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Come May One, I’m Done

(Retraction, and I’ve Been Duped)

By Gary F. Zeolla


      In this article, I will express my fears that the draconian Coronavirus (CV) restrictions might continue indefinitely for those of us who followed the rules. I will also discuss the fact that Americans being unhealthy is why the CV is hitting America so hard. But first, a retraction of a part of an earlier article.




      On April 4, 2020, I wrote:

      Healthcare workers and other such essential personal need to be given the antibody tests as soon as possible. Those who test positive, showing they have had and have recovered from the virus, can safely go back to working with CV patients with no worries.

      As such testing becomes more widespread, those in other fields who test positive can also safely go back to work without fears of being infected or of infecting others. And again, I truly believe the number of those who have been infected and have recovered is far greater than we currently think (see Nursing Home Deaths). 

      However, I now realize there is a fatal flaw in this proposal, at least in the second paragraph, so I need to retract it. That flaw is how this proposal for widespread antibody testing could lead to the draconian restrictions being continued indefinitely for those of us who followed the rules, while those who did not will get rewarded with a “Freedom Card.”


Is This Fair?


      I have heard it proposed by many people, including conservative talk show host Sean Hannity, that there needs to be widespread antibody testing. Those who test positive, meaning they have had the CV, but have recovered from it and thus are no immune to it, should be given government issued cards or maybe green stickers on their driver’s licenses indicating they are “safe” and can resume normal life. But those who test negative, meaning they have not had the virus, should not get such a card or should get a red sticker on their driver’s license, indicating they need to continue to self-isolation.

      This sounds logical, until you realize what it means. Those who broke all of the guidelines, who did not practice social distancing or self-isolation, but who went out and partied, gathered in groups, went on spring break, having fun, got infected, then infected others, they will be rewarded with a “Freedom Card” (or “Certificate of Immunity”) and can go back to life as normal.

      Meanwhile, those of us who followed the rules, self-isolated, practiced social distancing and even wore masks when we went out, kept ourselves from getting infected or infecting others, will be punished for our good behavior by being forced to continue these measures, possibly for a year or longer, until a vaccine is available.

      DOES THAT SOUND FAIR? It doesn’t to me. It sounds like a police state and a complete abrogation of all civil and Constitutional rights. In fact, I feel like I’ve been duped for following the rules.


My Plan


      I have mentioned before that the CV restrictions do not affect me that much, due to my health situation (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) already causing me to living a mostly isolated life and practicing social distancing during the rare occasions I do leave my home. The only place where it really hit me was when my powerlifting contest back on April 4 was canceled. That was to be one of the few times I would leave my home for a “non-essential” reason, and I was really looking forward to it and was very disappointed when it was canceled.

      I now have plans for a contest in the fall, in September or October, depending on when a contest in my area is available and how my training goes. But if I test negative for the virus antibodies, will that mean I will be restricted from traveling and participating in that contest? From what I have heard, that is a distinct possibility.

      As such, I will give it until May one, then I am done with abiding by the restrictions. By then, I figure the researchers and doctors will have figured out if hydroxychloroquine or some other antiviral works or not, and which works best. Whenever I go out after May 1st, probably for groceries, I will not wear a face mask and will not practice social distancing beyond what I have already been doing.

      In fact, I might force myself to try to get close to people despite my health situation, and if I know someone who is infected, I might go up and give him or her a big hug. That way, I can get infected now, have time to recover, then still have time to train and compete in the fall. I will just hope and pray I do not get too sick. But if I do, I will call my doctor and demand a prescription for hydroxychloroquine or whatever antiviral by then is showing the best promise. If I infect someone else, I will tell them to do the same.

      However, if I never get infected and test negative on the antibody test, I will not accept any restrictions on my behavior. If the authorities try to force me, it will be time for some civil disobedience. I just am not going to accept the draconian government overreach beyond May 1, 2020.


Risk Factors


      I have heard two of the main risk factors for experiencing adverse consequences from the CV are hypertension and diabetes. Sadly, many Americans have one or both of these. These two risk factors are behavior related. They are both caused by an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

      I have been warning and writing about Americans being unhealthy for decades. Sadly, that problem is coming home to roost with the CV. It is why the CV is hitting America so hard.

      In fact, I heard a female doctor on TV say that whenever she treats young patients (in their 20s-30s) who are experiencing adverse consequences from the CV, she always tests their blood sugar. And almost every time, it is sky-high, usually over 400 (normal is about 100). In other words, they have undiagnosed diabetes, most certainly caused by again, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. It is in fact why younger Americans are dying. But when our Surgeon General tried to point that out, he was vilified for it. “Don’t blame the victim.” But in this case, yes, the victims need to be told it is their unhealthy behaviors that have brought on their situation.

      This is also why I have been railing about the closing of gyms and parks. It is hard enough to get Americans to exercise as it is. But making it even more difficult makes no sense. Many people who did not have hypertension and diabetes before this crisis began due to their exercising might develop it now due to not being able to engage in that exercise.

      This is why I thank God I set up a home gym 15 years ago. It more than paid for itself years ago in terms of saved gym membership fees. But now, it could very well save my life, as it is my vigorous powerlifting training that has kept might keep me from developing hypertension or diabetes, that along with following a healthy diet for most of my life. See my health and fitness books for further of my thoughts in these regards.

      But here, that is especially important as I am at the borderline in terms of age for having adverse consequences. It is said most who do so are over 60. I am 59. I have many health problems, but none which put me at high risk of adverse consequences from the CV, such as hypertension and diabetes. In those respects, I am far healthier than most my age. That is why I would feel comfortable stopping to follow the guidelines and risking getting infected. I doubt I would have adverse consequences. But still, just in case, it is prudent to wait to take that risk until a viable treatment is available.


Fatal Flaw of Masks


      Before closing this article, I wanted to mention a fatal flaw I noticed with wearing masks the last time I went to Pittsburgh’s East End Food Co-op. I had made a homemade bandana and had it tied up real nicely. But when I got to the produce aisle, I could not open the little bags to put the produce in without licking my fingers. I’m serious!

      The produce bags at the Co-op are compostable and are available on a roll, so they are very thin and are folded up tight. Try as I might, I could not get it opened without licking my fingers. After I did that a few times, the bandana wouldn’t stay in place, and I figured I had defeated the purpose, so I just gave up on it. I can’t be the only person who had this problem, am I?

      The point is, wearing masks in public is just not practical.




      I am not telling the reader to disobey the authorities and to stop abiding by the government mandated restrictions. I just want to forewarn you about the possible coming police state and that abiding by those restrictions might come back to haunt you.

      If you are elderly or have other underlying health problems that put you at high risk of adverse consequences from the CV, you need to take precautions. But be prepared to continue to do so for the next year or more, until a vaccine is available. But for the rest of us, well, use this information as you see fit. I am not responsible for adverse consequences you might experience. These are just my thoughts for myself, not for anyone else.


Come May One, I’m Done (Retraction, and I’ve Been Duped). Copyright 2020 by Gary F. Zeolla (

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