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Why Vote Republican?
Why Vote Democrat?

By Gary F. Zeolla


      Following is a list of President Trump’s accomplishments since he took office in January 2016. If Donald Trump were not President, none of this would have happened. And if he did not have a Republican Congress working with him, much of this would not have been possible. Consider all of this before you vote in the midterm elections.


1.       Bustling economy

2.       Tax cuts for all workers

3.       Bonuses for millions of Americans

4.       Highest consumer confidence in many years

5.       Easing of regulations on businesses

6.       300+ executive actions reducing bureaucracy

7.       Rescinding the worse aspects of Obamacare, the corporate and personal mandates

8.       4.2% economic growth in 2nd quarter of 2018

9.       3.5% economic growth in 3rd quarter of 2018

10.   Six straight quarters of >2% of economic growth

11.   GDP on pace for best year since 2005

12.   <4% unemployment rate

13.   Record low unemployment rates for minorities

14.   Record low unemployment rates for women

15.   Record low unemployment rates for 14 states

16.   Companies moving back to the US

17.   One million more job openings than people on unemployment

18.   The first time job openings have exceed unemployment

19.   Job openings at record 7.1 million

20.   Wages are beginning to rise (just as I predicted would happen on my politics website)

21.   400,000 new manufacturing jobs

22.   4,000,000 people off of food stamps

23.   Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

24.   US embassy being moved to Jerusalem

25.   Improvements in border security

26.   The Wall being built, despite Democrat opposition

27.   81,000 illegal aliens deported

28.   MS 13 gang members being arrested and deported

29.   Promise to stop caravans of 1,000s of illegal immigrants

30.   Repeal of the unconstitutional law known as DACA

31.   Improvement in Veteran’s Administration

32.   Opening up of Anwar for drilling

33.   Opening up off-shore drilling

34.   Allowing construction of Keystone and Dakota oil pipelines

35.   Increased funding for military

36.   $6 Billion in new funding for opioid epidemic

37.   Additional measures to combat opioid epidemic

38.   Steps being taken to secure Social Security

39.   Passed “right-to-try” allowing gravely ill patients to bypass FDA for experimental medicines

40.   Plan to lower prescription drug costs.

41.   Two Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court

42.   Stood by Kavanaugh despite the unseemly attacks of the left

43.   26 conservative judges on Federal Appellate Courts

44.   41 judges on US District Courts

45.   Pro-Life movement on an upswing

46.   Taking the USA out of unconstitutional Paris Climate Accord

47.   Taking the USA out of unconstitutional Iranian Nuclear Deal

48.   Possibility of a denuclearized North Korean

49.   North and South Korea talking again and working together

50.   Release of US hostages from North Korea

51.   Release of Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey

52.   Total of 17 hostages released, without a penny paid in ransom

53.   Release of the remains of 55 US soldiers from North Korea

54.   Faulty NAFTA replaced by the much better USMCA

55.   Improved trade deal with the European Union

56.   Religious freedom protected in the US and around the world

57.   Drawing and keeping a red line with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

58.   ISIS all but destroyed

59.   No major terroristic attacks during Ramadan 2018, after many in previous years

60.   Revived patriotism

61.   Many meetings with foreign leaders

62.   Improved relations with and increased respect from foreign countries

63.   Obeying Congressional laws and the Constitution

64.   Well-managed and effective responses to numerous natural disasters and tragedies

65.   Exposure of the illegal activities of the deep state during the 2016 election

66.   Ongoing investigations eventually leading to prosecutions of deep state actors


If you have not heard of all of these accomplishments, that is because the mainstream media’s coverage of President Trump has been 91% negative. They focus on the Trump/ Russian collusion hoax, Stormy Daniels, and any other scandal they can make up or on any of Trump’s comments they can twist into something negative, so as not to have to report about all of his achievements.

Meanwhile, former President Obama is trying to take credit for all of the good economic news reflected in the preceding list. But that is disingenuous, to say the least. It was the strength of the American capitalistic system that enabled the economy to rebound after the economic meltdown of 2018. It had nothing to do with Obama’s policies.

As Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway put it, “He [Obama] didn’t build that economy. President Trump did, and everybody knows it.”

In fact, Obama’s policies kept the rebound from the recession from happening quicker and being more robust. It was the slowest recovery from a recession since the Great Depression due to his unwise policies. Obama’s policies then kept the economy in a stagnate state, never exceeding 2% economic growth for any year of his presidency.

Things would have been even worse under Obama if the Federal Reserve Bank (aka, “the Fed”) wasn’t propping up the economy by lowering and keeping interested rates at 0% throughout Obama’s presidency. But once Trump took office, the Fed began raising interest rates, which have kept the economy from booming even more that it is. In fact, those raised rates are one reason the economy “only” grew by 3.5% in 3Q, down from the 4.2% in 2Q.

Meanwhile, Obama himself declared that manufacturing jobs “were never coming back” during the 2016 election. And they would not have under his policies. But thanks to Trump’s polices, they are coming back with a roar, as is the economy in general.

But if Democrats take control of Congress and later the Presidency, all of this good economic news and much else in this list of Trump’s accomplishments could be undone. That is why I support Trump and will vote for him again in 2020 and for Republicans this year.

But what will Democrats do if they take control of Congress in the midterm election this year and of the presidency in 2020? Following is what they have promised or would be logical consequences of their stated policies and their practices we have seen in recent weeks.


1.       Impeach President Donald Trump

2.       Investigate and impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh

3.       Tear the country more apart with these impeachments

4.       Rescind the tax cuts, slowing down economic growth

5.       Double-down on Obamacare

6.       Medicare for all, at a cost of $32 trillion over ten years

7.       Explode the national debt

8.       Open borders

9.       Allow caravans of illegal immigrants to enter US unfettered

10.   Abolish ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement)

11.   Illegal aliens allowed to vote, receive government freebies

12.   MS 13 gang members and drugs flowing freely into the USA

13.   Loss of the rule of law, right to due process, and the presumption of innocence

14.   Guilty by accusation without collaboration

15.   Character assassinations

16.   Identity politics

17.   Mob rule

18.   Police state tactics

19.   Socialism

20.   Gun confiscation

21.   Reduced religious freedom

22.   Stopping of the investigations into the illegal activities of the deep state, so that no one will ever be prosecuted


      As a lifelong Democrat close to me said to me after the raucous atmosphere outside the Kavanaugh swearing in ceremony put it, “Why would anyone vote for a Democrat?”


Why Vote Republican? Why Vote Democrat?. Copyright 2018 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above article was posted on this website October 22, 2018.

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