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March to November 2016 Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla

A Couple of Dreams

Interesting dream this week. I was having that feeling it was getting late, and I needed to get up. I then dreamt I woke up at 8:30 am. Feeling very groggy, I stumbled into the kitchen. Sitting at the table was George W. Bush. He says to me, “Getting up at 8:30 am; that is not very Republican of you.” I then woke up, at 5:30 am. I’ve been following too much politics lately.
May 2015

Earlier this week I dreamt that I had just been inaugurated as President of the United States. I was in a house, that was very crowded with people inside and out. I am looking for the head of the Department of Justice. I can’t find her inside, so I go outside. I finally see her in her car at the far end of the parking lot. As I am walking towards her, she begins to drive off. I ran after the car. It is warm out, so her window is open, but I can’t remember her name, so I can’t call for her. But she stops to talk to someone else at the end of the parking lot.

I finally catch up to her and tell her I need to talk to her. She drives back to the other end of the parking lot and gets out of her car. We sit down on the pavement. After some small talk, I ask her what the status is of the investigation into the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. Just as she is ready to respond, I wake up.

This dream is a bit out of date as Trump nominated a man to head the DOJ. But still, after my dream a while back about George W. Bush being at my breakfast table, I said I needed to cut back on the political stuff. Well, I think it is time to do so again.
November 2016


Sexism and Toys

I started my Christmas shopping this week on Amazon. I was looking to order presents for my six great-nephews and two great-nieces. But I was dismayed to see I can no longer filter the toys by “Boys” and “Girls.” I assume this is due to PCism saying it is wrong to consider say a Nerf Dart Gun to be a boy’s toy and a Supergirl doll to be a girl’s toy. Am I going to be labeled a sexist for thinking of ordering the gun for one of my great-nephews and the doll for one of my great-nieces?

Thinking about it, maybe I should conduct a little experiment and give the doll to the boy and the gun to the girl. I wonder what kind of reaction that would get?

What I do know is this PC nonsense made my Christmas shopping more difficult. I mean, what does this 50-something, childless uncle know about what kids nowadays like, especially girls? Being able to filter for just girls’ toys made it easier to find something for my two great-nieces; but without that narrowing, I had to search through all of the toys, looking for the pinks ones, to pick out presents for them.

I haven’t been in the toy section of a brick and mortar department store in ages. But I mentioned about this to my dad, and he told me there is no longer a “pink aisle.” They just mix all of the toys together. That is such nonsense. Boys plan with guns; girls play with dolls. Parents, am I wrong? Or am I totally out of touch?

In response to this post, one of my Facebook said that in working with kids at a daycare, she has seen a big difference between the play of boys and that of girls. The boys are much rougher and go straight for the guns, while the girls are more cooperative and play with dolls. But another said it was only being raised by sexist parents that made them act like that.

As an update, two of the kids I was buying presents for are twins, a girl and a boy. For Christmas, their grandparents (my brother and sister-in-law) bought them tricycles. The girl went straight for the pink one and the boy for the red one. Below is a pic. Click for a larger image. They are adorable!
November 2016


Steelers Nation should protest!

The Steelers lost to the Cowboys 30-35 yesterday. But checking the box score, the Steelers gained more total net yards than the Cowboys, 448-422, and more first downs, 30-20. Who is the idiot who arbitrarily determined that the team that scores the most points should win a football game? Its total net yards and first down that really matter. Steelers fans should take to the streets, break windows, spray paint cars, and stop traffic in protest, while taking a few days off of work to get over our anguish.

Of course, that is not going to happen as Steelers fan are not a bunch of crybabies, who cower into our safe zones and hold cry-ins when we lose. We will just regroup and be back out there cheering next Sunday when the Steelers beat the Browns the right way, by scoring more points.

Warning to my Millennial friends. If this nonsense doesn’t stop, your generation is going to be renamed the Snowflake Generation, as you’re proving you cannot handle a couple of degrees of heat.
November 12, 2016


Warning to Pennsylvania Republican Voters!

I already voted by using an absentee ballot, but I may not have actually voted for the Republican presidential candidate I wanted to vote for, so listen up!

On the ballot is first listed five names for the GOP presidential nominee to vote for. Yes, five names: Cruz, Trump, Kasich, Rubio, and Bush. The latter two are no longer running, so their names shouldn’t be there. But that is not the big problem. That comes next.

The ballot then says to vote for up to three delegates. Then is listed about 20 names. Under each name in parentheses is “Uncommitted.” I assumed they were uncommitted as each would vote for the candidate who wins the popular vote in my district. I thus picked three names at random. But in doing so I might have inadvertently voted for a candidate other than who I voted for in the first section, as I just found out that most of the potential delegates in PA are already committed to a candidate, but that commitment is not indicated on the absentee ballot and will not be indicated in the voting booth come April 26.

What that means is, if you vote for say Cruz but then pick three delegates committed to Trump, you have actually voted for Trump, as it is the votes of the delegates not the popular vote that matters. As such, you need to somehow find out before voting which delegates are committed to the candidate you want to vote for and vote for three of those delegates, but I have no idea how to do that. There is probably a list somewhere on the Internet, and if someone knows where, please post a link.

But even if there is, I am sure the vast majority of Pennsylvanians will not know about this before entering the voting booth. As such, the PA primary is a shame. The candidate who gets the most delegates will not be decided by the voters but by chance, as I am sure most voters will just pick delegates at random like I did. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania might as well save a lot of money by skipping the voting and have someone flip a coin in Harrisburg. This is corruption at its core, and I feel like I just got cheated out of my vote.

Later I found a page that lists PA delegates and which GOP presidential candidate (if anyone) they are committed to. It’s too late for me, but if you’re a PA resident, before you vote, check this out. Looking over this list and as best as I can remember, I think I voted for two delegates who say they will vote for the district winner (which is as it should be), and one who supports the candidate I voted for, so maybe I did not get my vote stolen. But still, this information should be on the ballot.
October 2016


Terroristic Stabbings and Bombings

“Are you a Muslim?” “No.” Stab.

“Are you a Muslim?” “No.” Stab.

“Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!”

“We have no idea what his motives were.”


Multiple bombs in NYC and NJ.

Muslim suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami captured after a shootout. He had made travels to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“We have no idea what the motivation was. It may have been political; it may have been personal.”


Hillary: “Two bombings in NYC and NJ.”

Trump: “There was a bomb in NYC.”

Hillary: “We need to be careful and wait for the investigation before saying it was a bomb in NYC.”

The Media: “Trump is not qualified to be President, as he called a bomb a bomb, while Hillary is qualified, as she waited to call a bomb a bomb.”


As a proud member of the “basket of deplorables” let me say, our country has gone completely nuts, and more so if we elect Mrs. Basket of Deplorables President.
September 2016


Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump on Selection of Supreme Court Justice

This was the most important question in the debate, but it has received little play. There was one important difference between Hillary’s and Donald’s answers. Hillary did not use the word “Constitution” while Donald did. Moreover, not a word of what Hillary said had anything to do with the duty of a Supreme Court justice. A Justice does not need to “understand how the world works” but to understand the Constitution. Meanwhile, Trump started out good but then veered off to unrelated issues. Video.
September 2016


Pirates Game or DNC?

Last night I was going back and forth between the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and the Pittsburgh Pirates game. I wish I had watched all of Gerrit Cole’s 93 pitch, complete game gem. Instead, I mostly subjected myself to the nonsense of the DNC.

But I wish I had a dollar for every time “LGBTQ” was mentioned or every time the Dems misrepresented something Trump supposedly said. Having heard what Trump actually said, I could easily catch the Dems in their lies about his statements. However, I would not have made much money for every time “ISIS” or “terrorism” was mentioned, and none at all for “Islamic terrorism.”

I find it interesting that during the Democratic Debates, Hillary and Bernie were constantly harping about all the bad things happening in the USA. But at the DNC, the Dems are trying to paint a rosy picture of life in America. I guess the Dems finally realized that the Democrat Obama has been president the last 7-1/2 years and that Hillary would represent a third term of Obama.

I also find it interesting that the only things the Dems can criticize Pence about are his beliefs in religious freedom and that God created us. Of course, that is not how the Dems put it, but that is what they are referring to.

There’s no Pirates game tonight, so I guess I’ll be subjecting myself to more nonsense, as Hillary herself speaks.
July 28, 2016


Murder Count and Abortions

We had a major tragedy this week in the Pittsburgh area (Wilkinsburg to be exact), with six people murdered and three wounded by two gunmen while attending a backyard barbeque. The first gunman used a handgun to chase the people towards the second gunman, who gunned them down in seconds with a AK-47, a truly barbaric act. The gunmen are still at large. My heart and prayers go out to the wounded and the families of the dead, and I truly pray the gunmen are found and bought to justice.

But what I find intriguing is the number of six dead includes an eight-month old unborn child. And yes, that is how the new media is reporting it, at least here in the Pittsburgh media. WTAE (my favorite local news station) is reporting it as “six dead, including an eight-month old unborn child.”  WPXI is using the same phrase, except for substituting “fetus” for “unborn child,” while KDKA is reporting that the gunmen killed “five people and one victim’s unborn child.” But the national media is still reporting only five dead, with no mention of the unborn child.

This discrepancy is because the Pittsburgh Police Department initially said five people were killed, but when they found out one of the women was eight-months pregnant, they changed the official death toll to six people, as he is considered to be a separate victim. When caught, the gunmen will be charged with six counts of murder.

Now think about that. If that very same woman had earlier in the day gone to an abortion clinic, she would have been told that very same “unborn child” was actually a “part of her body,” not in any way a separate person, in fact not a person at all, but a “blob of flesh” or a “mass of tissue.” She could have had it torn out from inside her body via a late-term abortion and thrown into a garbage can, or if it was a Planned Parenthood Clinic, sold for parts, with the child in no way being considered to be a victim of that barbaric act.

What a schizophrenic society we live in.
March 12, 2016

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