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Coronavirus General Commentaries

March 2020

By Gary F. Zeolla


    These commentaries are only about the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. For my commentaries on other news events, see Commentaries on Biblical and Constitutional Politics. Opposite of that page, the comments are posted here in chronological order. Oldest on top, newest at the bottom. For additional Coronavirus Commentaries, see  Coronavirus Articles and Commentaries on Biblical and Constitutional Politics.

Dow Jumps over 1,000 points during press conference

      President Trump began his Coronavirus news conference at 3:30 pm EDT (3/13/20). At that time, the Dow was up 900 points. Over the next half an hour, as the conference was ongoing, the Dow increased rapidly. By the time of the close at 4:00 pm, it closed up by 1,985 points, to close back above 23k at 23,186. That almost made up for the over 2,000 point drop yesterday.

      That jump was probably because the President announced a public/ private partnership in fighting the Coronavirus. Specifically, Google, Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens are all being brought on board to help with the testing, along with Quest Diagnostics, Signify Health, and Lab Corp.

      Google is designing a website for people to check to see if they should be tested. Testing will be done in mobile units in Walmart and Target parking lots, and the other companies will be directly involved in testing. Such private companies being incorporated probably encouraged the stock market, hence the spike.

      Note also, Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director, said it was the lack of such a private/ public partnership in previous CDC regulations that prevented the test kits from being made widely available earlier. It had nothing to do with lack of competency on the part of the administration, as many are alleging. For that matter, it was not really a deficiency with the CDC regulations. What had been done previously worked fine with previous outbreaks. But none of them spread as quickly as this one has, so new regulations needed to be put into place. Now that they have been, the testing will be widely available shortly.

      Again, that is Dr. Fauci not me talking. But I will say, it is time for the “Bash-Trump with the Coronavirus” nonsense to stop. His efforts, as informed by his very competent medical team, is handling this outbreak as best as possible. Any attempts to say the response has been less than stellar is misinformed fearmongering that is stroking unnecessary panic.

    Let me get this straight. We’re being told we’re supposed to sneeze and cough into our elbows. But then we’re being told we’re supposed to greet people with an elbow bump. Am I missing something here?

Chinese Flu?

      The Spanish Flu. The Asian Flu. The Hong Kong Flu. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Zika Virus. West Nile Virus. Lyme Disease. Ebola. MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome). German Measles. Japanese Encephalitis.

       Each of these names and more that could be cited come from the place where the disease originated or the disease had some other association with that place. Such has been standard practice for naming new diseases for over a century, going back to The Spanish Flu of 1918. But now we are being told Trump is a racist and a xenophobe for referring to the Coronavirus as “Chines Flu” or “Wuhan Virus.”

      However, most media outlets used similar names back in January, when the outbreak first started. But then China encouraged WHO to not call it by such names but instead to call it the Coronavirus. WHO caved to that request, even though “corona” is general term for viruses of this type. As such, it is not really that accurate.

      The reason Trump is using such names such as “Chines flu” is to remind people it was China that got us into this mess. If they hadn’t lied and tried to cover it up when it first started, it could have been contained in China. But instead, they jailed doctors who tried to warn about it.

      But most of all, the President is hoping businesses realize it is crazy to keep their factories in China, when another such outbreak and coverup is more than possible. He wants them to move their factories back here to the USA.

      Such moves would not only benefit our country economically, but they would make us safer. Right now, we depend on China for too much stuff, most especially antibiotics and other medicines. If China were to cut us off, we would really be hurting.

      The President is also upset that at one point, China tried to blame the United States for the virus! Yes, the United States. They made up the narrative that the US military created the virus and purposely infected the Chinese people with it. That is absolute nonsense. Trump has called them out on it.

      But for some strange reason, the media has decided to side with China and to refuse to use the terms “Chines Flu” or the “Wuhan Virus,” while criticizing Trump no end for using such terms.

      The media’s actions in this regard are despicable. But they do show that the Trump administration is doing such a good job at dealing with this virus, that the media has to nitpick to find something to criticize him about over it.

      As for myself, I have used the term “Coronavirus” in my writings, as that is the term now being mostly used in the media. But in retrospect, I probably should have used “Wuhan Coronavirus” as that would be most accurate. It is a virus of the “corona” type, and it originated in Wuhan Province in China. But I did not want the use of one word to keep people from reading my Coronavirus writings.

      Note also, due to “Cornovirus” being a general term is why some news outlets use the term “Novel Coronavirus.” That word “Novel” is to distinguish this virus from other cornoviruses. But that is not too specific either, as a new “novel” Coronavirus could arise. Then what will that be called? The point is, the most accurate way to refer to this virus would have been “Wuhan Coronavirus,” but political correctness is preventing people from using that most accurate term.

    Note: “Corona” is a reference to the virus having a “crown” or covering on it. It for that reason that soap and alcohol kill it, as they break that crown and seeps into the virus itself.

Liberal Out of Context Quotes

       Along with posting on Trib Live and on Facebook, I am also on Snippy. It has mostly conservatives posting on it, but there is one particular liberal who is very prolific in his postings. Following is my response to one of his posts, responding to one of my posts.

      Our resident liberal tried to claim Rush Limbaugh said the Coronavirus was no worse than the common cold, while Sean Hannity called the Coronavirus a “hoax.” He also claimed the President didn’t correct someone who said it was a hoax, “proving” that is what he believed. My response:

      If you would try listening to all that Rush and Sean have said on this matter, you would know those quotes are out of context. But I would guess you got them off of some liberal website and have never actually listened to them yourself. Rush and Sean have never denied the Coronavirus is an issue. They just think it is way overblown. As a result, the hysteria and government overreach would cause our economy to tank, which in the end will hurt far more people than the virus would have. And that is exactly what is happening.

      Thinking about it, I remember Rush ridiculing people like you for taking his words out of context. He then replayed the entire clip of his comments about the Coronavirus and its relationship to the common cold. He said they are of the same family, but he never indicated the Coronavirus wasn’t more severe than the common cold.

      Meanwhile, the “hoax” Sean has talked about is Dems saying the President doesn’t have a plan for dealing with this crisis. Sean was so far from calling the virus itself a hoax that on back January 28, he was already warning about the potential seriousness of the Coronavirus. He then interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci on his show on February 10 about the Coronavirus. Again, try actually listening to their shows to get the full context of their comments.

      On Trump, he never corrects people. He just goes from what people say and gives his own opinion. Meanwhile, his pattern in this crisis is to “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” But people like you are trying to use this crisis make unjustified attacks against him, rather than joining in with the rest of in trying to overcome this crisis.

      Please note, there is a big difference between disagreeing with some of Trump's policies in regard to this crisis and spreading disinformation to attack Trump and those of us who support him. I have done the former, while you are doing the latter.

      By your actions, you are joining in with China, Russia, and Iran. They are engaging in an orchestrated disinformation campaign to shake the faith of Americans in our President and the government to deal with this crisis. Thus, by your ongoing misguided attempts to attack Trump, you are joining the side of the enemies of America against America.

      When we get over this crisis, and we will get over it, you can be sure we conservatives will be reminding the American people about the traitorous acts of liberals like you during this crisis. I will also be reminding people that when this crisis began back in January, the President was already taking steps against it, starting with his China travel ban. But what were Dems doing at that time? Trying to remove him from office! Thus, Trump was doing his job, while Dems were engaging in nonsense.

I heard a couple was whitewater rafting for two weeks. They were out of out of touch the whole time. When they got back to civilization and turned on their phones, the mom of one of them had sent them a frantic text: “DON’T TOUCH ANYONE, AND DON’T GET NEAR ANYONE!”

40-60% wrongly used to justify draconian measures

       Here in Pittsburgh, our Democrat Mayor Bill Peduto cited the idea that 40-60% of Pittsburghers could get infected with the Coronavirus (CV) if we didn’t shut the city down. California Governor Gavin Newsom cited the same figure in justifying shutting down all of his state. That figure has been repeated elsewhere as justification for these draconian shutdown measures. But where did it come from?

      Dr. Deborah Birx addressed that question in Monday’s CV task force briefing (3/23/20). She said it came from an analysis that considered what might happen if we did absolutely nothing over the next three years. No vaccine, no antivirals, no testing, no self-isolation, no nothing. Everyone just kept operating as if nothing was happening, even those who know they are sick.

      Of course, that would never happen. At the very least, medical professionals would begin looking for a vaccine and other possible treatments, and most people who are sick will stay at home, regardless of if they think they have the CV, the flu, or just a cold.

      Just those simple measure would keep the percentage of infected from getting anywhere near 40-60%. Add in the moderate social measures I have discussed previously, and the percentage would be even lower.

      Yes, the draconian shutdowns might work in the short run, but no matter how long we keep them in force, at some point, people are going to emerge from their bunkers, and the infection rate will spike. But even with that spike, it will never get anywhere near 40-60%. At that point, I fear we will have ruined our economy and exploded the national debt all based on an exaggerated justification.

Dems are Disgraceful

       PA Republican US House Rep Guy Reschenthaler was on Wendy Bell’s radio show on KDKA on Monday (3/23/20). He explained some of the shenanigans the Dems are playing with the Coronavirus (CV) relief bills.

      The agreement was that Republicans would let Nancy Pelosi and the Dems write the first two bills (Phases One and Two), and the Republicans would sign onto them. But then Mitch McConnel and the Republicans would write the Phase Three bill (The Covid 10 Stimulus Package), and Dems would sign onto it in return.

      But of course, you know what happened. Republicans kept their side of the bargain, but Dems did not. When Mitch put forth his bill, rather than signing onto it, Nancy Pelosi had her own 1,200 page written and put forth. Obviously, she did not write a 1,200 bill overnight. She never planned on agreeing to Mitch’s bill, but had planned on putting forth her own bill all along.

      But what was in Nancy’s bill that was supposed to be for CV relief?


$300 million for the National Endowment for the Arts

$300 million the National Endowment for the Humanities

Funding for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

A permanent $15 minimum wage

Permanent cancelation of student loans

Creation of a Diversity Board

Union protections for federal employees

Requirement for same day voter registration.

Wind and solar energy tax credits.

Funding for Planned Parenthood

Increased emissions standards on airlines


      If you recognize some of these provisions, then you must have read the Green New Deal, because that is where they came from. This is in accordance with the Dem’s motto put forth by Rahm Emanuel, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Dems know they could never get these Green New Deal and other provisions passed under normal circumstances, so they are turning to sneak them into this relief bill.

      But none of this has anything to do with helping people recover from the economic effects of the CV. Things like delaying student loan repayments might be okay, but not permanent cancellation of them.

      And note the last point, increased emissions standards on airlines. Airlines are about to go belly-up. The last thing they need is more regulations. Easing such restrictions is what should be done until they get back on their feet. That is proof positive that Dems are not concerned about helping the country recover from this crisis but just about pushing their radical agenda at any cost.

      I’m not sure if any of these provisions are in the version of the bill passed by the Senate just after midnight this morning (3/25/20). But that bill still has to pass through the House, where they’ll try to stick these as riders onto it.

      But whatever happens, remember all of this when you hear the media trying to blame Republicans for the delay in passing the Phase Three relief bill. It is Dems whoa re playing games and acting in a “disgraceful” manner, as Maine Senator Susan Collins put it.

These commentaries are continued at: Coronavirus General Commentaries: April 2020.

Coronavirus General Commentaries: March 2020 . Copyright 2020 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above commentaries were posted in March 2020.

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