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Joe Biden Tweets During the Second Year of His Failing Presidency, Volume One

Promoting Sin and Death, Causing Bidenflation, and Spewing Hate and Division
January through May 2022

Book and eBook by Gary F. Zeolla,
the Director of Darkness to Light ministry

      In many ways, Biden’s economic policies have been disastrous for the country. However, in his tweets on his @POTUS account on Twitter, he not only defends these policies but promotes them as being good for the country. But maybe worse than his economic policies is his promotion of sin and death, the former via his promotion of the LGBTQ movement, pagan holidays, and abortion, and the latter again by his promotion of abortion and via his open-door southern border policies.

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The Five Volumes

    Americans are struggling to make ends meet, seniors returning to the work force and younger workers are taking second jobs due to Bidenflation, there is an open southern border, with illegal aliens and fentanyl and other illicit drugs flooding through it, with over 100,000 Americans a year dying of drug overdoses as a result, our kids being sexualized and taught to be racists in our schools, there is a never-ending war in Ukraine, violence is growing in our streets, including random acts of violence and a record number of mass shootings, there is a growing lack of respect for human property and human life, and a majority of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. That is Biden’s America. I explain how we got here due to his failed policies in this series of five books.

Joe Biden Tweets During the First Year of His Failing Presidency, Volume One: Reversing Trump, while Dividing and Destroying America, January through July 2021

Joe Biden Tweets During the First Year of His Failing Presidency, Volume Two: Reversing Trump, while Dividing and Destroying America, August 2021 through January 2022

Joe Biden Tweets During the Second Year of His Failing Presidency, Volume One: Promoting Sin and Death, Causing Bidenflation, and Spewing Hate and Division, January through May 2022

Joe Biden Tweets During the Second Year of His Failing Presidency, Volume Two: Promoting Sin and Death, Causing Bidenflation, and Spewing Hate and Division, June through September 2022

Joe Biden Tweets During the Second Year of His Failing Presidency, Volume Three: Promoting Sin and Death, Causing Bidenflation, and Spewing Hate and Division, October through December 2022, Plus Updates for Early 2023 (forthcoming)


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      Joseph R. Biden Jr. was inaugurated as President of the United States (POTUS) on January 20, 2021. During his first year in office, his main goal seemed to be to reverse everything his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, accomplished during his four years as President.

      Biden also pushed through several economic bills that together cost trillions of dollars. By doing so, he caused inflation to skyrocket, which many termed Bidenflation. But rather than learning from his failures, in his second year in office, he continued to push for passage of bills that cost trillions more, keeping that Bidenflation elevated.

      In many other ways, his economic policies were disastrous for the country. However, in his tweets on his @POTUS account on Twitter, he not only defends these policies but promotes them as being good for the country.

      But maybe worse than his economic policies is his promotion of sin and death. By “Sin” in the subtitle of this book is meant the sin of the LGBTQ movement. He made himself the self-proclaimed advocate for this sinful and destructive movement. He also promotes sin by his endorsement of pagan holidays, while misrepresenting Christian and Jewish ones.

    Another way he promotes sin is by his unabashed support of abortion. But since abortion is really the killing of unborn babies, that is the “death” part of the subtitle. He also promoted death via his open-door southern border policies.

      That open door encouraged many migrants from Central and South American to make the dangerous trek to the United States, with many of them dying along the way and while trying to cross the border.

      That open door also allowed tons of fentanyl and other dangerous illicit drugs to flood across the border, leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans via suicide and drug overdoses.

      But rather than turning from these deadly and destructive polices, Biden double-downed on them by labeling as “extremists” anyone who disagreed with them. He especially turned his hateful and divisive rhetoric towards those of us who believe life begins at conception, that marriage is between one man and one woman, and there are only two genders, and you cannot change from one to the other.

      However, those are the scientific, historical, and Biblical positions, while the opposites are couched in sin and self-absorption. But the opposites are the only acceptable opinions in Biden’s mind and are the positions Biden supports and promotes in his tweets.


The Dates Covered and Content of this Book


      This author’s two-volume set Joe Biden Tweets During the First Year of His Failing Presidency: Reversing Trump, while Dividing and Destroying America records all of Biden’s tweets from January 20, 2021 to January 20, 2022. That set is referred to in this book as Bidens Tweets; First Year, with maybe the volume number added.

      This Volume One of this three-volume set picks up with Biden’s tweets from the first day of his second year in office to the end of May, or from of January 21 to May 31, 2022. Volume Two will cover Biden’s tweets from June 1 to October 15, 2022. Volume Three will cover Biden’s tweets from October 16 to December 31, 2022 and will include economic and other updates for early 2023.

      Chapters are numbered consecutively through all three volumes. In that way, the chapter number corresponds to the month number for all of 2022. October is split up to even up the volumes. The two parts are distinguished as Chapter 10a and 10b.

      As with Biden’s Tweets; First Year, this set also includes my comments that I posted on Twitter in response to Biden’s tweets. Some of my comments were added later and reflect later developments. I have also added an occasional “Extended Comment” to provide further context and commentary to some of Biden’s tweets.

      Some of my comments are in the second person and refer to “you”. These are my responses to Biden’s tweets that I posted on Twitter and are directed towards him. Others are in the third person and refer to “Biden.” These are the ones written just for this book.


Biden’s Intention to Run


      In 2022, Biden declared it was his “intention” to run for a second term as President. He made it official on April 25, 2023. That is why I continued this series through the second year of his presidency. Come 2024, much of the focus will be on his third and fourth years, but this series will remind voters of his failures in his first two years in office.

      This series of books  provides the definitive record of those failures in Biden’s first two years as President. These failures should not be forgotten, as they laid the foundation for his continual failures in his subsequent years as President.

Chapters Excerpts


Chapter One

Biden’s @POTUS Tweets

January 2022


      In this three-volume set, Biden’s tweets are recorded chronologically by date, though sometimes tweets have been reordered within a given day to group them by topic. Most all of Biden’s tweets are recorded, with only less important and redundant ones omitted.

      The tweets are not put into block quotes, as that would extend this book by many pages. However, Biden’s tweets are always prefaced by the name line, “President Biden @POTUS.” Retweets are indicated by the name line of the original tweeter, with the person’s name and Twitter handle. Biden’s tweets and retweets always end with the date of the tweet (e.g., Jan 21, 2022).

      The tweets are copied in full, without alteration, except to adjust the paragraphing for the sake of space. URLs for videos are included. These are clickable links in digital versions of this book.

      Comments by this writer are offset by “To comment.” Longer comments by me are prefaced by a subtitle reading: “Extended Comment” and the topic of the comment. They end with “Back to Biden.” ...


January 22, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      Jill and I are saddened to hear two NYPD officers were shot last night — one fatally. We’re keeping them and their families in our prayers. Officers put on the badge and head into harm’s way every day. We’re grateful to them and their families for their extraordinary sacrifice. Jan 22, 2022


      To comment, you might be saddened, but it is your Democrat cronies’ vilification of the police that has led to such a disrespect for law enforcement that led to these situations becoming increasingly common. The police need to be honored and funded, not vilified and defunded.


President Biden @POTUS

      The constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade 49 years ago today is under assault as never before. We must recommit to strengthening access to reproductive care, defending the right established by Roe, and protecting the freedom of all people to build their own future. Jan 22, 2022


Extended Comment

No Right to Kill Unborn Babies


      There never was a “constitutional right” to kill unborn babies. Such is never even hinted at in the US Constitution. It was invented out of thin air by the 1973 Supreme Court. But thanks to Trump, we now have a Supreme Court that believes in interpreting the Constitution as written. And yes, that might lead to the wrongly decided Roe v. Wade decision being overturned. If it does, I will thank God that the 49-year efforts of pro-lifers is coming to fruition.

      However, that does not mean the killing of unborn babies will now be outlawed in the United States. It will just return the issue to the states, where it was before Roe v. Wade and should have remained all along. Once it does, it is my hope and prayer each state realizes it is its responsibility to defend the right of the unborn to exist and to have a future.

      Please note the differing terminology. Biden, as with the left in general, will consistently use terms such as abortion rights, reproductive care, reproductive rights, the right to choose, freedom, and the “banning” of such, while I will refer to the killing of unborn babies and the saving of the lives of unborn babies. That is because the left likes to hide what abortion really entails.

      Note also, the left’s new definition of “freedom” is the ability to kill unborn babies. If such is not allowed, they do not feel free.

      My two-volume set God’s Sex Plan discuss the issue of the killing of unborn babies and all related matters in depth.

      What the Old Testament Teaches About Human Sexuality

      What the New Testament Teaches About Human Sexuality

      Back to Biden....


Chapter Two

Biden’s @POTUS Tweets

February 2022


      These Biden @POTUS Tweets are continued from Chapter One.



February 1, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      Our nation was founded on an idea: that all of us are created equal. As we celebrate National Black History Month, we recommit ourselves to reach for that founding promise and fight for the equity, opportunity, and dignity that every Black American is due in equal measure. Feb 1, 2022


      To comment, equality, yes. Equity, no. The difference is: equality means equal opportunity; equity means equal outcomes. The former is possible and fair to all. The latter is impossible and requires quotas, affirmative action, and other discriminatory measures to try to achieve.

      Also, I am very offended by this new idea that the word “black” should be capitalized, but the word “white” should not be. That is racist at its core. Either capitalize both or don’t capitalize either. In this book, I will not capitalize either, which is my pattern in all of my writings.


President Biden @POTUS

      Yesterday, Jill and I got to celebrate Lunar New Year with White House Staff. We send our warmest greetings to everyone celebrating — and we wish you peace, prosperity, and health in the year ahead. [picture of a large gathering inside some hall in the White House, with everyone wearing masks] Feb 1, 2022


      To comment, as President, I guess you have to pretend you care about every possible holiday out there, even ones that are not traditional western holidays. That is why I could never be a politician.

      At least “Lunar New Year” is not a pagan holiday, but as we proceed, it will be seen Biden, despite being a self-professed Catholic, will have no qualms about celebrating pagan holidays, while misunderstanding Jewish and Christian ones.


President Biden @POTUS

      Today, the Vice President and I met with Senator Durbin and Senator Grassley on the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy. I look forward to nominating someone with extraordinary experience and integrity — someone who will make history as the first Black woman nominated to the Court. [picture of the meeting] Feb 1, 2022


Extended Comment

Only Black Women Need Apply


      Justice Stephen G. Breyer, the Supreme Court’s 83-year-old liberal pragmatist, plans to retire this year, clearing the way for President Joe Biden to make his first appointment to the high court.

      Breyer, a 1994 appointee of President Bill Clinton, is the senior member of the three-justice liberal bloc, and his retirement is unlikely to change the court’s ideological balance.

      But it should allow Democrats to replace him with a younger and possibly more assertive progressive. The confirmation process is likely to dominate Democrats’ agenda in 2022 (Trib Live/ AP. Supreme).


      This would not have been a controversial pick, since it is replacing a liberal Justice with a liberal Justice. But what has made it controversial is Biden promising to only consider black women for candidates.

      However, by eliminating 93% of the potential candidates, Biden is ensuring he will nominate someone who is as unqualified as Kamala is for VP. Not that there are not competent black women, it is just that the man nominating her is incompetent.

      Moreover, three out of four Americans want all those who are qualified to be considered, without the affirmative action qualification.


      The ABC News/Ipsos poll, conducted Jan. 28-29, found that less than a quarter of Americans (23%) believe Biden should “consider only nominees who are Black women, as he has pledged to do.” Meanwhile, 76% of respondents said Biden should consider all options for nominees.

      The responses vary by party lines. Among Republicans, 95% said Biden should “consider all” replacements for Breyer, while 54% of Democrats believe the same (Just the News. Most).


      Therefore, conservatives want the best person for the job, while liberals care more about identity politics than qualifications. As far as I am concerned, it is the latter view that is racist.

      Moreover, in a way I feel sorry for the eventual nominee. No matter how qualified she might be, millions of Americans will believe she was only picked because of her skin color and gender. As a result, right off the bat, she will lack the respect due a Supreme Court Justice.


      As Biden prepares to nominate the first Black woman to the nation’s highest court, members of this small, elite group are watching with complicated emotions….

      But along with that excitement is frustration that it has taken more than two centuries for this moment to arrive. And Black women in the legal community are bracing for the possibility that the yet-to-be-named nominee will be judged unfairly as an affirmative action appointment.

      “People are going to say she only got this because she was a Black woman, and that could not be further from the truth. She would not even be considered if she wasn’t qualified, prepared and ready,” said Ms. Profit, 38. “There will be a segment that will discredit her ability to serve” (NYT. Black).


      However, this pick could help the sagging poll numbers of Biden and Dems in general.


      Democrats stung by a series of election year failures to deliver legislative wins for their most loyal voters hope they’ll be buoyed by the prospect that President Joe Biden will name the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

      Justice Stephen Breyer’s pending retirement, confirmed by numerous sources on Wednesday [1/26/22], couldn’t have come at a better time for a Democratic Party reeling from the collapse of Biden’s legislative agenda last week, including a push to overhaul election laws that voting rights advocates said was critical to protecting democracy (AP. Democrats).


      This is why Breyer was urged to retired now, Dems did not want him to wait, possibly die unexpected after the midterm elections, when Dems could very well lose control of the Senate. That could have set up a gridlock over confirming Biden’s pick.


      Breyer is preventing another gridlocked crisis between a Democratic president and a Republican Senate that erodes the court’s legitimacy….

      Breyer’s swan song is a relief for the many Democrats who feel the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a tragic mistake by refusing to retire, despite multiple bouts with cancer, during Barack Obama’s presidency when he could have chosen a like-minded successor (NBC News. Supreme).


      If Ginsburg had retired during Obama’s presidency, he would have replaced here with another liberal Justice. But as it was, Ginsburg died during Trump’s presidency. That enabled Trump to replace the very liberal Ginsburg with the conservative Amy Coney Barrett. That gave the Court a solid 6-3 or 5-4 conservative majority, depending on if you count Chief Justice John Roberts as conservative or not. Back to Biden.


CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk

      Two campus officers were shot and killed during an active shooter situation at Bridgewater College in Virginia, an official says. Feb 1, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      Another senseless shooting has taken the lives of two brave officers. Jill and I are praying for the families of those lost.

      Gun violence against law enforcement officers is sickening, and it must end. Feb 1, 2022


Extended Comment

Two Police Officers Killed, and the National Debt


      Oh my. I hadn’t heard about this one until this tweet. Prayers for their families and coworkers. But it is what you get when your Dem cronies and BLM vilify the police, lie, and say white cops are out hunting unarmed black men, and scream “Defund the police!” That rhetoric leads to a disrespect for law enforcement, and it all comes from the left.


      Later, I came across a news story about this shooting:

      Two police officers have died following a shooting Tuesday [2/1/22] afternoon at Bridgewater College in Virginia, authorities stated. The shooting occurred at 1:20 p.m., and a male suspect was apprehended at 1:55 p.m., the college stated in a press release (Just the News. Two).


      Before moving on to Groundhog Day (yes, that’s a thing), the following is worth noting:


      The U.S. national debt passed $30 trillion for the first time in U.S. history on Tuesday [2/1/22], according to Treasury Department data….

      The federal government ran a budget deficit of $2.8 trillion in fiscal year 2021, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center (Just the News. National)....


February 3, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      Today, I’m in New York City to meet with local leaders and discuss our comprehensive strategy to combat gun crime. Together, we can reduce gun violence and make our communities safer. Feb 3, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      Join me as I participate in a Gun Violence Strategies Partnership meeting. [59:04 video] Feb 3, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      Last year, I announced a comprehensive strategy to tackle the spike in gun crime across the country. Today, I’m announcing additional actions to reduce gun crime and make our communities safer. [link to a statement titled, “President Biden Announces More Actions to Reduce Gun Crime And Calls on Congress to Fund Community Policing and Community Violence Intervention”] Feb 3, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      I will keep doing everything I can to make our communities safer, but Congress needs to do its part:

      - Pass universal background checks

      - Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines

      - Close loopholes and repeal the liability shield for gun manufacturers. Feb 3, 2022


Extended Comment

Proposed Gun Control Measures


      I will comment briefly on each of these proposals.

      On the first, there are already “universal background checks.” You cannot legally purchase a gun without undergoing one. The only exception is when a family member gives or sells his or her gun to another family member, such as a father giving his gun to his son. This proposal would bring the government into the family

      On the second, there is no such things as an “assault weapon.” That is a made-up leftist term. The correct terminology is semi-automatic rifle. That difference is important, as it affects which firearms would be included in such a ban. Sometimes, just a cosmetic difference could render one gun under the ban and another unaffected.

      But whatever the terminology, the ban of such was tried, back in the 1990s. Though there is much debate on the effects, overall, it made little difference in gun violence.

      On the second half of the second point, what are “high-capacity magazines?” Ten shots? Twenty? Fifty? If it is a lower number, then many firearms by their very design utilize such a magazine. Therefore, to ban a ten-shot magazine would in effect ban the gun. But that is what the left wants, a sideways way of banning guns.

      On the third point, there are no “loopholes.” Again, if you purchase a gun in the USA, you have to  undergo a background check, that is, if you do so legally. But of course, criminals don’t worry about gun laws.

      On the second half of point three, Biden and the left want to make it such that if a gun is used in a crime, the gun manufacturer could be held liable. But such is never the case for any other item. Ford is not responsible if someone drives one of their cars through a parade and kills dozens of people. In the same way, Smith and Weston are not responsible if someone uses one of their firearms and shoots at that same parade. By making them liable, it could bankrupt gun manufacturers. That again would be a sideways way of outlawing guns. Back to Biden.


President Biden @POTUS

      Every day in this country 316 people are shot and 106 are killed. Enough — the scourge of gun violence has to end.

      Today, I traveled to New York City to meet with leaders and discuss how we can work together to reduce gun crime and make our communities safer. [three picture collage of Biden meeting with the new black mayor of NYC] Feb 3, 2022


Extended Comment

Gun Violence


      Gun violence begins in the home. Boys raised without an involved father are much more likely to engage in criminal and violent behavior than boys raised with an involved father. I document such in my two-volume set God’s Sex Plan.

      Also related is a respect for human life. But that is degraded when children are taught human beings are just evolved swamp gas, accidents of nature, rather than being correctly taught we are created in the image of God, known and loved by Him, and thus each one of us has intrinsic worth and value.

      Respect for human life is also degraded in a culture where the killing of  unborn babies is considered acceptable, even fought for and celebrated. But that is what we have today.

      My point is, the problem with gun violence is not the guns; it is our culture. Until we see a returning to the truths of the Bible and of the dignity of all human beings, and that includes those still within in the womb, gun violence will continue, no matter how many laws are passed. ...


Chapter Three

Biden’s @POTUS Tweets

March 2022


      These Biden @POTUS Tweets are continued from Chapter Two.



March 1, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      I just spoke with President Zelenskyy to discuss our continued support for Ukraine — including security assistance and humanitarian aid — as it defends itself against Russian aggression. We will hold Russia accountable, and our sanctions are already having a devastating impact. [picture of Biden at his desk signing something] Mar 1, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      This Women’s History Month, we reflect on the achievements of women and girls across the centuries and pay tribute to the pioneers who paved the way. Let us recommit to building a more equal society where every person has a shot at pursuing the American dream.

[1:38 video] Mar 1, 2022


      To comment, in the video, Biden praises “trailblazing” women in various occupation fields. But he fails to mention the most important role of women, that of being faithful wives and mothers.

      He mentions “childcare workers” but that would be those who take care of other people’s children. The women who are most to be praised are those who stay home and raise their own children.

      Biden also continues to perpetrate the myth of a pay gap, that I dealt with in Biden’s Tweets: First Year....


March 7, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      I sought a nominee for the Supreme Court with exceptional credentials, unimpeachable character, and an unwavering dedication to the rule of law. Meet my nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

[3:25 video] Mar 7, 2022


Extended Comment

Dedication to the Rule of Law


      I hope that “dedication to the rule of law” is correct, as that has been surely missing among Dems lately. I’m thinking of the despicable treatment of Brett Kavanaugh in his confirmation proceedings, of the rushed process in the House for the first impeachment of Trump, the even more rushed process for the second impeachment of Trump, and the complete loss of any sense of due process or fairness in the J6 Committee public hearings. I cover these events and harp on the loss of the rule of law in them in my various politics books....


President Biden @POTUS

      During my State of the Union last week, I announced a new unity agenda. Four big things that all of us — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents — can rally around:


      - Beating the opioid crisis

      - Better mental health care

      - Ending cancer as we know it

      - Supporting our veterans. Mar 7, 2022


Extended Comment

Good Ideas. But the Devil is in the Details


      The way to begin with the first is to secure the border. But you refuse to do so, and tons of illegal drugs our pouring in through it as a result, leading to the needless deaths of 10,000s of Americans.

      “Better mental health care” is needed, but that needs to include helping people suffering with gender dysphoria to deal with the underlying psychological problems causing their dysphoria. But with your blind support for transgenderism, you are mandating the opposite—that those with gender dysphoria be given the wrongly named “gender-affirming” care, which is really disaffirming their real gender.

      “Ending cancer” and “supporting our veterans” are two things most everyone will get behind. But again, how to go about doing so is a matter of debate. At the forefront of the former should be promoting healthy lifestyles. That would apply to Covid as well. But I have  heard nothing in that regard from you and your administration.

      However, what you are doing is giving dishonorable discharges to military personal who refuse to take the Covid vaccine. That despite the fact they are all young and among the healthiest among us and thus are at little risk from Covid. Back to Biden....


Chapter Four

Biden’s @POTUS Tweets

April 2022


      These Biden @POTUS Tweets are continued from Chapter Three.



April 1, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      The history and story of the Arab American community is deeply woven into the diverse tapestry of America. This National Arab American Heritage Month, I thank the community for all that you have done to help move us forward and for representing the best of who we are. Apr 1, 2022


      To comment, why are we devoting an entire month to Arabs? We’re running out of months to devote full months to various groups. All of this focus on different groups is why there is still racism in American. Why not just celebrate Americans 12 months a year and leave it at that?...

President Biden @POTUS

      Jill and I extend our best wishes to Muslim communities here in the United States and around the world on the beginning of Ramadan. From the People’s House to your own homes, we wish you and your loved ones a blessed and prosperous month. Ramadan Kareem! Apr 1, 2022


      To comment, a month devoted to terrorist attacks throughout the Middle East and Europe. Wait! That was when Obama/ Biden were in office. But thanks to Trump defanging ISIS, Ramadan has been a calm month the past couple of years. But now, with Biden in charge and 5,000 ISIS and Al Qaeda prisoners released in Afghanistan, that might change.


President Biden @POTUS

      Jill and I extend our best wishes to Muslim communities here in the United States and around the world on the beginning of Ramadan. From the People’s House to your own homes, we wish you and your loved ones a blessed and prosperous month. Ramadan Kareem! Apr 1, 2022


Extended Comment

Cannot Make Yourself Good Enough for God


      I see. The National Arab American Heritage Month coincides with Ramadan. Muslims need a full month to try to make themselves good enough for Allah, so we dedicate a full month to them.

      However, it is futile to try to make yourself good enough for God. You can devote a month to it. You can devote a year to it. You can devote an entire lifetime to it. But you will never make yourself good enough for a holy and righteous God.

      But the Good News is, you don’t have to. You only have to cry out in acknowledgement of your sinfulness, and God will take the initiative and cleanse you of your sins. Only then you will be able to serve Him.


      1And it happened in the year in which Uzziah the king died, I saw the LORD sitting on a high and having been exalted throne, and the house [was] full of His glory! 2And seraphs had stood round about Him; six wings to one and six wings to one [fig., each one had six wings]; and with two they were covering [their] face[s], and with two they were covering [their] feet, and with two they flew. 3And they cried out, another to the other, and they were saying, “Holy, holy, holy [is] the LORD of hosts [Gr. Sabaoth]; all the earth [is] full of His glory!” 4And the lintel was lifted up at the voice which they cried out, and the house was filled with smoke.

      5And I said, “Oh! I [am] miserable, for I have been pierced [to the heart]! For being a person and having unclean lips, I dwell in [the] midst of a people having unclean lips; and I saw with my eyes the King, the LORD of hosts!” 6And there was sent to me one of the seraphs, and he was having in [his] hand a coal, which he took from the altar with the tongs. 7And he touched my mouth, and said, “Look! This touched your lips and will take away your iniquities and will purge off your sins.”

      8And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go to this people [Heb., go for Us]?” And I said, “Look! “I am [here]; send me!” (Isaiah 6:1-8; ALT).


      It is my prayer not only Muslims, but all people everywhere would stop their futile efforts to make themselves right with God. Trust in what He has done for you through His Son Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. Then and only then will you be cleansed and able to serve Him with a pure heart.


            8For by grace you* are having been saved, through faith, and this [is] not from you*; [it is] the gift of God, 9not by works, so that no one shall boast. 10For we are His workmanship, having been created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we should walk about [fig., conduct ourselves] in them (Ephesians 2:8-10; ALT3).

      Back to Biden.


President Biden @POTUS

      We just learned that unemployment is now down to 3.6% and, in March, our economy created 431,000 jobs. This is a historic recovery — Americans are back at work. Apr 1, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      Tune in as I deliver remarks on the March jobs report.

[10:20 video] Apr 1, 2022...


Extended Comment

March Jobs Report and First Quarter Economic News


      Biden is correct that the March 2022 jobs report was very good. But that better-than-expected report could have the effect of prompting the Federal Reserve (“The Fed”) to raise interest rates. That will have negative consequences for anyone looking to borrow money, such as for a house or car or those who carry credit card or other forms of debt. Biden is also ignoring much bad economic news that also came out at this time. None of it bodes well for Dems in the midterm elections [extended quotes supporting my comments and with that bad economic news]....

      I have been saying this all along. Even though wages are going up, price are going up at a faster pace. That means Americans are getting further and further behind. It also puts us in the cycle of workers demanding higher wages to offset rising prices, then companies raising prices to offset the higher wages, and on it goes [more extended quotes about the bad economic news]....

Extended Comment

Title 42 and Other Border Issues


      Biden won’t mention it, but the border remains in a crisis. Threatening to make it worse is Biden’s plan to repeal Title 42. That is an emergency measure put in place by Trump at the start of the pandemic. It enabled illegal aliens to more easily be deported out of the USA and back to their home country. That was to prevent them from bringing Covid-19 into the USA and spreading it throughout the country.

      Sadly, Biden ignored that idea and did just that. He allowed about half of the illegals attempting to enter the country into the country, put them on planes and buses, and shipped them to mainly red states and cities. That fueled the fourth wave of Covid and ensured it hit red areas hard. Yes, that happened, I will address it in my Coronavirus book.

      But here, the Biden administration did deport half of the illegals attempting to enter the country under Title 42. But with its repeal, those deportations would end. That would mean, not only those illegals would now be spread throughout the country, but it would incentivize more migrants to try to enter, knowing they would have a better chance of not being deported.

      Meanwhile, at this same time, The Biden administration is trying to keep the mask mandate on public transportation. Therefore, Biden is saying the pandemic is over as far as the southern border and illegal aliens  are concerned, but it is still ongoing as far as Americans wanting to travel is concerned.

      In the end, the mask mandate was struck down by the courts, and Title 42 remained in place until at least October 2022. But the damage had already been done, as the mere announcement of the plan incentivized more migrants to head to our border.

      And Biden still plans on ending Title 42. When he does, this whole debate will occur again. Moreover, this whole ruckus showed the incoherence of the Biden administration policies.

      Title 42 is not the only border issue in the forefront at this time. The flow of illegal drugs, including fentanyl, is becoming more and more of an issue, with the CDC report of 100,000 Americans dying per year from illegal drug overdoses, fueled mainly by fentanyl. Biden’s border policy contributed to those deaths by allowing tons of illegal drugs to enter the country.

      Along with Repubs in Congress, border state AGs and even moderate Dems realize the problems at the border needs to be addressed and oppose the repeal of Title 42, even if the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge the crisis.

      Biden still has not visited the border, while Kamala only visited it one time. I report about that visit in Biden Tweets, First Year and indicate she missed the main problem area by 800 miles.

      All of this led Texas to make plans to send some of those illegal aliens to Washington DC. The White House said it would just be a “publicity stunt.” But that is exactly what is needed—publicity about the problems at the border. That plan will be put into practice and will become an issue later.

      Meanwhile, in the midst of this crisis, the Biden administration is wasting time and energy on ensuring Border Agents use “correct”  pronouns, in accordance with LGBTQ nonsense. Thus, Biden’s support of the sinful and destructive LGBTQ movement even extends to making things harder for the brave and already overworked Border Agents trying to defend our southern border. [extended quotes supporting my comments]...


April 17, 2022

Easter Sunday


President Biden @POTUS

      As we reflect today on Christ’s Resurrection, we are reminded that with faith, hope, and love — even death can be defeated. From our family to yours, we wish you hope, health, joy, and the peace of God, which passes all understanding. Happy Easter and may God bless and keep you. Apr 17, 2022


      To comment, at least this year you mention Christ’s Resurrection, the reason for Easter. However, “death” is not defeated by just any faith. It is defeated by faith in Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for our sins. His resurrection then demonstrates God accepted Christ’s sacrifice for our sins (Romans 4:23-25). [My Easter message to my family and friends] ...


Chapter Five

Biden’s @POTUS Tweets

May 2022


      These Biden @POTUS Tweets are continued from Chapter Four.



May 1, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      During Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we recognize our fellow Americans’ innumerable contributions, vibrant cultures, and rich heritage. Together, let’s recommit to building a country in which everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive. May 1, 2022


      To comment, here we go again, dedicating an entire month to various people groups. A day sure, such a Cinco de Mayo for Mexican Americans, and Columbus Day for Italian Americans like myself. But an entire month is just too much.

      However, I do agree about all Americans having “equal opportunity to thrive.” That is equality and what we now have in America. It differs from equity, which strives to have equal outcomes for all. That is impossible, unless you drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator.


President Biden @POTUS

      The free press is not the enemy of the people — far from it.

[0:33 video] May 1, 2022


      To comment, another #BidenLie. What Trump said was FAKE NEWS is the enemy of the people. It is your “Ministry of Truth” that would restrict the freedom of speech and of the press.


May 2, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      The unemployment rate was 6.4% when I took office. Now, because of our economic plans, it’s down to 3.6%. That’s the fastest decline in unemployment ever recorded. May 2, 2022


      To comment the unemployment rate was 3.5% under Trump before the medically useless and destructive lockdowns. It rose massively because of those lockdowns. Now that they have mercifully ended, the unemployment rate is coming back down to where it was due to businesses reopening and people going back to work. It had nothing to do with you and your policies.


President Biden @POTUS

      Last week, I held a roundtable with small business owners to hear their stories and discuss our plan to open the door for more entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, Congressional Republicans have a different approach. Their plan would raise taxes on 6.1 million small business owners. [picture of the meeting] May 2, 2022


      To comment, your plan, which raises taxes on those making more than $400,000, will raise taxes on small business owners, as many file in such a way as to make them liable to those tax increases....

President Biden @POTUS

      Jill and I were honored to host an Eid al-Fitr reception at the White House tonight, and we send our warmest greetings to everyone celebrating across the world. Eid Mubarak! [3 picture collage of the meeting]


      To comment, as a Catholic, you should not be participating in a celebration for a Muslim holiday. Islam is a false religion, and Christians are not to partake of the things of darkness.


            14Stop being unequally yoked [fig., mismatched] with unbelievers; for what partnership [is there] for righteousness and lawlessness? And what fellowship [is there] for light with darkness? 15And what agreement [or common ground] [is there for] Christ with Belial? [i.e., the devil] Or what part [is there for] a believer with an unbeliever? [fig., what do a believer and an unbeliever have in common?] 16And what harmony [is there for the] temple of God with idols?

      For you* are a temple of the living God, just as God said, “I will dwell in them and will walk about [fig., live] among [them], and I will be their God, and they will be a people to Me [or, My people].” [Lev 26:12; Jer 32:38; Ezek 37:27]

      17For this reason, “Come out from [the] midst of them and be separated,” says [the] Lord. “And stop touching [any] unclean [or, defiling] [thing; or, person],” and I will receive you*. [Isaiah 52:11; Ezek 20:34,41] (2Corinthians 6:14-17).


      For more about the false religion of Islam, see the section about it on my Christian website ...


May 6, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      Today, we learned that the economy created 428,000 jobs in April — bringing the total number of jobs created since I took office to 8.3 million. That’s record setting job creation in my first 15 months in office. May 6, 2022


      To comment, according to the ABC New report on my local affiliate (WTAE, 5/6/22), many of those added jobs are due to retirees being forced to return to the workforce due to #Bidinflation. Your polices have so increased costs that those on fixed incomes cannot survive without additional income.


President Biden @POTUS

      Our plans and policies have produced the strongest job creation economy in modern times. [chart of the “jobs created” by each of the past seven presidents, including Biden.] May 6, 2022


      To comment, the increase in jobs under Clinton was due to the “dot com” bubble. The drop under W. Bush was due to that bubble busting. The increase under Obama was due to the recession ending. The drop under Trump was due to the lockdowns. The increase under you was due to those lockdowns ending.


Extended Comment

April Jobs Report and Other Early May Economic News


      The jobs report came out at this time, that Biden touts as a success, though he ignored nuances of it and related reports. [extended quotes about the sad state of the economy at this time]....

May 27, 2022


President Biden @POTUS

      This morning’s decline in inflation is a sign of progress. The report showed annual inflation declining and average monthly core inflation at around 4% at an annual rate, down from around 6%.  But there is more work to do and tackling inflation is my top economic priority. May 27, 2022


Extended Comment

Biden’s Deception on Inflation


      This is Biden deceptively rounding off the numbers to make core inflation look less bad than it is. In reality, core inflation is now annualized to 4.9% (not 4%), down from 5.2% (not 6%) in March. A 0.3% decline, not a 2.0% decline as Biden deceptively claims. But that is still a 39 year high.


      The personal consumption expenditures price index, which measures costs that consumers pay for a variety of different items, showed that core prices – which exclude the more volatile measurements of food and energy – soared 4.9% in the year through April, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

      That measurement is the Fed’s preferred gauge to track inflation; it marks the 13th consecutive month the gauge has been above the central bank’s target range of 2%. Still, it was slightly below March’s measurement of 5.2%, and is down from the 39-year high of 5.3% that was recorded in February (Fox Business. The Fed’s preferred).


      Such a slight decline in the rate of decrease is not a cause for rejoicing. Given Biden’s ongoing destructive policies, inflation will increase again soon, just as it has since the day Biden took office. Back to him. ...


Conclusion to Second Year; Volume One
Preview to Volumes Two and Three


      That ends this first volume in this three-volume set on the second year of Biden’s failing presidency. I hope the reader has seen the reasons for the title and subtitle of this set: Joe Biden Tweets During the Second Year of His Failing Presidency: Promoting Sin and Death, Causing Bidenflation, and Spewing Hate and Division.

      Biden is “Promoting Sin” with his support of the sinful and destructive LGBTQ movement. That was seen in this volume and will be seen even more so in Volume Two. It will open with June and it being designated Pride Month, though I refer to it as Pride in Sin Month. Either way, Biden’s full support will be seen.

      Biden is also “Promoting Sin” via his support of abortion, which is to say, the killing of unborn babies. That was seen with his comments about the leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision. But it will be seen even more so when that decision is formally released in June, which again, will be covered in Volume Two.

      Biden’s support of the killing of unborn babies is one way in which he is “Promoting Death.” Another way is the many deaths associated with the open southern border. That will be seen even more so in Volume Three, when I will chronicle the deaths of migrants trying to illegally cross our border, the deaths of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens, and the deaths of Americans due to the fentanyl and other drugs flowing across that open border.

      That Biden is “Causing Bidenflation” was seen throughout this volume and will continue be seen in Volumes Two and Three.

      Him “Spewing Hate and Division” was seen in this volume with his hateful and dishonest rhetoric about the plans of Repubs about Social Security and Medicare and in regard to his attempts to take away our ability to defend ourselves with his gun control measures. But that spewing of hate and division will be seen even more so in Volume Two when he goes full onslaught against “MAGA Republicans” as the midterm elections near.

      But most of all, I hope the reader has seen that Biden’s presidency is indeed failing. He is failing on the domestic front, as he fails to control inflation, as The  Fed’s begins to raise interest rates to the hurt of Americans in need of loans, he is failing in preparing for problems like the baby formula shortage, he is failing in stopping the flood of illegal aliens and illicit drugs through our southern border, he is failing in his response to mass shootings, pushing gun control and white supremacy narratives while ignoring mass killings that do not fit those narratives, and he is falling miserably in his declared desire to unite the country,

      Biden is also failing in foreign policy, with the war in Ukraine starting under his watch, with North Korea restarting its missiles testing program, with Iran reinvigorating its nuclear ambitions, and China being unrestrained in its efforts to overtake America as the world’s economic leader.

      All of the preceding will be seen even more so in Volumes Two and Three of this three-volumes set.



Only Black Women Need Apply:

      AP. Democrats eye Supreme Court pick to revive 2022 prospects (via Trib Live).

      AP. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire, giving Biden his first appointment (via Trib Live).

      Just the News. Battle lines drawn, speculation circulates over Breyer replacement.

      Just the News. Biden meets at White House with Senate Judiciary’s Durbin, Grassley to discuss SCOTUS vacancy, picks.

      Just the News. Most Americans want Biden to ‘consider all possible’ SCOTUS nominees: Poll.

      NYT. Black Women in Law Feel Pride and Frustration Ahead of Court Nominee.

      NBC News. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire, avoiding Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s mistake.



      Fox Business. The Fed’s preferred inflation gauge rose 4.9% in April, still near 40-year high.

      Just the News. National debt passes $30 trillion for the first time in U.S. history.

      Just the News. Two police officers killed in Virginia college shooting.


Joe Biden Tweets During the Second Year of His Failing Presidency, Volume One: Promoting Sin and Death, Causing Bidenflation, and Spewing Hate and Division, January through May 2022. Copyrighted © 2023 By Gary F. Zeolla.

The above book preview was posted on this website April 13, 2023.


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