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The Biased J6 Select Committee

The Public Hearings Were Half a Trial;
This Book Gives You the Other Half

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the Director of Darkness to Light ministry

    The public hearings in the summer and fall of 2022 about the tragic events of January 6, 2021 (J6) were the prosecution presenting its case against Donald J. Trump, with the American public as the jury. But he was not afforded a defense. This book provides that defense. Do not miss how dangerous this precedent was. What if this were you? How would you like it if primetime hearings were held prosecuting you, aired on all major networks, but without you ever being able to present a defense on such a grand scale? But this book presents the other side, so the reader can make an informed decision about J6 and Trump’s role in it.


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The 2020 Election, the January 6 “Insurrection,” and Their Aftermath

Books in this series

Alleged Corruption, Bias, and Fraud: Allegations of the Corruption of Joe Biden, Bias of the Media and Big Tech, and Fraud in the 2020 Election

Trump’s 2020 Election Tweets, Georgia Phone Call, and January 2021 Speeches: Did Trump’s Claims of Election Fraud Lead to the Capitol Building Uprising?

Tragic Ending to Donald J. Trump’s Great Presidency: Capitol Building Uprising Leads to Impeachment 2.0, as Media and Big Tech Bias and Claims of Election Fraud Continues

Trump Fights Back with Statements: Against the Lies of Joe Biden, Attacks from Dems, and the Bias of the Media, of Big Tech, and of the J6 Commission

The Biased J6 Select Committee: The Public Hearings Were Half a Trial; This Book Gives You the Other Half


  Introductory Pages

Table of Contents


Preface …………………………………………………… 4

About the Author/ Truth Social …...……………………..  5

2020 Election and Its Aftermath Series ………………… 6

Definitions ………………………………………………… 7

Abbreviations .....…………………………………………  9



 Chapters – 11

Beginning of the New Year


#1 – Introduction to the J6 Commission …………...….  13

#2 – First Public Hearing ……………………………….  19

#3 – Second Public Hearing …………………………...   45

#4 – Third Public Hearing ……………………………...   61

#5 –  Fourth Public Hearing ……………………………   81

#6 –  Fifth Public Hearing ………………………………   97

#7 –  Sixth Public Hearing …………………………….   107

#8 –  Between Hearings Events ………………………  143

#9 –  Seventh Public Hearing …………………………   157

#10 –  Eighth Public Hearing ………………………….   185

#11 –  Additional Thoughts …………………………..     211

#12 –  Ninth Public Hearing ………………………….     247

#13 – Tenth Public Hearing ……….…. ………...…….   307

#14 – Conclusion ………………….…. ………...…….   351



Appendixes … 353


#1 – Bibliography.………………………………………  355

#2 – Additional Books by the Author ………………….  421

#3 – Author’s Websites, Newsletters, Social Sites/

        Contacting the Author ……………………………  433


Note: The page numbers are for the hardcopy formats.


      Tragic events occurred at the Capitol Building in Washington DC on January 6, 2021 (known as J6). Afterwards, the US House of Representatives authorized a Commission to study what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent it from happening again.

      It was supposed to be a bipartisan Commission. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to allow two of the Republican’s choices to be on the J6 Commission. As a result, Republicans for the most part refused to be a part of it, recognizing it was not really looking for the truth but to support a predetermined narrative.

      Consequently, the nine-person J6 Select Committee ended up being composed of seven Democrats and just two Republicans, with all nine of them having voted to impeach then President Donald J. Trump in the second Trump impeachment.

      The Commission’s activities from that point on were seen to be partisan and biased. For months, the J6 Committee subpoenaed dozens of people to appear before them and held dozens of private hearings. Then in June, July, October, and December of 2022, the J6 Committee held a series of ten public hearings that were aired on all major networks. The biased nature of the J6 Committee was apparent during those hearings.

      All nine members of the J6 Committee acted as prosecutors, with Donald Trump being the defendant, and the American people as the jury. That prosecutorial activity would constitute half of a trial. The other half would be the defense presenting its case as to the innocence of Trump.

      However, Trump was not present. He was given no opportunity to present a defense. He was not allowed equal time to present his side. He was not allowed defense attorneys to plead his case in his defense. There was no cross-examination of witnesses.

      All of that would normally be the components of the other half of the trial. But here, there was not even an impartial judge overseeing the hearings. The chairman of the J6 Committee, one of the nine partisans, acted as judge.

      However, this book will present that other half of the trial, the other side of the argument. That is what a true trial would entail, both sides being given equal hearing. In that way, the American public and the reader can make an informed and unbiased decision as to the nature of J6 and Trump’s role in it.


Truth Social


      “Trump’s Truths” are often quoted in this book. For those who don’t know, these refer to posts on Trump’s social media site Truth Social. It went online in March 2022. Trump began to post on it on April 29, 2022.

      Prior to this time and since his ban from Twitter on January 8, 2021, two days after J6, Trump had been issuing emailed Statements to the press. I reproduce those Statements in my book Trump Fights Back with Statements: Against the Lies of Joe Biden, Attacks from Dems, and the Bias of the Media, of Big Tech, and of the J6 Commission, hereafter referred to as my Trump Statements book.

      But now, with Truth Social, Trump posts to it. Truth Social is similar to Twitter, except Twitter has a 280-character limit, while Truth Social has a 500-character limit. Also, rather than being called “tweets,” posts on Truth Social are called “Truths.”

      Trump sometimes exceeds the 500-character limit by posting his Truths as an image rather than as text. But mostly, his Truths abide by that limit.

2020 Election and Its Aftermath Series


      This book is the fifth and final book in a series on the 2020 election and its aftermath. The previous books in this series are:


      Alleged Corruption, Bias, and Fraud: Allegations of the Corruption of Joe Biden, Bias of the Media and Big Tech, and Fraud in the 2020 Election 

      Trump’s 2020 Election Tweets, Georgia Phone Call, and January 2021 Speeches: Did Trump’s Claims of Election Fraud Lead to the Capitol Building Uprising?

    Tragic Ending to Donald J. Trump’s Great Presidency: Capitol Building Uprising Leads to Impeachment 2.0, as Media and Big Tech Bias and Claims of Election Fraud Continues 

      Trump Fights Back with Statements: Against the Lies of Joe Biden, Attacks from Dems, and the Bias of the Media, of Big Tech, and of the J6 Commission 

      This book will assume the reader is familiar with the controversies surrounding the 2020 election and the tragic events of J6 and its aftermath. If not, I would suggest the reading of the preceding books before reading this book.


Chapters Excerpts

Chapter One

Introduction to the J6 Select Committee


      This chapter will provide an introduction to the J6 Committee and explain how the public hearings will be covered.



      “J6” refers to the tragic events that occurred at the United States Capitol Building in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.

      I used the terminology of the “J6 Commission” in the initial publication of hits book. That is because it was the term I first heard, so I began to use it and stuck with it.

      However, most news outlets now refer to it as the “J6 Select Committee.” That is because there is a technical difference between a “commission” and a “select committee.” And the latter is the more accurate term, so I switched to it for this new version of this book, though I generally just call it the “J6 Committee.” Trump, however, calls it the “Unselect Committee,” in an effort to disparage it.

      I was updating this book anyway to add a chapter on the final hearing that occurred in October 2022, weeks after the first eight hearings.


Deadly Insurrection?


      Do not miss the AP using the phrase “deadly insurrection” in the first block quote [not quoted in this excerpt]. This phrase has become the common way Dems and the MSM refers to the events of J6. But, as my Tragic Ending book showed, exactly one person, Ashli Babbitt, was killed on J6 and her by a Capitol Building police officer, not an upriser. Thus, “deadly” is technically correct, but not in the manner that phrase implies. No one was killed by the uprisers.

      My use of that last word rather than “insurrectionists” and the implications are explained in my Tragic Ending book and in my book Trump’s 2020 Election Tweets, Georgia Phone Call, and January 2021 Speeches: Did Trump’s Claims of Election Fraud Lead to the Capitol Building Uprising?, hereafter referred to as my Trump’s Tweets book.

But here, the important point is the phrase of Dems and the MSM is wrong on both counts, but it is used to exaggerate the seriousness of J6. It was tragic, but not to the degree the media and Dems want it to be....


The Format of this Book


      That background brings us to the public hearings that will be the focus of this book. They ran from on June 9 to July 21, 2022, then another one on October 14, and a final one on December 19, 2022. Altogether, there were ten public hearings. This book will cover each hearing in detail, with a chapter devoted to each hearing.

      I will begin each chapter with an overview of the hearing by way of my own observations and quotes from liberal news sources. The latter echo the attitude of the J6 Select Committee members. I will refer to them as the mainstream media (MSM).

      Then I will present my comments, where I point out what I see are glaring deficiencies in the J6 Committee’s prosecutorial arguments and in the comments by the MSM. Then I will post the “Truths” Trump posted on his social media site Truth Social in response to the allegations raised in the hearings. Finally, I will reproduce responses by conservative media. My comments after extended quotes are introduced by “To comment.”

      My comments, those by Trump himself, and those by conservative media will give the reader what you would have heard if these public hearings were true trials, with the other side being given equal time to present their side of the argument.


Chapter Two
First Public Hearing


      The first public J6 Select Committee hearing was held Thursday, June 9, 2022, in primetime, at 8:00 pm EST and aired on all major networks and many minor networks. Only Fox News Channel (FNC) did not air it, though it was aired on Fox Business Network (FBN). It was produced by a Hollywood movie producer.

      For each hearing, I listened to much of them on C-Span’s app on my phone while doing other activities. Then I would go back and watch what I missed from my DVR recordings of C-Span and CNN, taking notes on my phone the entire time.

      My comments are based on my listening and watching the hearings in this fashion. Generally, I wrote out my notes for my comments before pursuing comments by news outlets and political commentators. Only my shorter comments after extended quotes are due to that quote....


      To comment, two points to note on this first extended quote [again, not quoted in this excerpt]. First, note the use of the word “insurrection” in the first paragraph. Again, in my Tragic Ending and Trump’s Tweets books, I explain that such is not the best term to describe what happened on J6. It would be more accurate to call it an “uprising,” which is the term I use in those books and will use in this one. The difference is the degree of seriousness and the nature of the event. ABC does better when it calls it an “attack” later.

      Second, along with that “dramatic 10-minute video,” the J6 Committee will play many more video clips during the course of these hearings. But there are literally thousands of hours of video available from that day. Most all of it would be of people peacefully entering, milling around, and exiting the Capitol Building (CB).

      However, the J6 Committee will show none of that, and most of it has not even been released to the public. But I know such video exists from my watching of the events of J6 live on C-Span, as I report in my Tragic Ending book.

      But the J6 Committee will ignore those thousands of hours of peaceful video and only selectively show violent video clips. That video exists, and yes, aspects of J6 were violent. But by showing only the violent parts, which are far less extensive than the peaceful parts, the Commission will represent a distorted view of J6....


      The “jury” for these hearings is we, the American people. However, in these hearings, we will only get the first, the prosecution. The defense will not get a word. That is why these hearings are only half a trial. But that is why it will not be possible for we the people to make an informed decision about the presentation of the J6 Common, with only getting one side of story.

      A Bible verse I quote often in my political writings whenever such a situation exists is Proverbs 18:17. Let me quote it from two different Bible versions, as each brings out a different aspect of this important verse.


      The first one to plead his cause seems right, Until his neighbor comes and examines him (NKJV).


      The first to state his case seems right, until his opponent begins to cross-examine him (NET).


      This verse states clearly you need to hear both sides and you need a witness to be cross-examined before deciding on a situation. But in these hearings, you will only get one side, with no cross-examination. That is why the subtitle of this book states the hearings were only half a trial. The purpose of this book will be to “examine” and “cross-examine” what the J6 Committee will present, in order to present the other side, the other half of the trial.

      The Commission will also use those selectively chosen and edited video clips and other means to try to elicit strong emotions from the viewers, rather than hard facts and evidence....


      To comment, be sure to note the phrases, “overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election” and “to steal the election.” This will be the phraseology that will be used throughout the hearings. But it should be noted, in Trump’s mind, he won the 2020 election. Thus, to him, his challenges to the claim Biden won was not to “overturn” or “steal” the results but to get the “correct” results, at least what the result would be if it were not for the massive fraud he believed existed in the election.

      Note also once again the appeal to emotion but not fact. That can be seen in the use of the term “war zone.” Given that there was no exchange of gunfire and no bombs exploded, what occurred on J6 can hardly be described as a “war.” I will discuss this point more later....


My Comments


      Following are several observations about this first public hearing.


      First, the Chairman, Bennie Thompson (D. MS), a black man, began by comparing J6 to slavery, the KKK, and lynchings. But in fact, there is no comparison between J6 and those horrid things. But Dems never miss an opportunity to insinuate racism is involved in a tragic event, even when there is no evidence to support that supposition.


      Second, Liz Cheney then compared J6 to the War of 1812 and the Civil War. That comparison was even more disingenuous. Though tragic, J6 was not near as much so as those wars. It was also dwarfed by the BLM/ Antifa riots of the summer of 2020. But to just ask why J6 is being so thoroughly investigated, while those much more deadly and destructive riots are not got the coach of the Washington Commanders fined $100,000 (Fox News. Commanders’ Ron Rivera).


      Third, Liz overviewed the hearings to come. They will all focus on Trump and his actions and words. That made it clear this series of hearings is all about tarnishing Trump and his supporters. Or better, to try to turn Trump’s supporter against him. But do not forget that Trump is not being given a single second to present his side of the story....


Chapter Three
Second Public Hearing


      The second hearing was scheduled for Monday June 13, 2022, at 10:30 am EST, so it was not a primetime hearing. However, the hearing was once again broadcasted on all major networks. Before the hearing started, I posted the following message on social media.



Spoiler Alert!


      The J6 Committee hearings today is going to focus on claims of election fraud in the 2020 election. Let me save you the time and boredom of watching the hearing. The conclusions will be:


      1. There was no widespread election fraud, definitely not enough to change the results of the election.
      2. Trump’s pushing of such claims is the “Big Lie” that led to the tragic events of January 6.


      However, I predict the Commission will not address five major issues of which there is no doubt which I address in my books on this subject that could have affected the outcome.


      1. Change of election laws by entities other than state legislatures.
      2. Election observers not being given meaningful access to observe the vote counts
      3. The allowing of “curing” of mail-in ballots in a partisan manner
      4. Lowered standards for signature verification for mail-in ballots versus in-person ballots
      5. The coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story by the mainstream media and Big Tech 

      The Commission will also misrepresent Trump’s words to the Georgia Secretary of State to “Find the votes” and “find the fraud.”

      For details, see my Trump’s Tweets and Corruption books.



My Comments


      I was correct about both of my predictions. The J6 Committee came to those two conclusions but did not address those five issues. They did not address the Georgia phone call in this hearing, but will do so in a later one.


Invalid Fraud Claims:

      The Commission spent a lot of time on two issues that I also address in the preceding two books, that of claims about Dominion Voting Machines and of “suitcases” of ballots being hid and pulled out from under a table at State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia.

      In my books, I report the claims about these two issues. For the first, I reject those claims as not being supported by the evidence, which is the same conclusions the Commission came to.

      On the second, though some aspects of it sounded “fishy” to me, in the end, I would agree there was nothing there that qualified as fraud. Therefore, we agree about these two claims of election fraud not being valid.

      The hearing also spent time refuting other claims of election fraud, such as dead people voting. I also cover such claims in my books but do not accept them as being genuine or at least not near widespread enough to have made a difference in the election.

      Yes, dead people voted, but at best in the dozens in each disputed state, not in the thousands as Trump claimed and as would have been needed to change the election results. Although, one witness in the hearing claimed here in PA, there were not 8,000 dead people voting as Trump claimed, “there were not even eight.”

      But most of all, the hearing tried to prove that all of those around Trump were telling him he had lost the election, but he refused to accept that conclusion. The line of the night came from Bill Barr, in a videotaped interview, when he said about Trump believing the claims of election fraud that he was, “detached from reality if he really believes this stuff.” The MSM had a field day replaying that line over and over again.

      However, the Commission also tried to claim Trump knew he had lost. But he cannot be “detached from reality” about losing and know he had lost. But then the Commission based that latter idea on “all of his advisors” telling him he had lost. But that statement is just not true....


Misused Donated Funds:

      At the end of the hearing, it was claimed the Trump campaign had misused donated funds. It was said people donated in response to solicitations for funds to fight the declared election results in the courts. But the donated money was put into Trump’s Save America Pac. That would be a breaking of campaign finance laws.

      However, I find any allegations of the breaking of campaign finance laws to be quite confusing, as those laws are quite confusing. As such, it is very easy for a candidate or a campaign to run afoul of them. But it will be up to the Justice Department if any charges are pursued in this regard. But even CBS Evening News admitted, “It would be difficult to prove illegality.”

      Later this day, Alan Dershowitz was on Newsmax. He pointed out that it is common for candidates to use a hot button issue to solicit donations, but then to use those donated funds for something else entirely. There is no law against doing so. He said that if lawmakers want such to be illegal, they can pass a law against it. But to date, they have not. As such, it is hypocritical for the Commission to even raise this issue.

      I would add, it was especially disingenuous for Zoe Lofgren to call it “the Big Rip-off,” when probably she or at least members of her party have engaged in the same type of practices....


Trump Responds


      On June 14, 2022, Flag Day and Trump’s 76th birthday, Trump issued a 12-page response to the Commission. A link to the full PDF document is in Appendix One. Following are excerpts that touch on issues I have been discussing in this book and in my prior books. (Not indented as is normally done for block quotes for the sake of space).


      Our nation is SUFFERING. Our economy is in the gutter. Inflation is rampant. Gas prices have reached an all-time high. Ships are unable to unload cargo. Families cannot get needed baby formula. We are an embarrassment around the world. Our withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster that cost us precious American blood, and gave $85 billion worth of the best military equipment on earth to our enemy.

      Millions and millions of illegals are marching to the border and invading our country. We have a White House in shambles, with Democrats, just this week, declaring that Biden is unfit to run for reelection. And what is the Democrat Congress focused on? A Kangaroo Court, hoping to distract the American people from the great pain they are experiencing….

      The January 6th Unselect Committee is disgracing everything we hold sacred about our Constitution. If they had any real evidence, they’d hold real hearings with equal representation. They don’t, so they use the illegally-constituted committee to put on a smoke and mirrors show for the American people, in a pitiful last-ditch effort to deceive the American public…again....


      To comment, in most of the rest of the document, Trump reports what he claims are evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, the very type of evidence the J6 Committee claimed does not exist.

      But when CBS Evening News reported about this document, they said it was just Trump pushing his unfounded claims of election fraud. That was it; just one sentence that ignored all that I just quoted.

      That was after CBS had spent five minutes reporting about this day’s hearing. That biased reporting is exactly what Trump was referring when he wrote, “Equal representation and the opportunity to offer rebuttal evidence is fundamental in our legal process.” But CBS, and the J6 Committee, will have none of that....


Chapter Four
Third Public Hearing


      The third J6 Committee hearing was to occur on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. But for an unexplained reason, it was postponed. “Wednesday’s session was slated to feature Trump-era Justice Department officials” (Newsmax. Jan. 6). The next planned hearing, the now third hearing, went on as scheduled on Thursday, June 16, at 10:00 am EST. It was also aired on all major networks....


My Comments


      This hearing was focused on the role of the Vice President in the certification of the Electoral College votes. Trump had claimed repeatedly VP Pence could reject the Electoral College votes of the disputed states and send them back to the respective states to be re-certified with corrected Electoral votes.

      Trump further claimed the states wanted to change their Electoral votes. The idea was, Pence could reject the current Electoral votes, in order to give the states the opportunity to verify if the Electoral votes that had been sent were in fact the correct ones.



      This is one point one which I disagreed with Trump. As I state in my Trump Tweets and Tragic Ending books, my understanding is the role of the VP in the Electoral College certification is like that of the MC at an awards show, of just reading votes that had already been cast.

      However, where the Commission got it wrong was in claiming Trump wanted Pence to reject the Electoral College votes and in essence appoint Trump as President. They correctly noted the Constitution does not give the VP the authority to ignore the will of the people and to select the President.

      But that is not what Trump was asking. He was asking for the VP to send the current Electoral votes back to the states, so that they could correct their Electoral College votes with the “correct” votes.

      In his J6 speech, Trump stated, “All Vice President Pence has to do is send it back to the States to recertify, and we become President, and you are the happiest people.”

      The Commission did mention this position and declared it was also unconstitutional. And again, I would agree with the Commission that it would not have been constitutional. But they mainly focused on the claim that Trump wanted Pence to act alone to appoint him as President. But that simply is not what Trump was asking of Pence....


Not “Overturn the Election”

      I must reiterate an important point I made previously. Dems, the media, and now the J6 Committee constantly refer to Trump wanting to “overturn the election results.” That then ties into the idea that Trump and his allies were engaging in a “coup” and J6 being an “insurrection.”

      However, in Trump’s mind, he won the 2020 election. He also truly believed the disputed states had realized they had made a mistake in certifying their Electoral College votes in favor of Joe Biden and wanted a chance to recertify them correctly for Trump. In other words, Trump wanted to get to the correct election results, not to overturn the election.


      As he stated in his J6 speech:

      By the way, Pennsylvania has now seen all of this. They didn’t know because it was so quick. They had a vote, they voted, but now they see all this stuff. It’s all come to light. Doesn’t happen that fast. And they want to re-certify their votes. They want to re-certify. But the only way that can happen is if Mike Pence agrees to send it back....


Bible References:

      Finally on this day’s hearing, there were a couple of Bible references at the end. The first was from the Book of Daniel, chapter six. It is when Daniel, the second in command in Babylon at the time, ignores the king’s edict. That is all that was referenced, but what he defied the king in was that he continued to pray three times a day as he had been doing, when such was declared illegal. They compared that to Pence defying Trump and certifying the votes. Nice try. But obeying God and obeying the Constitution are not the same thing.

      The other reference was 2Timonthy 4:7, “I have fought the good fight; I have finished the course [or, race]; I have kept the faith.” That was also applied to Pence and him doing the “right thing.” But in fact, that was part of the Apostle Paul’s swan song after he had spent his life spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Again, nice try. But serving God and spreading the Gospel are much more important than any function of government.

      That is seen in what Paul’s writes next, “Finally, [there] is laid up for me the victor’s wreath [or, crown] of righteousness which the Lord, the Righteous Judge, will give to me in that Day, but not only to me, but also to all the ones having loved His appearing” (2Timonthy 4:8). ...


Chapter Seven
Sixth Public Hearing


      The sixth J6 Committee hearing occurred on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 1:00 EST. It was also aired on all major networks.

      This was a “surprise” hearing. As the note at the end of the previous chapter indicated, the next hearing was not supposed to be until mid-July. But the Commission claimed they attained new evidence and wanted to present it as quickly as possible. They would do so by way of a “surprise” new witness.

      The name of the witness was not initially released, though news media named her as Cassidy Hutchinson, an ex-aid to Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows (Yahoo! News. Who). The claimed reason for the rush was a concern for her safety (Daily Beast. Jan. 6)....


My Comments


      I must note from the start how very far a “surprise” hearing with a “surprise” witness is from any sense of due process. Under no circumstances would such be allowed in a real trial.

      The prosecution would never be allowed to spring an unplanned hearing on the defense, without the defense even knowing who the prosecution’s witness would be until the night before the hearing.

      However, these hearings are not a real trial where the accused has the right to due process and to mount a defense. They are in fact a kangaroo court, a one-sided attack on a former President, with the accused having no rights whatsoever. It is a despicable display of injustice. Any American who cares about justice should recognize the extremely dangerous nature of these hearings.

      That said, I can summarize my take on Cassidy’s testimony in one word—hearsay. She mostly reported what she heard others say about what Trump was saying and doing on J6. She had little firsthand interaction with the President.

      As such, her testimony would have fallen apart under cross-examination. In fact, in an actual trial, her entire testimony would have been stricken. That is not me saying that. It was the opinion of a lawyer on Dan Bongino’s radio show during the break at the halfway point of this hearing....


Perjury on Five Counts?


      Five of Cassidy’s claims have been called into serious question.


      The first questionable claim is a “dramatic” (as the MSM reported it) incident after Trump’s Save America Speech on J6. Cassidy claimed she was told by Tony Ornato, the then-White House chief of operations, that Trump demanded to be taken to the Capitol Building. When the Secret Service Agents refused, she claims she was told Trump lunged for the steering wheel and assaulted the driver, Secret Service Agent Bobby Engel, “Grabbing him by the clavicles.”

      Former Secret Service Agent and now conservative commentator Dan Bongino called the story “garbage.” Dan said he is friends with the two Secret Service Agents Cassidy mentions and served with them. Dan says her story was “garbage” for several reasons....


      The second questionable claim by Cassidy was about a note written on J6. It was shown on screen during the hearing. She claims she wrote it and that it was her handwriting. But former White House lawyer Eric Herschmann claims he wrote the note and that it was his handwriting. This dispute could easily be solved by bringing in a handwriting expert.  But that also has not been done by the Commission.

      But even without a handwriting expert, this dispute could be solved with simple reasoning. The note was in regard to what Trump should say when he recorded his speech on J6. Now, who would be more likely to be making such a suggestion? A White House lawyer, or a then 23-year-old aide whom Trump says he barely knew?

      Even worse is the J6 Committee knew about this contrary claim before Cassidy testified but did not challenge her with it:...


      To comment, every aspect of Cassidy’s testimony was called into question. The Commissions knew about these potential problems before she testified, but they allowed her to do so anyway, knowing the public at large would not hear the rebuttals I have presented here. That should tell you all you need to know about this bias Commission.

      If these hearings were a regular TV series, it would have jumped the shark with this episode....


Chapter Ten
Eighth Public Hearing


      The eighth J6 Committee public hearing was originally scheduled for Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 8:00 EST...

       This eighth and final summer hearing was rescheduled for July 21, 2022. It was aired on all major networks.


My Comments


Pre-hearing Thoughts:

      Before the hearing, it was being said the hearing would concentrate on the 187 minutes between the end of Trump’s Save America Speech at 1:10 pm and when he released his “Go home” video at 4:17 pm. Those in-between three hours and seven minutes could be problematic for Trump.

      I detail the tweets Trump sent during that time in my Trump’s Tweets book. The one I am sure the Commission will focus on will be his tweet about an hour later vilifying Pence for not sending the votes back to the disputed states.

      When that tweet was sent, the uprising was already well underway. I state in that book that maybe Trump was not aware of how violent things had gotten by that time. But I would guess the Commission will try to show otherwise.

      Then in my Tragic Ending book, I record that one of the questions asked by a couple of Senators during the Q&A time was in regard to what Trump was during those three hours. Team Trump responded that no one knows, as it had not been investigated.

      But the previews for the hearing were that the Commission had done that investigation and would give a minute-by-minute replay of exactly Trump was doing.


Post-hearing Thoughts:

      The hearing began by the J6 Committee showing clips from interviews of two hearsay witnesses about the presidential van incident. But they were reporting what Engel supposedly said. Why not bring in Engel himself and let him tell us what he said himself? ...


Trump’s Inaction:

      After that introductory material, the main point of this hearing began. I could sum it up in one sentence—The J6 Committee is trying to show that during those 187 minutes, Trump did nothing. That’s it. He did nothing to try to stop the uprising.

      It was said that he heard about the riot as soon as he got back to the White House after his rally speech. That was about 15 minutes later or at 1:25 pm EST. He then went into the dining room adjacent to the Oval Office and watched Fox News Channel (FNC) all afternoon.

      I overview FNC’s coverage of that day’s events in my Tragic Ending book. Thus, if the reader did not watch it on that day, you can get an idea of what Trump was watching by reading that section of that book.

      It was said that everyone around him was encouraging him to make a statement in some way condemning violence. He could do so via Twitter or by walking down the hall to the briefing room and making a TV appearance. But he refused to do so. ...


Chapter Eleven

Additional Thoughts


      This chapter will cover various issues that have been touched on previously, but which demand further attention....


J6 Committee Problems and Lies


      Much has been made in this book of the many problems, lies, and deceptions put forth in these hearings. Here I want to emphasize a few points of note.


Alan Dershowitz:

      Alan Dershowitz has been mentioned several times in this book. He was also mentioned in my Impeach trilogy, as he was one of Trump’s defense lawyers in the first impeachment. He was mentioned in my Tragic Ending book as someone who was very critical of the second impeachment. And he has been mentioned in this book as critical of these one-sided proceedings.

      What makes Alan’s comments interesting is he is a liberal Democrat. He did not vote for Trump in either 2016 or 2020. That he is not a conservative is obvious from the title of one of his recent books, The Case For Vaccine Mandates....


Jim Jordan:

      Jim Jordan is a Republican US House Representative from Ohio. He was quoted previously as indicating the Commission had deceptively edited one of his texts. But he also asserts other deceptions by the Commission. These were articulated on Newsmax on July 27, 2022....


“The Big Lie”


      The J6 Committee consistently referred to claims of fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election as “The Big Lie” throughout the hearings. Time was spent in some of the hearings refuting claims of fraud in the election. But in doing so, they ignored many other claims of fraud and irregularities that have not been refuted....


Four Videos the J6 Committee Did Not Show


      There are four informative videos the J6 Committee did not show from J6 but which I know exist, as I have seen them. All four concern the security response to the uprising....


Security and the National Guard


      Although the J6 Committee has not addressed these security issues, others have. And what they have found is quite striking....


Death of Roseanne Boyland


      In my Tragic Ending book, I mention there were claims that one person had been trampled to death on J6. But I said that claim had been disputed and that she really died of a medical emergency. I later found out the medical emergency would have been a drug overdose.

      However, that claim has also been disputed, and eyewitnesses claim she was beaten to death by Capitol police....


Treatment of Imprisoned J6 Uprisers


      I also touch on the treatment of those arrested for activities on J6 in my Tragic Ending book. Some claim they are being mistreated, while others claim their treatment is normal for prisoners, with adjustments due to Covid protocols.

      One such prisoner was interviewed on the Dennis Prager radio show. The interview was replayed on the Michael Gallagher radio show on September 2, 2022, which is when I heard it. ....


Trump Might Pardon J6 Prisoners


      It is possibly due to this alleged mistreatment of J6 prisoners that Trump has said he might pardon them if he wins reelection in 2024...


Chapter Twelve

Ninth Public Hearing


      The ninth J6 Select Committee public hearing was originally scheduled for Wednesday September 28, 2022. But due to Hurricane Ian hitting Florida at that time, it was delayed until Thursday, October 12, 2022 at 1:00 pm EST. Once again, it was aired on all major networks, including this time on FNC, but not on Newsmax....


Trump Subpoenaed:

      In a dramatic ending on Thursday to the final scheduled public hearing of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, the committee unanimously voted to subpoena former President Donald Trump. “We are obligated to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion, and every American is entitled to those answers,” said committee vice chair Rep. Liz Cheney ahead of the vote.

      The subpoena means that Trump has been ordered by the committee to provide relevant documents and testimony under oath as part of its investigation. Given the former president’s disdain for the committee, it’s unlikely Trump will willingly testify. Still, the decision to subpoena a former president was remarkable and capped off a hearing that resurfaced evidence of Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 attack (ABC News. The Jan. 6 Hearings).


      This “dramatic ending” was in fact what this hearing was all about. The hearing itself provided little in the  way of new evidence or testimony, despite pre-hearing promises to do so. It was just a 90-minute lead up to subpoenaing Donald J. Trump on live TV to give it as much attention as possible, though few were watching....


My Comments


Pre-hearing Thoughts:

      Prior to this hearing, I heard and read news reports that it was supposed to present “pretty surprising new material” about Trump’s claims of fraud in the 2020 election and his role in inciting the CB uprising, along with “a Sweeping Summation of Its Case Against Trump” (NYT. House Jan. 6). It was also said this would probably be the final public hearing. That is why I decided to go through the hassle of re-publishing this book, just so I could add this chapter about this hearing, in order to cover all nine public hearings.

      However, I seriously doubted that new material and summation would be that earthshaking, but I knew the media would make it out to be even if it were not at all remarkable.

      As for the timing, as indicated, this hearing was originally scheduled for the end of September, but the J6 Committee used the excuse of Hurricane Ian to move it to mid-October.

      I say “excuse” as the hurricane was not hitting anywhere near Washington DC, so there was no reason to postpone this hearing. But I would bet the Committee originally scheduled it for September, as they didn’t want to risk being accused of partisanship by scheduling it too close to the midterm election. But the hurricane gave them cover to do so.

      In addition, the final Consumer Price Index (CPI) before those midterms was scheduled to come out on this day. By holding this hearing, it would push reporting about the CPI off of the top of the news cycle, at least on liberal news outlets. Since it was predicted to not be good, hiding it would benefit Joe Biden and the Democrats for the midterms.


My Hearing Overview:

      Chairman Bennie Thompson opened the hearing with an outline of Trump not accepting the election results. He said that was despite the Committee having presented “overwhelming evidence from Republicans” that there was no widespread fraud.

      He said that in this hearing they would present new evidence, along with a summary of previous facts. These would be designed to discern “Trump’s state of mind.” He said the “Facts are clear and undisputed.”

      He indicated this was not a hearing but “a business meeting” so that they could have a vote at the end....


      To comment, all nine members of the J6 Select Committee spoke, but I only overviewed six of them. That is because the other three just repeated what was said in previous hearings, despite claims of “new material” to be represented. But then, the six I overviewed did not present much new material either.

      The only new point of significance was the claim Trump had signed withdrawal orders to get our troops out of Somalia and Afghanistan. However, I seriously doubt that was accurate, as it never happened. Our troops remained in both places. That of course led to Biden’s botched withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan that I cover in Biden Tweets, First Year, Volume Two.

      But here, if in fact the Commander-in-Chief had ordered such a withdrawal, then why was it not carried out? The Committee did not address that question. But if Trump’s order was disobeyed, then someone should be tried for insubordination. But that never happened.

      Otherwise, we knew from previous testimony there was advance knowledge of potential violence. I reported such back in my Tragic Ending book. Evidence presented at this hearing only further bolstered that already known about foreknowledge.

      I can only guess the J6 committee spent so much time on that point in this hearing to try to tarnish Trump for going ahead with his rally,  despite that foreknowledge of potential violence.

      However, for me, if had a totally different effect. Every time such evidence was presented, I kept asking, “So why was security not prepared for violence?” Just that message from the Proud Boys member saying their members would outnumber the police should have been enough to bring in sufficient troops to ensure that was not the case.

      But that was not done. Why not? That is the question neither this hearing nor any previous one addressed. That despite the fact that back in the first hearing it was said these hearings would address the lack of security....




Chapter Thirteen



      I will close this book with the most vital point about these hearings. These hearings constitute exactly what I warned about in my Tearing Apart and Tragic Ending books, that of the loss of due process. Practically speaking, these hearings were the prosecution presenting its case against Donald J. Trump to the American people. But there are no plans for Trump to be able to present a defense.

      Do not miss how dangerous this precedent is. Again, what if this were you? How would you like it if primetime hearings were held prosecuting you, aired on all major networks, but without you ever being able to present a defense on such a grand scale? ...



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