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Trump’s Speech to a Joint Session of Congress

By Gary F. Zeolla


      I recorded President Trump’s speech on February 28, 2017 and watched it the next day, and I am glad I did. It was a great speech!


The Tone and the Aftermath


      President Trump appeared Presidential. He presented point after point that all Americans could agree with. He reached out to all Americans. It was an unifying and inspiring speech, with many touching moment during it. The strongest of course was the part about the brave Navy Seal Ryan Owens who died in the successful intelligence gathering raid and the shots of his widow. A record applause as Trump pointed out.

      Of course, all of that did not keep the Democratic in the chamber from sitting on their hands the whole time. How could you not clap for plans to bring more high-paying jobs to America? How can they not cheer about keeping America safe?  How can they not get behind uniting Americans to make this country great again? But the Democrats just cannot get beyond their hatred for Trump to realize that Trump does know what he is doing and that this plans do make sense.

      The talking heads afterwards were saying this was “Trump’s best speech.” It was a great speech, but they were all acting surprised, like they didn’t think he had it in him. But he has been giving good speeches all through the campaign and since he was inaugurated. But it seems like these talking heads, and especially the Trump-detractors, have only been listening to short clips of his more brash statements and the comments thereupon by the other talking heads, but have never actually listened to a whole speech.

      I say that as he has said all that he said in this speech before and in the manner which he did, but apparently, the haters were not listening.  And they really had to dig deep to find problems with the speech afterwards.


The Democratic Response


      Actually, what the Dems did was to just ignore the speech and go back to their talking points. You saw that in the Democratic response by the fired Kentucky governor.  In his response, it was obvious that he had not heard a word of Trump’s speech. Granted he only had a few minutes after Trump’s speech to give his own, but I am sure he was given a draft beforehand, so it was inexcusable for him not have made mention of the unifying tone of Trump’s speech. Instead, Steve Beshear’s speech was designed to instigate hatred for Trump and to continue to divide the nation.

      Note that I call him the “fired Kentucky governor” as Beshear ran for re-election but lost to the Republican challenger. I thus take with a big grain of salt his claims at the beginning of his speech about all the good things he did for Kentucky. If he was such a good governor, why did Kentuckians fire him and hire a Republican instead?

      This is just one more instance of the Democrats not getting why they lost not just the Presidency, the US Senate, and the US House, but also governorship after governorship and state congresses across the country. They are out of touch with regular Americans, so all they can do is attack Trump and seed division in the country.


Economic Proposals


      But to be honest, I do have concerns about a couple of Trump’s proposals. First, Trump wants to slash the tax rate on businesses and on individuals. But at the same time, he wants to increase Defense spending and invest a trillion dollars into infrastructure. Those are all good ideas, but how will he pay for it?

      His thought is that his economic policies will increase economic growth to 4% from its current lackluster 2.4%. If that happens, it will generate more revenue to the government, even with a reduced tax rate. He is also planning on cutting spending across the board other than on defense. That is all well and good, but I’m not sure the numbers add up, and I am sure the Dems will be trotting out CBO numbers saying they do not.

      Personally, I think he should do the tax cuts and other economic stimuluses first before allocating the trillion dollars for infrastructure. Foremost among these is to repeal and replace Obamacare. That disaster has been a big drag on the economy. But from what I last heard, Congress is still dragging its heels on putting together a replacement plan.


Trump’s VOICE


      In the audience were four relatives of victims of violence by illegal immigrants. Trump highlighted them in his speech. And this needs to be done. 100,000s of Americans have been the victims of such violence, but the mainstream media has by and large ignored it. To give it too much coverage would belie their desire for open borders and sanctuary cities.

      But that leads to my second caveat. During the speech, Trump mentioned about creating a “Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement” office, or VOICE. Needless to say, that has the left up in arms, with the predictable comparisons to Nazis. I don’t know if a specific task force is needed and such could be too dividing. This was one part of Trump’s speech that might have been best left out.




      The Trump haters will latch onto the preceding two points and ignore the rest of the speech just as they always do. Every time Trump gives speech, that is their practice—highlight the one or two controversial points and ignore the bulk of the speech that is sound, logical, and unifying. And unfortunately, those clips are all most Americans seem to hear.

      But hopefully, this time, these Trump haters heard the real Donald Trump and will understand he is not the demagogue that the media makes him out to be. He in fact has sound plans to make American great again and truly loves America and wants the best for it. If the Trumps haters would just get off of their hands and stop obstructing his efforts, but instead get behind him in doing so, then maybe Trump’s vision for a great American will come to pass.

    Finally, I really loved the President’s closing, “We were all created by the same God.” If he had said, “We all worship the same God ” - that would have been incorrect. But it is very true that we were all created by the same God, “And He made from one blood every nation of human beings to be living on all the face of the earth” (Acts 17:26a; ALT3).

Trump’s Speech to a Joint Session of Congress. Copyright 2017 By Gary F. Zeolla.

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The above article was posted on this website March 2, 2017.

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