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By Gary F. Zeolla

The director of this website is Gary F. Zeolla. I have a B.S. in Nutrition Science (Penn State; 1983) and attended Denver Seminary from 1988-1990. I am the translator of the Analytical-Literal Translation of the Bible and the author of numerous Christian and fitness books. I am also a powerlifter, listed on Top 20 All-time open (all ages) ranking lists and hold All-time masters (50-59 age) American and world records. I am the director, webmaster, and primary writer for four websites: my personal website (, Darkness to Light Christian Ministry (, Fitness for One and All (, and this Biblical and Constitutional Politics website (


My Political Life Story


    A detailed autobiography is available on my personal website at at My Life Story. That autobiography addresses my life story in regards to my Christian faith, health issues, powerlifting, and other personal matters. This section of this page will supplement it in regards to my life story in relation to politics.

    Click for a larger imageI had little interest in politics while growing up in the 1960s-70s. But I registered to vote when I turned 18 in 1979. I registered as a Democrat, simply because my parents were Democrats. But in my first Presidential election in 1982, for some reason that I do not remember now, I voted for the independent John Anderson. I think he got all of 1% of the vote. Otherwise, I probably voted Democrat for down-ballot races. I cannot remember who I voted for in 1984 as I still cared little for politics. But by the 1988 election, I had become a Christian and moved from Pittsburgh to Denver to attend Denver Seminary. When I re-registered to vote, I changed my registration from  Democrat to Republican. My main reason for doing so was that now as a Christian, I was pro-life and so was the Republican Party. I thus voted for the George H.W. Bush in that election and straight Republican otherwise.

    My interest in politics was sparked in the early 1990s after I moved back to the Pittsburgh area. My pastor at that time recommended I listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio. Rush’s commentaries made sense, though at times he is a bit brash for my Christian tastes. But he moved me to become more conservative not just on the pro-life issue but on many political issues. In 1992, I voted for Bush and other Republicans again. Since then, I have generally voted straight Republican, though I have also voted for a few Constitution Party candidates.

    I still listen to Rush on occasion, though I now prefer Sean Hannity and Rose Tennant (of Rose Unplugged, a Pittsburgh based talk show). I also watch much of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Channel. But I balance off those conservative sources by reading over the headlines and articles on my Google News page each day, which lists mostly liberal sources like The New York Times and Huffington Post. And when I can stomach it, I tune into CNN and MSNBC.

    Over the past 25 years of pursuing these sources, I have learned much about politics and have developed my own political views. But I am first and foremost a Christian and ultimately base my views on the Bible. But I also have great respect for the Constitution of the United States. It is probably my belief in the authority of the Bible that lead me to have great respect for the Constitution. The Bible is a a written authoritative document by which to guide one’s life. That perspective led me to realize the benefit of having an authoritative written document by which to guide the life of the United States. In fact, I believe this was the Founding Fathers’ attitude. Since they respected the Bible, they knew that the best way for their fledging nation to prosper was to be governed by an authoritative written document rather than the whims of people. Thus the United States was established as a Constitutional Republic, not as a monarchy nor as a democracy.

    Of course, there is a big difference between the Bible and the Constitutionthe Bible is God-breathed while the Constitution is not. That is why Founding Fathers included a way to amend the Constitution, while the Bible stands complete and perfect, with no alterations or additions needed. But still, the concept of a written authoritative guide is a sound principle for one’s personal life and the life of a nation. As such, all that I believe and have to say about politics is in accordance with the Bible and the Constitution. That is the reason for the name for this website of Biblical and Constitutional Politics (BCP).

    The tagline for this website of “Political articles and commentary from a conservative Christian and politically conservative perspective” indicates my political philosophy. It is mentioned on the home page that “Conservative Christian” includes the belief that the Bible is God-breathed and fully reliable in all that it teaches, including about politics. But there are other essential conservative Christian beliefs, such as the God of the Bible being the one and only true God and faith in Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for your sins being the only way of salvation. For a full list of these essential tenets, see the Confession of Faith posted on my Darkness to Light Christian Ministry website.

    Meanwhile, “Politically conservative” is defined on the home page as the belief in limited government, separation of powers, traditional values, personal and national security, capitalism, freedom and liberty, and most of all, an adherence to the Constitution of the United States, following an originalist interpretation thereof. There are other aspects of being politically conservative, but I consider these to be the most important.


Outlet for Political Views


    With that background, I have been wanting an outlet for my political views for some time. But my poor health situation prevents me from getting actively involved in politics. But I am able to write. And that is what I have been doing with my life since 1991 when I started my Christian ministry. But I try to avoid politics when writing about Christian issues, as I don’t want to confuse the two. Politics is important, but not near as important as one’s relationship to God. And that can only be attained by faith in Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for your sins. That message I will always proclaim as of foremost importance. And living one’s life in accordance with the dictates of the Bible is the only way to have life and to have it abundantly (see John 10:7). That is the reason for my Christian website, newsletter, and books.

    Being concerned about one’s health is also important, as I know all too well. My poor health situation greatly limits what I can do in life, personally and in service of the LORD. It is only by being meticulous about my eating plan, exercise program, sleeping habits, and stress control, along with much reliance on the LORD, that I am able to function at all, let alone to accomplish all that I have since the early 1990s, when my health took a great downturn. That is the reason for my fitness website, newsletter, and books.

    But politics is also important. A poorly run government can lead to much suffering for millions of people. We have seen that under Obama (see Obama’s Legacy). But a well-run government can benefit people, mostly by getting out of the way of the freedom of people to pursue their dreams. But there are times when the government needs to actively pursue policies to the benefit of its people. Foremost among these is to be an avenger for wrath to the one doing evil (Rom 13:4b; ALT).

    As such, I have strong beliefs on politics. But it was out of place to express these thoughts in my Christian or fitness writings. Thus for some time I have been doing so on my Facebook page by posting short and sometimes extended messages about political issues. These have been well received by many of my friends. But I only have a hundred-some friends there, and once my message gets a week or so old, it gets lost back in my timeline. I thus have been feeling like I spend a lot of time writing up messages that are little-read and short-lived. As such, I have been thinking of setting up a political website for some time, if for no other reason than to archive these messages for future reference.

    But I only have limited energies due to my health situation, and with already writing on Christian and fitness issues, I wasn’t sure if I would have the energy for political writing as well. But the election of Donald Trump inspired me, mainly because I knew it would cause a firestorm among the mainstream media. The media already exposed its liberal bias during the election, but now they will be doubling down on their attacks on Trump. And many of these attacks will be dishonest, just like they were during the election. And it is that dishonesty that troubles me the most. I have spent much time exposing false doctrine in the Christian arena and false fitness and health ideas. I am thus well-tuned to dishonesty and falsehood, how to spot it, and how to expose it. And if my voice can help others to wade through this web of lies and falsehood the liberal media spins, then my efforts will be worthwhile.

    Given all of this, just before Christmas 2016, I decided to set up a politics website and began work on it the day after Christmas. It went online on New Year’s Day 2017. I initially posted all of my back Facebook messages I could find. I will now periodically add new material, so check back on occasion. It is my hope and prayer that BCP will help the reader venture through the confusing world of politics.


Supporting this Website


    Biblical and Constitutional Politics is not incorporated as a tax-exempt organization, so donations are not tax deductible. The same goes for my other websites: Darkness to Light, Fitness for One and All, and The reason they are not is I prefer to work for my income, and it is my personal income that enables all of my websites to operate.

    My personal income comes primarily through sales of my books. Thus, rather than donations, what I prefer and would be more helpful long-term would be if those looking to support this website or any of my websites would be to purchase my books.

    After you read each book, if you want to take it a step further, then write a review of it on Amazon. That would foster more book sales, which would be most helpful in the long run. And more importantly, that will mean more people might benefit from my writings.

    Note that the articles on this website are available free of charge to anyone who cares to read them, just as the articles on my other websites are freely available to all. As such, you could encourage others to check out my websites.

    In addition, all of my websites are free of the advertising that clutter most websites. The most you will see is an occasional mention of one of my books or an advertising link to a product on Amazon. It is through the sales of my books or commissions for sales through one of those Amazon links that I keep this and my other websites going.

    Consequently, if you wish to support this website or any of my other ones, then purchase one or more of my Politics books, Christian books, or fitness books, or follow an Amazon link and make a purchase. Again, after you read one of my books, write a review on Amazon and/ or wherever you purchased it. That will help others to decide to purchase it. You could also subscribe to my Christian newsletter or my fitness newsletter and encourage others to do so as well.

    Also, follow me on Twitter or Facebook and “retweet” or “share” my posts when I mention a new article, a new issue of one of my newsletters, or a new book. In that way, more people might benefit from my writings and maybe purchase my books.


Final Points


    For any Christian who believes Christians should not be involved in politics, posted on this site is a Scripture Study on Christians and the Government adapted from my Scripture Workbook.

    The difference between the articles and the commentaries posted on this site is simply that the articles are longer, usually with titles and subtitles, while the commentaries are just short thoughts. The articles and commentaries are listed in reverse chronological order.

    Click on any picture on this site for a larger image.

Disclaimer: The material presented on this website is intended for educational purposes only. The director, Gary F. Zeolla,  is not offering medical, economic, or legal advice. Accuracy of information is attempted but not guaranteed. The director is in no way responsible or liable for any economic or bodily harm (physical, mental, or emotional), that results from following any of the advice on this website.

All items posted on this website are copyrighted By Gary F. Zeolla.

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The above article was initially written December 28, 2016.
It was last updated January 5, 2019.

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