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Chronology of Corruption in the US Government and Unjustified Attacks Against President Trump

(From Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Present)

Part Two

By Gary F. Zeolla


This list is continued from:
Chronology of Corruption in the US Government and Unjustified Attacks Against President Trump: Part One.


1.       On May 9, 2017, Donald Trump fires FBI Director James Comey due to his incompetence in dealing with the Hillary scandals.

2.       The media turns Comey’s firing into a claim of obstruction of justice by Trump, ignoring the real reasons he was fired and the fact that as head of the Executive Branch, the President can fire whomever he wants in the Executive Branch for any reason he wants.

3.       In May 2017, it is discovered that during Sessions’ confirmation hearings in January, he did not reveal that he had talked with the Russian ambassador on two occasions. Despite that being a normal activity for a Senator, Sessions recluses himself from all matters related to Russian meddling in the election.

4.       With Sessions unable to investigate Russian meddling and with the faked Steele dossier and with the Democratic party and media’s well-publicized hoax of a Russian/ Trump collusion, Sessions appoints a special counsel to investigate these claims.

5.       On May 17, 2017, former FBI Director Bob Mueller is appointed to head the special counsel investigation.

6.       The main purpose of the special counsel is to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election, but the focus seems to be on supposed Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

7.       Mueller hires mostly Hillary supporters/ Trump-detractors for his investigative team.

8.       Mueller and Comey are close friends, which is a conflict of interest given that Comey is a person of interest in the investigation, but Mueller does not recluse himself.

9.       On July 9, 2017, it is revealed that in June of 2016, Presidents Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, met with Natalia Veselnitskaya, whom the media calls “a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer.” The media goes into a frenzy claiming this is proof of Trump/ Russian collusion, but the media misrepresents the facts of the situation and nothing came of that meeting (see Scrap of Evidence Causes Media Frenzy).

10.   In fact, the Mueller investigation has not found any evidence of Russian/ Trump collusion.

11.   Mueller has instead prosecuted participants in Trump’s campaign for crimes totally unrelated to the campaign or for procedural crimes, meaning crimes caused by the investigation, namely lying to the FBI.

12.   On July 26, 2017, at 3 am, the FBI raids the home of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, without warning. Such actions are usually reserved for suspected drug dealers, who might offer armed resistance and flush the evidence, not for those suspected of white collar crimes who have been fully cooperative, as Manafort had been.

13.   The Mueller investigation is now also trying to pin “obstruction of justice” on President Trump, despite these facts and despite the fact that with no undying crime, there can be no justice to obstruct.

14.   The media continues to report on the Muller investigation as if it has turned up evidence against President Trump.

15.   The media mischaracterizes the protests turned violent in Charlottesville, VA on September 11-12, 2017 and Trump’s comments thereupon, using the tragic events to further their claim that he is a racist (see Alt-Right vs. Alt-Left in Charlottesville, VA).

16.   In the fall of 2017, Hurricane Harvey hits Texas, then Hurricane Erma hits Florida. The Trump administration’s response is swift and excellent, but the media barely gives the administration credit for it.

17.   Then Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico, and the administration’s response is slower. The media cries that is because the people in PR are mostly black and Trump is a racist, totally ignoring that PR is an island, making responding to the disaster there more difficult (see America Has Been Through a Lot—And It’s All Trump’s Fault).

18.   On October 30, 2017, George Papadopoulos, a minor player in Trump’s campaign, pleads guilty to lying to the FBI, while Paul Manafort and his longtime business associate Rick Gates plead not guilty to “charges of conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, and working as unregistered foreign agents” (ABC News).

19.   On November 15, 2017, President Trump takes a drink of water during a press conference, and the media uses that to claim he has some serious health condition like diabetes, without any collaborating evidence.

20.   In his next press conference, President Trump slurs his words, and the media uses that to claim he has had a stroke, without any collaborating evidence.

21.   The media uses Trump’s supposed “outrageous” tweets and other disliked actions to claim he has dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, without any collaborating evidence.

22.   On December 2, 2017, General Flynn is charged with lying to the FBI, to which he pleads guilty. Getting caught in a lie was made possible by him being repeatedly interviewed, so that the FBI could trap him in a discrepancy. Such was not done with Hillary.

23.   On December 3, 2017, it is reported that President Trump asked Comey “To go easy on Flynn.” Comey says he took that as Trump telling him to stop the investigation, and that is said to be “obstruction of justice.” But it was no different than Obama saying he didn’t think Hillary should be indicted.

24.   On December 19, 2017, the Republican-controlled Congress passes a tax bill. President Trump signs it into law three days later

25.   Due to the Republican Tax Plan, over 300 companies give $1,000-3,000 bonuses to over 3 million employees, but Democrats call those bonuses “crumbs,” showing how out of touch they are with average hardworking Americans.

26.   90% of Americans will receive a tax break due to the tax plan, but the media and Democrats continue to say it will only benefit “the rich” (see Democrat and Media Lies About the Republican Tax Plan).

27.   On January 3, 2018, “Attorneys for former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort filed a lawsuit Wednesday in federal court accusing special counsel Robert Mueller and the Justice Department of overreaching with criminal charges brought last fall that included money laundering and tax evasion” (Politico).

28.   On January 5, 2018, Michael Wolff releases his mostly fictional book, Fire and Fury.

29.   The book claims Trump did not want to win the election. That is quite surprising given the ongoing claims of him colluding with Russia in order to win the election. In its excitement over the book, the media doesn’t seem to realize that contradiction.

30.   The media reports endlessly about the book as it were completely true, but never report Wolff’s admission that it is not totally correct. It also ignores that much of it is based on interviews with fired former chief strategist Steve Bannon, but testimonies of disgruntled ex-employees are never reliable. It also does not accept that every current member of the White House disavows the contents of the book. Moreover, “More and more political figures in the US and abroad are questioning the book’s accuracy, along with the methods by which Mr. Wolff wrote the book” (ABC Australia)

31.   On January 11, 2018, in a private meeting with congressmen, President Trump refers to Hatti and some African countries with an expletive. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin tattletales to the media, and once again, Trump is called a racist, when in fact, he was referring to the economic situations of those countries, not the race of their people. But the claim still leads to a government shutdown. (see “*Expletive* Countries” and Government Shutdowns).

32.   On January 16, 2018, the media’s repeated claims that Trump is physically or mentally unfit for office are disproven by President Trump’s First Annual Physical. Not only does the media not apologize for their false claims, but they double-down on them.

33.   With another government shutdown looming, Democrats claim Trump is holding the DACA recipients “hostage” by demanding border protection be included in any DACA deal, while renewing their claims he is a racist. But such inflammatory language shows the Democrats aren’t serious about making a deal nor care about the DACA recipients but just about making political points.

34.   On Ground Hog Day, 2018, Devin Nunes, Republican Chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is instrumental in having a four-page memo released summarizing abuses occurring in the FBI and DoJ (Department of Justice).

35.   Nunes and Representative Trey Gowdy are the main authors of the memo. Gowdy is one of just three people who has read all of the classified material underlying the memo.

36.   Democrats, the FBI, and the DoJ tried to stop the release of the memo, claiming it contains confidential sources and methods and so would jeopardize national security. When it is released, it is clear that is not the case.

37.   The media tries to downplay the importance of the Nunes memo, claiming it is “a big nothing” and “a dud.” But it is very damaging to the reputations of the FBI and DoJ by exposing collusion and bias in those agencies towards Hillary and against President Trump.

38.   The media touts that Gowdy has said the Mueller investigation would have occurred without the Steele dossier. That is true, as again, the Mueller investigation is supposed to be primary about investigating Russian meddling in the election. But it still holds true, there would have been no hoax of a Trump/ Russian collusion without the dossier.

39.   All of this collusion between the media, Democrats, many in the FBI and DoJ, and other Obama holdovers still working in the US government is due to all of them not being able to accept the fact that Trump won the election and due to their hatred for him.

40.   None of these facts would have come to light if (God forbid) Hillary had been elected President.

41.   In fact, all of the players in all of this corruption just assumed she would win, and thus all of this corruption would never have been exposed.

42.   On January 19, 2018, the hatred for President Trump among some involved in the investigation into Russian meddling in the election is revealed by texts released between FBI agents and lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. They are removed from the investigation but are not fired nor disciplined.

43.   Despite all of these distractions, President Trump has a very successful first year in office with numerous major accomplishments (see One Year of Productive Leadership).

44.   The media barely reports about any these accomplishments.

45.   The media instead focuses on the Trump/ Russian collusion hoax, the faulty claim of obstruction of justice, and their other lies about President Trump.

46.   On January 30, 2018, President Trump gives his first State of the Union Address. In it, he highlights his administration’s many accomplishments, while presenting many genuine American heroes, masterfully weaving their stories into his address to illustrate his points.

47.   Democrats sit on their hands, looking like they’re sucking on lemons throughout the speech, even when the President announces that the unemployment rate among blacks and Hispanics is at an all-time low, exposing Democrats as hating Trump more than they care about minorities

48.   The Democratic response by Representative Joe Kennedy ignores Trump’s speech, his accomplishments, and the heroes’ stories and instead presents liberal talking points.

49.   The media also ignores Trump’s speech, his accomplishments, and the heroes’ stories and instead calls his speech “hate-filled” and “racist,” then it turns the discussion back to Russia.

50.   On February 6, 2018, the House approves the release of a ten-page memo by Democrat Adam Schiff, who is also a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which was written in response to Nunes’ memo.

51.   “A source who read the FISA rebuttal memo told Fox News earlier this week that it is filled with sources and methods taken from the original documents. The source argued that this was done to strategically force the White House to either deny release of the memo or substantially redact it, so that Democrats could accuse the White House of making redactions for political reasons” (Fox News; White House). In other words, it is a setup to make it seem like Trump is trying to cover something up, when in fact, he is just protecting our national security.

52.   Meanwhile, Devin Nunes says the release of his memo was just “Phase 1.” There will be at least two more phases exposing more corruption from anti-Trump forces in the government.

53.   Five additional Republican memos are expected, with the next one to be released said to reveal abuses at the State Department.

54.   Sarah Carter, an investigative reporter who was instrumental in getting the Nunes memo released, says there is a second dossier and other incriminating evidence of corruption in the US government that will be coming to light in the near future.

55.   On February 7, 2018, additional texts are released between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. They reveal that Comey knew about the newly found emails a month before announcing to Congress that he was reopening the Hillary email case. No explanation is given for the delay. The texts also say Obama “wants to know everything” (Fox News; FBI).

56.   Some news outlets take the latter statement as referring to the Hillary email investigation. But this text was sent on September 3, 2016, just three days after the House asked the FBI to investigate possible Russian interference in the election, so it was probably in that regard.

57.   But that means Obama knew about possible Russian interference in the election well before the election, but little was done about it. That was possibly because he assumed Hillary would win regardless of any Russian meddling, so he didn’t want to upset the cart. It was only after Trump’s surprising victory that Russian meddling became an issue.

58.   Putting several threads together, it is clear Obama had a hand in exonerating Hillary; he was instrumental in members of Trump’s campaign being “wiretapped,” he was responsible for the leaks in the early days of the Trump administration due to the relaxing of Executive Order 12333, and he ignored Russian interference in the election due to assuming Hillary would win anyways.

59.   In my article Obama’s Legacy written in December 2016, I state “Obama is correct, there has been no major scandals during his presidency.” Given all of this information that has come to light since then, I retract that statement.

60.   On February 8, 2018, the Senate passes a two-year spending bill to avoid another government shutdown. The bill increases domestic, foreign, and military spending so much that it will add $300-500 billion to the national deficit and a trillion each year to the debt, as there are no spending cuts in it to offset the increases as there was with Trump’s 2017 budget proposal.

61.   For that reason, Senator Rand Paul filibusters it, leading to a temporary government shutdown of a few hours. Republican members of the House Freedom Caucus also object to it on those grounds.

62.   Meanwhile, Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had engaged in an eight-hour filibuster, urging House Democrats to oppose any spending bill if it does not include a fix for DACA.

63.   But despite those objections, and with a promise to work on DACA and immigration in general, the bill passes by a 71-28 vote in the Senate and a 240-186 vote in the House, so it is bipartisan. As such, President Trump has little choice but to sign it, lest he be blamed for single-handedly shutting down the government, though he notes he is unhappy with the spending increases.

64.   But what will probably happen is, as the federal deficit and debt explodes, the media and Democrats will blame Trump for it. But remember, almost a year before, President Trump had proposed a budget with offsetting budget cuts, but he was vilified for it, and Congress rejected it out of hand.

65.   Moreover, despite being a two-year deal, if an appropriations bill is not passed, the government could still shut down on March 23, 2018. If it does, I am sure the media will somehow spin it to be Trump’s fault.

66.   I am also sure the media, Democrats, and other anti-Trumpers will not let up on their attacks on the President, using every possible tactic, both legal and illegal.

67.   Here is praying President Trump is able to “drain the swamp” and weed out this corruption from the US government.

68.   Here is also praying President Trump will continue to plough on despite these unjustified attacks against him in his continuing successful efforts to Make America Great Again.

69.   Finally, liberals often chide evangelical Christians as being hypocritical for supporting a crude, sexist, racist, uncaring person like Trump. Well, this evangelical does not support Trump’s use of crude or foul language, as I made clear in my articles Trump’s Crude Comments About Women and “*Expletive* Countries” and Government Shutdowns. But the other charges are bogus, as this list makes clear. I also despise unjustified attacks on anyone, hence this list.

70.   Meanwhile, the reason I support President Trump is his conservative polices benefit people, as I make clear in my articles 100 Days of Productive Leadership and One Year of Productive Leadership, while liberal policies hurt people. That is why I am a conservative politically, as conservative principles work, while liberal principles do not, and the Christian position is to help people not hurt them. But I will chide President Trump when he is overly crude.

71. Last minute update: The Democratic memo does in fact contain “numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages.” As such, “The White House on Friday [February 9, 2018] told Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to redraft their rebuttal to a controversial GOP memo alleging government surveillance abuse during the 2016 campaign, saying sensitive details need to be stripped out before the document can be made public” (Fox News. White House).

72. That is the right move, as classified materials cannot be released to the public. But perfectly according to the Democrats’ scheme, Democrats and the media are already saying President Trump is trying to hide something. And so it goes; the Democrats and the media continue to use every possible subterfuge to disparage President Donald J. Trump.


For a follow-up to this two-part article, see the two-part article:
Eventful Three Months in Politics: With President Trump in the Midst of Most of It (Mid-February to Mid-May 2018).


      See: Chronology of Corruption in the US Government and Unjustified Attacks Against President Trump (From Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Present): References for Parts One and Two.

Chronology of Corruption in the US Government and Unjustified Attacks Against President Trump: Part Two. Copyright 2018 By Gary F. Zeolla.

The First Impeachment of Donald J. Trump

    This three-volume set covers the impeachment of Donald J. Trump that occurred over the fall of 2019 to the winter of 2020.  It was yet one more attempt to oust the President from office by Democrats, who never accepted he won in 2016. A complaint about a phone call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky led to an impeachment inquiry to begin in early September 2019. Along the way, the corruption of Joe Biden that Trump wanted investigated and which led to the impeachment inquiry is discussed.

The above article was posted on this website February 10, 2018.

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