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December 2016 Commentaries

By Gary F. Zeolla

These commentaries are continued from March to November 2016 Commentaries.

Final Electoral College Vote

After all of the hoopla in the mainstream media over the Electoral College vote, what was the result? Trump lost two votes. That’s it, two votes after all of that commotion. Both changed votes were in Texas of all places. One elector voted for John Kasich and one for Ron Paul. 

But the real news is Hillary lost five votes, one in Hawaii and four in Washington state. The one in Hawaii voted for Bernie Sanders, while three of the four in Washington voted for Colin Powell. The other voted for Faith Spotted Eagle (an American Indian leader). There were also a few electors in Maine and Colorado that tried to change their votes to Sanders, but they were replaced, and the replacements voted for Hillary. The final count was 304 for Trump, 227 for Hillary. Not surprisingly, all of the sudden, the mainstream media has stopped talking about Electoral vote. 

But the real story is the thousands of emails, phone calls, and letters that the electors received, some of them being death threats. They were also harassed, followed, and threaten personally. That should not be tolerated, but our do-nothing current POTUS has done nothing. No investigation, no tracking down and prosecuting the threateners, nothing. Thank God he will be gone soon. 

But I do want to commend the electors who ignored all of the harassments and threats and carried out their constitutionally mandated duty in a faithful manner. They should be thanked for their fortitude in upholding our Constitution and republican form of government.
December 12, 2016


Appointing “Winners”

I predicted that the liberal media would fly off into a tizzy over everything Trump does, no matter how good it is for the country. Well, their current complaint is that Trump is appointing mostly white men to his cabinet. But what they do not understand is Trump’s standards for his appointments. 

He is appointing “winners.” By that is meant, he is appointing those who have risen to the top of the ranks of their respective professions. That is why he has appointed three generals and several CEOs of major USA corporations. The reason they are all white men is, like it or not, most generals and CEOs are white men. 

That is not bigotry, racism, or sexism; it is just the way things are. Now someday that might change, as I am sure there are many qualified women and people of color, but it has not yet. And Trump is not looking for people who might be winners but who already are. 

IOW, the purpose of his appointments is not to “give people a chance” or to fulfill some imaginary quota system; it is to do as his daughter said he does at the RNC, “He is color blind and gender neutral. He hires best person for the job. Period.” That is why he has also hired a woman who was a former CEO (Carly Fiorina) and black man who had risen to the top of the medical profession (Ben Carson). When more such people rise to such ranks, then they would be appointed also. 

To look at it another way, a woman on CNN complained that Trump’s cabinet doesn’t represent her since there are not enough women in it. But the purpose of the cabinet is not to “represent the people.” That is the purpose of representatives and senators that people vote for. The purpose of the Presidential Cabinet is to carry out the agenda of the President. And Trump is appointing the best possible personal to fulfill that purpose.  

Moreover, none of the other GOP candidates would have appointed a cabinet like this one. They would probably have filled it with “insiders.” Only Trump, with his business connections, would look outside of Washington and draft winners from the private sector. That is how he is hiring the best person for the job and is draining the swamp. But he is smartly balancing off those outsiders with some insiders who know how Washington works. Thus the insiders and the outsiders will be able to learn from each other. 

The bottom line is, as I said before, ignore the liberal media and wait and see how Trump actually performs. With this great cabinet behind him, unlike Michele Obama, I am truly hopeful that he will Make American Great Again.
December 18, 2016


The Russians Stole the Election!
The Russians Hacked the Election!

You might have seen headlines like the above. But they are very misleading. There is no evidence whatsoever that the Russians, or anyone else, hacked into voting machines or altered the results of the voting in any way. The results as they now stand are the correct results, with Trump winning the Electoral Vote by a wide margin. 

What these headlines are referring to is what was already know before Election Day—that somebody hacked emails sent within the Democratic National Committee (DNC). They were released by Wikileaks, but Julian Assange, who runs Wikileaks, says they did not get them from Russia. 

But be that as it may, those emails showed that the DNC is a corrupt organization and that is was in cahoots with the liberal media to elect Hillary. They also show that Hillary was even a greater liar than we already knew her to be. Thus what is being claimed is that having this offensive material out there swayed the election to Trump. 

However, there is no evidence the released emails were fake, and the DNC is not disavowing their contents. Also, the mainstream media hardly reported about the content of the emails. They instead focused on the claim of the Russians hacking the emails and crying about how wrong that was. 

It was like a parent going into their teenager’s bedroom and finding weed. When the parent confronts the teen about it, all he does is complain about his parent going into his room. They thus fight about his supposed right to privacy, and the problem of him smoking weed never gets discussed. That is what happened with the emails. Their contents were rarely discussed; thus it is hard to see how they swayed the election. In fact, there is no evidence that they did. 

This is just one more attempt by the Dems and the media to de-legitimize Trump’s election. They first tried to claim that the election results were not accurate. Thus 3.5 million dollars were wasted recounting Missouri’s result, and all that did was to give Trump an additional 136 votes in that state. But thank God a federal judge here in PA did not fall for this nonsense and kept my state from wasting money on a recount. 

The Dems then whined about Hillary winning the popular vote and decrying the Electoral College system. I already wrote about how absurd that claim is. Now they are trying to get the members of the Electoral College to alter their votes when they vote on Monday (12/19) and not to follow the will of the people of their states, both by influence and by threats. But when that doesn’t work, they want it out there that the Russians stole the election for Trump, no matter how misleading and untrue that claim is. 

All that this whining will accomplish is to tear down our great republic, the very thing they were saying Trump would do. Again, it is time to ignore the liberal media. They have truly gone off the deed end. 

And yes, the USA is a republic, not a democracy. And thank God for that. If it were a democracy, the country would be ruled by the liberal urbanites of NYC, LA, Chicago, and a few other major cities, and the voices of us in “fly over country” would never be heard.
December 18, 2016

These commentaries are continued at January 2017 Commentaries.

December 2016 Commentaries. Copyright 2016 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above commentaries were originally written in December 2016.


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