are thinner than Titan wraps, so rolled up 2.5-meter wraps are not hard to hold onto, but they are just as effective as the thicker Titan wraps. I can even keep hold of Crain 3.0-meter wraps.

      The second briefs I tried were single-ply Crain briefs, but that is when I had the problem with the suit digging in my testicles. But I figured out what was causing that in this workout. It was when, while I had the Frantz suit on, I tried getting into my sumo and conv deadlift stances. The latter felt good and like it might help just a bit. I’m not sure why the squat suit feels good but not the deadlift suit. The only difference between them is the straps on the deadlift suit are wider. That could be why I couldn’t adjust them with the suit on while I could adjust the straps on the squat suit.

      In any case, when I tried my sumo stance, the suit dug into my testicles. I tried my squat stance again, and that felt okay. Since my sumo deadlift stance is only about an inch or so wider than my squat stance, it took me a while to figure out what was happening.

      For sumo deadlifts, I angle my feet outward about 60-70 degrees. But for squats, I angle my feet more forward, only about 20-30 degrees. I tried with my feet angled both ways, and sure enough, that was it. The more outward angle must cause the groin to stretch out, leading to the problem. I just wish I had figured that out at that contest a decade ago.

      But here, what that means is, I could use this suit for conv deadlifts but not for sumo deadlifts. That works out, as if I lift equipped, it will be while I will be focusing on conv deadlifts. I will use a sumo stance when I lift raw. More on that later. But here, I might try this suit on deadlifts on Thursday to see if it will be worthwhile for them as well.

      Also, I still have those Crain briefs, and they might work, since, as best as I remember, with them, it was not as hard to get my suit on as with the Frantz briefs. Still very difficult, but not quite as bad. I might try both the Crain and Ginny briefs on Thursday after my Deadlifts workout. If one or the other works, I will only use the briefs for my peaking workout and at contest, so as to keep my regular workouts as easy as possible.

      I will wait to see how my bench workout goes on Wednesday before deciding if will lift equipped again or not.

      But here, I should mention, if I sparked interest in Frantz gear, sorry, but you’re out of luck, as they are out of business., Ginny’s website is still active, but it has not changed since I last checked it a decade ago, so I am not sure if she is still making suits or not. The briefs were a special order and not part of her normal inventory. But Crain’s website and business are definitely still active. However, he does not have a triple-ply shirt. I had mine made by having a single-ply Crain shirt sewn inside a double-ply Crain shirt.



Wednesday – 1/3/18

Gear: Crain: power belt, Genesis wrist wraps, Frantz double-ply poly bench shirt, Crain triple ply-poly bench shirt.

Shoes: Adidas AdiPower lifting shoes.

Bar: Heavy Duty Power Bar.

Equipped Benches: [45/13, 70/9, 95/7, 115/5, add wrist wraps, belt, Frantz shirt: 135/3] (5-6, 3-4, 1-2) 150/4*, switch to Crain shirt: 150/2*, 160/1, 160/2

3 Count Pause Close Grip Benches: [70/7, 90/5, add gear: 102/3] (5-6, 3-4, 1-2) 115/6, 120/4, 125/2

MG Curl Bar Rows: [50/7, 70/5, 85/3] (6-7, 4-5, 2-3) 95/7, 100/5, 105/3

Stretching: skipped

Workout time: 1:59


The video is of all of my sets with a shirt. The Frantz shirt is black, and the Crain shirt is red, plus videos of the top two sets of CGs and Rows.

Music: Pandora – Sacred Warrior Radio

      I knew the Franz shirt would be worthless when I could easily touch with 135. Then it did very little on the set with 150, as I’ve done 152/4 without a shirt, but I felt very awkward benching with it on.

      I couldn’t touch with 150 with the Crain shirt but could with 160. The first set did not feel good at all. I felt very unstable and awkward. That is why I stopped at one rep. But I gave it another try, and it felt a bit better, but still very awkward. And again, I’ve done 16/0/2 without a shirt, though I probably could have done a third rep here, but I was getting too tired and felt too uncomfortable with the shirt to push to get it. Also, I was having trouble getting into and holding my arch. That is why I kept hitting the safeties with the bar.

      At that point, I stopped and thought for a while. The reason I am not getting anything out of either shirt and that both felt very awkward is probably due to being out of practice benching with a shirt. If I were to practice with the shirts for several weeks, I would probably get used to them again and get more out of them. Then It would take several more weeks of training with them before I would be really ready for a contest. As I thought about it, I just don’t care to put that much time and energy into learning to use a shirt again.

      My plan was to alternate training equipped and training raw with wraps, doing each for about three months, then entering a contest with the respective gear at the end of each time period. I figured that would be a good way to bring variety into my training and competition. But it is obvious that plan will not work, as it would take more than three months to get used to the shirt. And that would probably be the case each time I lifted raw then came back to lifting equipped. I would need to lift exclusively equipped to stay competent with the gear. But I do not want to do that, as I still have goals to reach with raw lifting.

      Moreover, I was reminded by these not very hard sets that using a shirt is more demanding and time-consuming than lifting raw. The same goes for squatting and deadlifting with a suit. That would mean I would be more likely to have workouts that are overly long and tiring, the very thing I’ve been having problems with of late. In fact, after my Squat workout on Monday and after this workout, I was so exhausted, I barley slept.

      What all of this means is, I have decided to not lift equipped but instead to stick with lifting raw with wraps. I am already working on a different plan to bring variety into my training while lifting all raw.

      Otherwise, I was experimenting with using a 3-count pause on CGs, but I didn’t like them, so I will stick with a 1-count pause.



Thursday – 1/4/18

Gear: Crain power belt; APT: wrist bands; Ace knee sleeves.

Shoes: Nike wrestling shoes.

Bar: Ohio Deadlift Bar.

Sumo Deficit Deadlifts: [--/13, 135/9, 175/7, 215/5, 250/3] (7-8, 5-6) 250/8, add gear: 265/6

Sumo Block Pulls: [2-1/4” 135/3, 4-1/” 135/3, 205/5, 2-1/4” 205/3, belt: 4-1/2” 260/5] (7-8, 5-6) sleeves: 295/8, 310/6

Conv Snatch Grip Deadlifts: [135/9, 175/7, belt: 215/5] (7-8, 5-6) sleeves: 240/8, 255/6

Stretching: ~5 minutes

Workout time: 1:44


Consists of second work set of first and third exercises and both sets of second exercise.

Music: Pandora – White Heart Radio

       I was going to try out my Frantz squat suit with a couple of different pairs of briefs underneath on deadlifts in this workout, but since I already decided not to lift equipped, there was of course no reason for that.

      I was also thinking about alternating focusing on conv deadlifts in training then competing equipped conv when I competed equipped squats and benches, then focusing on sumo deadlifts in training then competing raw sumo when I competed raw squats and benches. The reason for that is since a suit makes little difference on deadlifts, then the change of stance would provide the difference. But since I won’t be alternating equipped and raw squats and benches, that change of stance won’t be necessary, so will stick with sumos throughout. Although, I will still do some conv work for the extra work it gives for the hamstrings and low back. And I am already working on a different plan to bring variety into my sumo deadlift training.

      That said, I did Block Pulls back in the day but not since I started to lift again in the early ‘00s. But I was reading a web article about them and figured they would be worth a try again. Trying them here would fit with this being an experimental week, as I wasn’t sure exactly how I would set them up and how high of a block I would use.

      I wanted to use the blocks I already had, two sets of 2-1/4” (3 boards) high blocks. I could go with just one set for 2-1/4” or stack two for 4-1/2”.  I tied both, doing one set with each for the first two warmup weights. Both would work, but the lower height didn’t seem that different from regular Deadlifts, so I went with the higher one. But those were very tough and awkward, so I am still not sure which I will use.

    Below is a pic of the blocks staked to sets high. Click for a larger image.


      Otherwise, I was experimenting with the format of this workout, thinking it would be the format for workouts for the start of my new training plan, and that worked out well. I was especially glad I got done in a reasonable time, considering I lost time changing the blocks back and forth. I also lost time for another reason.

    But one experiment did not work out. I was hoping that with doing higher reps, I would not need to wear my normal raw with wraps gear of a belt, wrist bands, and knee sleeves. But after the first set of Sumo Deficit Deadlifts, my low back was really sore, so I had to put on my belt. With having to do that, I thought it best to use the other items. My back bothered me a bit the rest of the workout, so I will need to use that limited gear. That is why I would never lift completely raw.

      Due to the extreme cold most of the US has been experiencing, I am really having problems with dry hands and getting cracks on my fingertips. I had put a bandage on the tip of my right index finger earlier in the day, as the crack was bothering me typing. But during this workout, it began to come off, so I pulled it off the rest of the way. When I did, the bandage ripped a chunk of skin off the top of my finger, just below the fingernail.

      It hurt! And it bled! Lots, all over the place. I had to stop, clean it out and bandage it, but then the blood soaked through the bandage, so I had to change it. Then it soaked through the bandage again, so I had to change it again. All the while I was getting blood all over the place that I had to clean up. That really got me behind. But despite the distraction, still a productive workout.



Speed-Isolation Exercises for Experimental Workouts

Day 4

Friday – 12/29/17

Speed Conv Deadlifts: [Regular: --/15, 45/11, Speed: 115/9, 130/7] (4 x 8-9, 6-7, 4-5, 2-3) 145/9, 152/7, 160/5, 167/3

Lying Leg Curls (alternate legs): [2.0/9] (3 x 11-12, 9-10, 7-8) 3.5/12, 3.75/10, 4.0/8

Dip Bar Twisting Leg Raises (legs together): [--/10] (15-20, 10-15) --/15, --/10

Workout Time: 0:38


Day 1

Sunday – 12/31/17

Speed MG Cambered Bar Rows [Regular: 10s/15, 35/11, Speed: 40/9, 45/7] (4 x 8-9, 6-7, 4-5, 2-3) 50/9, 52/7, 55/5, 57/3

MG Curl Bar Curls: [35/9] (3 x 11-12, 9-10, 7-8) 45/12, 47/10, 50/8

Rotator Cuff: Shoulder Horn (arms together): [3.75/11] (2 x 15-16, 13-14) 5.75/16, 6.0/14

Hand Gripper (holds): [1.5/9] (3 x 11-12, 9-10, 7-8) 2.5/12, 3.0/10, 3.5/8

Workout Time: 0:37 (hours : minutes)


Day 2

Monday – 1/1/18

Speed Squats: [Regular: --/15, 65/11, Speed: 85/9, 95/7] (4 x 8-9, 6-7, 4-5, 2-3) 100/9, 105/7, 110/5, 115/3

Standing BB Calves: [95/11, 115/9] (3 x 11-12, 9-10, 7-8) 135/12, 142/10, 150/8

Crunches: [10/11] (3 x 11-12, 9-10, 7-8) 205/12, 21.25/10, 22.25/8

Workout Time: 0:54*

It was very cold in my basement, so I had a hard time getting going until my electric heater warmed things up bit, leading to the long workout time. But despite the cold, the workout went well.


Day 3

Wednesday - 1/3/18

Speed Benches: [Regular: 45/15, 65/11, Speed: 65/9, 75/7[ (4 x 8-9, 6-7, 4-5, 2-3) 80/9, 85/7, 90/5, 95/3

MG SCB Curls: [35/9] (3 x 11-12, 9-10, 7-8) 42/12, 45/10, 47/8

Rotator Cuff:  Lying, in: [3.5/11] (2 x 15-16, 13-14) 5.5/16, 5.75/14

Abs: Twisting Leg Raises: (12,12) reps

Workout Time: 0:43

The curls were supposed to be reverse curls. Oh well.


Day 4

Thursday – 1/4/18

Sumo Speed Deficit Deadlifts: [Regular: --/15, 45/11, Speed: 115/9, 125/7] (4 x 8-9, 6-7, 4-5, 2-3) 135/9, 140/7, 145/5, 150/3

Lying Leg Curls (alternate legs): [2.5/9] (3 x 11-12, 9-10, 7-8) 3.75/12, 4.0/10, 4.25/8

Dip Bar Twisting Leg Raises (legs together): [--/10] (15-20, 10-15) --/15, --/10

Workout Time: 0:41

The isolation exercises were the same as I did last week, but they still felt good. That is instructive, as that will be the design of the start of my next routine. Again, details on that shortly.

These workout logs are continued at:
Off-Season #1 of 2018 Two by Two by Two Powerlifting Training Strategy, Weeks 1-5 of 10.

Experimental Workouts. Copyright 2017-18 by Gary F. Zeolla.

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The Update was posted January 1, 2018.
The Gear Test Week was posted January 5, 2018.

Powerlifting and Strength Training
Powerlifting and Strength Training: Full Workout Logs: 2014 - Present

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