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Shocked by Tucker Carlson’s January 6 Reporting (But Not My Readers) is a new article. Trucker Carson’s reporting the week of March 6, 2023 shocked many. But it didn’t shock readers of my books, as I reported all that Tucker did and much more, long before he did.

March 2023 Commentaries is a new page. Tucker Carlson is correct. Most all of the Dem narrative about J6 is a lie. But I documented this to be so long before Tucker did in my five-book series on The 2020 Election, the January 6 “Insurrection,” and Their Aftermath.

Biden’s Destructive Ukraine War and Domestic Spending Policies is a new commentary.

Biden and Buttigieg AWOL Over East Ohio Train Derailment is a new article. Biden’s and Buttigieg’s incompetence and focus on identity policies is adding to the trauma of those of us affected by the hazardous chemicals train derailment.

Super Bowl Thoughts is a new commentary. The woke crowd loses, while “Jesus Gets You” wins.

February 2023 Commentaries is a new page. NBC News finally got caught up to my reporting on the security failures that led to the tragic events of January 6, 2021.

Update on Covid Deaths: Part Six (NFL Deaths and Scare, Death of Elvis’ Daughter) is a new article. Covid antivaxxers immediately blamed the vaccines for the death of Steelers great Franco Harris, the scare involving Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, and the death of Lisa Marie Presley, though the vaccines had nothing to do with their situations. It is a coping mechanism by antivaxxers to deal with the uncomfortable topic of death.

Update on Covid Deaths: Part Five (Medically Useless and Destructive Lockdowns) is a new article. The lockdowns promoted mostly by those on the left did little to prevent Covid deaths but caused much destruction in people’s lives, especially children.

January 2023 Commentaries is a new page. It contains a commentary about Brian Sicknick's estate suing Donald J. Trump over J6.

Update on Covid Deaths: Part Four (Both the Right and the Left Miss the Immense Disparate Covid Risk Factors) is a new article. There has been a lack of clarity about the immense disparate risk from Covid for those over 65 and those with comorbidities versus the young and healthy by both the right and the left.

New edition of J6 book!

Biased J6 Select Committee: The Public Hearings Were Half a Trial; This Book Gives You the Other Half

The public hearings in the summer and fall of 2022 about January 6, 2021 were the prosecution presenting its case against Trump, with the American public as the jury. But he was not afforded a defense. This book provides that defense. It has been updated to include the tenth and final public hearing of December 19, 2022.

“Abortion Rights” vs. “The Killing of Unborn Babies” - Part Two is a new article.

Update on Covid Deaths: Part Three (Continuing Covid and Vaccine Lies by the Right) is a new article. No human being ever developed a health problem, and no human being ever died prematurely before 2021, or so it would seem according to Covid antivaxxers.

Griner/ Merchant of Death Swap Verifies Biden is the Sin and Death President is a new article. Biden is responsible for the death and increase in sin caused by this horrendous prisoner swap.

December 2022 Commentaries is a new page. It contains two new commentaries. The first is on the abandonment of marriage and having children by younger Americans. The second is on the admission of Twitter about its concealment of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Update on Covid Deaths (Refuting Covid Lies by the Right and Fearmongering by the Left): Part Two is a new article.

November 2022 Commentaries has new commentaries added to it.

New edition of J6 book!

The Biased J6 Committee: The Public Hearings Were Half a Trial; This Book Gives You the Other Half

      This book has been updated to include the ninth and final public hearing of October 13, 2022 and information about the subpoenaing of Donald J. Trump on through to Trump’s 2024 presidential announcement. The title has also been changed from the “J6 Commission” to the more accurate “J6 Select Committee.” Minor other updates have been made.

      With Trump running for President in 2024, this book and the previous four books in this series will remain relevant for a long time to come. His opponents for the GOP nomination are sure to bring up Trump’s claims of 2020 election fraud and J6. And if he wins the nomination, his Dem rival are sure to bring them up even more.

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